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Regie Simmons
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Dedicated to health and fitness. Currently competing in Men's Physique and Master Men's Physique competitions, and an industry writer for numerous websites.

Regie’s first experience with weight training involved a plastic sand-filled weight set that had been left in his grandmother’s basement by his uncles. The set, which had been collecting dust for years, provided a young Regie with hours of entertainment during frequent trips to his grandmother’s home. In the ensuing decades, Regie dabbled in weight training off and on—first while running track in high school and again during a weight lifting class in college.

It wasn’t until he had completed his undergrad degree in Journalism from Howard University and his MBA from Saint Joseph’s University that he really became committed to the sport of bodybuilding.

His motivation to hit the gym was driven primarily by a need to find an outlet for work-related stress. Long work hours and a grueling travel schedule did little to diminish his commitment which began to pay dividends as he transformed his physique.

After being introduced to Men’s Physique by a natural bikini competitor in his local gym, Regie has competed several times since 2012, conducted photo shoots with photographers from Muscular Development and RX Muscle and authored two fitness related eBooks.

He is also cofounder of FitBodiez, a health and wellness company that is dedicated to helping people reach a new level of fitness. If you are interested in downloading a free chapter of his eBook, FitBodiez Fundamentalz, head over to

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