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Ori Hofmekler is a best-selling author and nutrition expert. His best seller "Warrior Diet" book was first published in 2002.
Ori Hofmekler

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About Ori Hofmekler

Ori Hofmekler is a modern renaissance man whose formative military experience prompted a life interest in survival science. He graduated the Bezalel Academy of Art in Jerusalem and received a degree in Human Sciences by the Hebrew University. A world renowned artist, Ori's work has been featured in magazines worldwide and artbooks of his political satire works were published in the U.S., U.K., Holland and Israel.

As editor-in-chief of Mind and Muscle Power magazine, Ori introduced his diet approach to the public to immediate acclaim from readers and professionals. The Warrior Diet book was published in 2002 in the U.S., France and Italy and has been featured in newspapers, magazines and science journals. Its new revised edition was published in 2007. In 2003, Hofmekler authored the highly acclaimed Maximum Muscle Minimum Fat book, addressing the science principles behind muscle gain and fat loss.

In 2006, he authored The Anti-Estrogenic Diet, dedicated to providing solutions against health shattering chemicals in the environment, food and water. In 2008 he revised Maximum Muscle Minimum Fat to this new expanded edition. Ori's "Take No Prisoners" newsletter exposes fallacies and dirty little secrets in the areas of diet and fitness and present the true facts regarding human survival in today's world.

Ori Hofmekler is also an innovator in the nutritional supplements arena, creating Warrior Whey protein powder (www.warriorwhey.com) and Whey Chocolate protein snacks (www.wheychocolate.com) made with Defense Nutrition's proprietary Grass-Fed Cows' Whey.

His upcoming book Unlocking Your Muscle Gene / Trigger the Biological Mechanism that Transforms Your Body and Extends Your Life, will be published this fall by North Atlantic Books.

The Warrior Diet

The Warrior Diet is based on a daily feeding cycle of "undereating" during the day and "overeating" at night. The "Undereating Phase" during the day maximizes the Sympathetic Nervous System's (SNS) fight or flight reaction to stress, thereby promoting alertness, generation of energy, fat burning and the capacity to endure stress.

The "Overeating Phase" at night maximizes the Parasympathetic Nervous System's (PNS) recuperation effect on the body, thereby promoting calming down, relaxation, digestion and the utilization of nutrients for repair and growth. This feeding cycle stimulates the production of cellular factors such as Cyclic AMP or GMP, which stimulate hormone synthesis and fat burning during the day, as well as protein synthesis and growth during the night, respectively.

Most people in America can't keep a diet. We are the most successful nation on earth. It puzzles me how millions of intelligent people who manage with great skill their professional careers can't manage their own diet. The statistics are staggering. Diet related blood sugar problems including diabetes, impotency, infertility, high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases are at an all time high. Notwithstanding all the data on nutritional science and health, most diets fail.

Ori Hofmekler - Why You Should Not Eat Breakfast

Men and women suffer from Stubborn Fat related problems (the fat that is almost impossible to remove). Moreover, diet related mental issues such as eating disorders, food phobias, guilt and feelings of failure lead people into depression and despair. Women are of special concern. Social pressures and unrealistic models for self-image and obsessions with body weight lead many women to follow any fad diet that promises a quick fix. Human common sense, logic and instincts that are necessary for all other life activities all but disappear when it comes to diets.

Common knowledge says that diets fail because of a lack of self-esteem on behalf of those who try dieting. The truth is far from that, as I will soon argue. Diets fail because they're wrong. Mainstream diet gurus tell you to eat many small meals during the day. They tell you not to overeat, under eat or to skip a meal. They tell you to avoid meats, dairy, bread, caffeine and chocolate. I'm here to tell you that it doesn't have to be that way.

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