Kris Gethin

Kris Gethin is the CEO of Kaged Muscle, the master of transformations, an author, and has been ranked the 2nd best natural bodybuilder in the world!
Kris Gethin

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About Kris Gethin

Kris Gethin is one of the most decorated names in the world of fitness today.

With over 150 MILLION downloads of his transformation video series worldwide, he's become an educational force on a global scale.

Amongst achieving download stats no other fitness personality has ever reached, Kris has coached some of the most celebrated names in Bollywood. Even to this day, he still serves as a mentor to elite group of trainers in India who, under the brand Physique Global, train celebrities across Bollywood.

Kris, along with his business partner, Jag Chima, own the gym franchise "Kris Gethin's Gyms", which are known as the premium gym chain of India.

Having built an extremely impressive name for himself as the "go to" man in the world of transformations, Kris is now CEO of the world's fastest growing and number 1 rated supplement brand in history, KAGED MUSCLE.

The premise of the brand is exactly the same as the colossal amount of FREE content Kris has delivered to the world; give the consumer what they need.

Every product of KAGED MUSCLE is independently tested at the request of Kris, simply to prove that the products are legitimately the best on the market. Nothing is left to chance, which is a reflection of just how meticulous Kris is in anything that he does.

Further from that, he also personally tests every ingredient of the KM brand before production is suggested. KM is made up of efficaciously dosed patented ingredients that are fermented, micro-encapsulate, micropure, organic, banned substance certified and 3rd party tested.

Kris is also a multi best-time selling author and was ranked as the second best natural bodybuilder in the world back after placing second in the Natural World bodybuilding championships, held in Canada.

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