3 Alternate Chest Movements You Should Try

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August 23rd, 2017
Updated: March 30th, 2021
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Earlier this month, we visited Kris Gethin to get an inside look at some of the unique exercise variations he has developed over the years in the gym.

Earlier this month, the M&S media team traveled to Boise, ID and met up with Kaged Muscle CEO Kris Gethin.

While at one of his favorite home gyms, Kris showed us some of the unique exercise variations he has developed over the years he’s spent in the gym.

In this video, Kris covers 3 chest exercises he likes to use to isolate his chest.

1. Weighted Push Up Using Smith Machine

Push ups are a great chest building exercise. And with Kris’ first alternate chest movement, he introduces us to a way to make them a bit more challenging.

Kris’ solution? Weighted push ups using the Smith machine.

To set up for this exercise, position the Smith machine at the correct height for you, slide underneath the bar, and pushup to unlatch its hooks. Perform the desired number of reps and hook the safeties back onto the machine before exiting.

2. Cable Fly Press

The next exercise Kris introduces us to is the cable fly press. This exercise requires you to use a cable crossover machine. Place a mat in front of you to protect your hands.

Grab both the handles of the crossover machine, bring them down to a close grip position and assume a push up position.

Then, to perform the movement, start off by doing a push up and then bring one hand at a time up to perform a unilateral fly.

3. Decline Press Using Hammer Row

Kris finishes up his 3 alternative chest movements by heading to the hammer row machine. Kris utilizes the machine in a way to target his lower chest by mimicking a decline bench press.

To set up for this machine, lean over the back of the hammer row machine and begin pressing. You may want to select a lighter weight for this movement, as it can engage the core if you go too heavy.