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Team Universal was founded on the two beliefs that bodybuilding is about a way of life, and that a community is always stronger than an individual.

At Universal, we believe two things.

First, that bodybuilding is not just about lifting- it's about a way of life. And as a way of life, bodybuilding can play a positive role in our lives and our personal development. The strength derived and built in the gym is not just the strength of the body - it's also strength of character. The transformation that takes place applies not just to one's physique, but also one's inner fortitude.

Second, that a community is always stronger than an individual. Lifting may seem like a solitary activity for many, but it doesn't have to be and shouldn't be. What we strive to do at Universal is bring people together, connect them, and strengthen the bonds that we all share - the bonds that are defined by the love of the iron.

Team Universal's Content

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