4 Steps to Getting Shredded With Kris Gethin

Kris Gethin
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June 15th, 2016
Updated: June 13th, 2020
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4 Steps to Getting Shredded With Kris Gethin
If you're looking to get shredded this summer, Kris Gethin has got you covered! Check out the master of transformation's 4 steps to getting shredded!

It takes a lot to go through a transformation which leaves you shredded to the bone and in good enough shape to turn heads this summer.

Luckily for you, I do know what it takes, I’ve helped millions of people achieve their very own transformation through my free content.

So I know every struggle you’ve faced, the obstacles you’re going to come across, and the challenges ahead. I know exactly how to help you navigate beyond them.

As a special feature for the readers of Muscle&Strength, I’ve devised a 4 step action plan for you to get shredded this summer. Regard this as an overview of every individual part of your transformation, of which there are 4.

  1. Accountability
  2. Nutrition
  3. Training
  4. Supplementation

We’ll take each one at a time, to help you digest each of the 4 cornerstones to your success throughout your own transformation.


The art of accountability and the desire to change has always been at the core of my message to anybody who’s taken an interest in starting their own transformation. Whilst the majority of plans will tell you what to eat and how to train, they neglect the very thing which keeps a person doing these things every **** day. Accountability!

What does accountability mean to you? To me it eludes to working towards your desired destination and understanding what it takes to get there. It’s also about being willing enough to put the work in to make that happen. It means not making bulls*** excuses when you don’t feel like it, being organized and knowing how to make the right sacrifices.

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To summarize this, you need to be actionable with your goals. Until then, they are just dreams which you talk about and nothing more.

Here are 3 ways you’re going to become accountable on your transformation. These are tips I’ve used with my VIP clients over the years and preach to the masses who follow my programs. They work and they will hold you up when the going gets tough.

Read on!

1. Inner circle

To be truly accountable and consistent you need the right types of people around you in your day to day life. The 5 people you spend most of your time with will become a reflection of who you become.

Choose wisely and surround yourself with those who will provide a support network for you. They need to understand your goals and encourage you, rather than detract from your goals and try and tempt you off your chosen path.

If you’re struggling to find like-minded people then leverage free social networks to connect with other people like you who are on the same mission.

2. Know your goals

You’ve heard the saying, “if you want it bad enough you’ll get there.” You need to truly understand your goals, know what it’ll take to get there and want them enough to make them happen. By really getting down to the “why” part of your chosen goal, it helps give you purpose, which gives you direction and the drive to succeed.

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Know your goals and know why you want to achieve this particular goal. Write it down!

3. Burn some bridges

This is the part which you might hesitate to listen to at first glance, but hear me out. We’ve all experienced destructive relationships in life where people who we invest our valuable time in don’t have our best interests at heart, and quite often they make life more difficult for us.

Identify who these people are and weed them out of your life, some might think this is too clinical but it’ll be the best thing you ever did. Remember the rule of 5 which I shared with you earlier? It’s time to get real.

Like I started this article with, accountability is how you become consistent and together they are the lifeblood of your transformation. You can’t begin to envisage achieving anything without accountability, so make this a new priority in your life.


You’ve already heard how valuable eating the right food is to your transformation. I’m not going to be the first person to tell you that. However, this doesn’t stop me from sharing practical advice for you around nutrition to give you a helping hand. I’ve put down 4 individual points you need to process to get everything you need from your diet.

1. Natural always wins

Nobody will ever make me change my viewpoint on this, natural foods are always going to outdo synthetic man made foods even when the calorie count matches up. They behave differently when they are digested, there’s a different response from your endocrine system. They also provide an injection of health benefits junk food never will.

Chris Gethin Transformation

Keep your food natural at all times, you’ll quickly reap the rewards for doing this. This whole transformation process isn’t just about looking jacked, it’s about being healthier from the inside and becoming more mentally tuned in. Natural foods do this for you.

2. Eat what you need, not what you want

You need to view your food as fuel, and you need to understand that to get ripped to the bone you need to keep a close eye on the calories you eat. The foods which are most appropriate for your goals are nutrient dense, but low in calories. Good examples are chicken, vegetables, fish, rice and things of this nature.

If you try and get too fancy with your food and include high calorie foods you’re quickly going to overrun into a calorie surplus which will only see you gain weight, not get shredded.

3. Never skip a meal again

Every 3 hours you’re going to be eating a meal as your day goes on. I insist you do this for two main reasons. First off, you’re going to help keep your body’s energy tank full and avoid big drops in energy you’d normally associate with not eating for hours. Eating regularly will help mediate blood sugar management which is one of the most dynamic ways to boost fat loss.

The second reason you’re doing this on my watch is because you keep anabolism firing and catabolism at bay.

4. Meal prep is your friend

You’re going to become very much acquainted with tupperware containers and bulk cooking sessions in the kitchen on your transformation. There’s no way you can expect to go through the week without any meals prepped, hoping you’ll find the right choices exactly when you need them. Very quickly your environment will end up controlling you and forcing you off track.

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To attain your goals you must start controlling your environment, and preparing your food is the first step to doing just that.

There are more intricacies to nutrition for sure but everything I’ve told you right here are the foundations to success in the kitchen. Address these all with immediacy if you’re serious about this transformation.


If you want to achieve unnatural results then you’ve got to be willing to do unnatural things in the gym. You need to work an appetite up for workouts densely populated by lashings of lactate, doing its best to cause your muscles to seize as the pain spreads to the belly of your muscle.

Rather than shy away from this lactic acid fueled vendetta on your muscles, you have to embrace the challenge and welcome it. By the time you start your first rep of each workout you have to be totally committed to wading through any f***ing obstacle which dares to challenge your commitment.

Kris Gethin Sprinting

The question really is, do you have a big enough set of balls to do this? I’ll only judge you by your performance in the gym, not by words because they are easily said. It’s less easy to keep moving against the tide when every instinct in your body is telling you to bailout!

Training doesn’t need to be too complicated, it’s there to infiltrate your muscles with enough stimulus to generate adaptation. I’ve curated the corner stones to training properly for you below, take enough time to process these with the concentration they deserve.

1. Intensity always wins

There’s never going to be a valid replacement for brutal intensity. You can plan as much as you want but without the right dose of intensity it’s all redundant anyway. Mentally condition your mind to go to that dark place where others quiver over going to.

For sure it’s painful, but this is where evolution happens. This is where you get the response you want, by beating your muscles down so severely they have no other choice other than to grow back bigger and stronger for the next round of punishment.

Guess what you do next time when they’re recovered? You hit them even harder. Every workout on your training schedule should be seen as an opportunity to expose your body to hardship it’s never had to deal with before. That’s the true essence of transforming the body through intensity.

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Also, always be prepared to use a wide spectrum of reps in your workouts. Do the heavy s*** with low reps, but also venture into the high rep ranges and learn to exist there even when the pain starts to send alarm bells ringing in your head. This is a great way to achieve true intensity and force the transformation you’re chasing.

2. Be instinctive

Don’t be too rigid, be elastic enough to know what your body needs. Quite often I like to walk into the gym and smell the air before deciding which muscle group is going to suffer serious trauma.

Being responsive to your environment in the gym and listening to how your body is feeling is a very good way to get the most from your training sessions. It also keeps things interesting, variety is the spice of life as they say.

3. You’re the competition

Healthy competition is always good and you’re naturally going to want to beat your friends in the gym, I guess that’s human nature for you. But the true competition has to be yourself against you. If you were lifting X last week for Y reps make sure you expand on that, this week.

Don’t make it more complicated than it needs to be and don’t make your workouts turn into d*** measuring contests, leave that for the disco muscle boys. You’re here to get results, so start acting like it.

Like my nutrition piece above, there are more intricacies to training which I will share with you in time within my column on Muscle&Strength. But for now, these are the unrefined, non-sugar coated fundamentals to training.


It’s no coincidence that I didn’t mention supplementation once until now. It’s important you understand that to allow your supplements to do their job you first must do yours in the gym and the kitchen, alike.

With those in order you can make some significant progress by investing in the right supplements.

As I’ve done throughout this article, I’ll give you the basics required to get your transformation underway. I’ll educate you with more specific information as we move forward together.

There are 4 “must have” supplements I’ve put down for you, with a written explanation covering the value behind each product I’ve listed. Before I share with you the 4 products though, I need to give you some essential background information on KAGED MUSCLE.

KAGED MUSCLE is my own personal brand which I launched in 2015, after years of prior research had gone into R&Ding our products to the most extensive lengths imaginable. Having worked within the industry for 17 years, I’ve been exposed to just about every supplement and the overwhelming lack of quality and transparency which exists in this sector.

Gethin Drinking on Boulder

You could go as far as to say some brands are purely in it for the money and quite frankly don’t give a s*** about your results, health, or pocket.

That’s where I am different, hopefully my track record reinforces that to you. I really do care about your results, health and delivering the best possible value. After all, I’m the same as you. Just a guy who wants to continue to improve my health, physique and feel the difference when I invest in products.

Speaking of which, I personally buy all of my own products off myself to remain grounded and accountable. I think this helps me stay in tune with you as well, I even keep every receipt to prove this although some think I’m crazy for doing it.

This is how much I believe in the movement we’ve created. It’s also why I want you to get involved because I know like every other customer of mine, once you try the products you won’t change. You just won’t, fact!

We work extensively to guarantee product quality, potency and transparency for you. Every product we carry is 3rd party batch tested at great cost to us, just to prove we are giving you the most pure ingredients on the planet.

We are the only company in the world using some of the most prestigious patented ingredients. Other brands know they are the best, but don’t want to suffer the additional costs of using these superior ingredients.

Hopefully you can sense the sincerity in my voice and tone, appreciating the fact I’m just as passionate about having the best products as you are.

With all of that on the table, here are the 4 supplements you should be using off the starting line to aid you in your transformation.


CLEAN BURN is the most potent natural fat burner on the market today with very extensive science behind it to support this claim. It utilizes a multi-pronged attack on your body fat, with key formulas such as CAPSIMAX to ignite your metabolism and CHROMEMATE which drives your cravings away.

We’ve also added the world’s best L-CARNITINE to CLEAN BURN, known as CARNIPURE tartrate. This is processed via a natural fermentation process in Switzerland, making it the most effective form of L-CARNITINE on the planet. This will help transport stored fatty acids to your mitochondria where they are processed as energy, dropping your fat percentage in the process.

This is an extremely effective addition to your fat loss stack, and I’ve personally tested it way before it was even released onto the market.


Everybody has tried a pre-workout at some point, unfortunately most of them just focus on jacking your system with as many sinister, inferior stimulants as possible to give that “buzz” effect. That’s totally anecdotal and unfounded in supporting fat loss and muscle growth. Over time it can lead to chronic cortisol issues which leads to catabolism and stubborn belly fat.

PRE-KAGED uses the most pure patented formulas to give you an unrivalled pre-workout experience, leading all the way through your workout. We’ve used very specific dosages of each ingredient, completely backed by the latest R&D and science.

We’ve even tailored the PURCAF organic caffeine dose so it’s aligned with science, leading to heightened mental focus yet no crash afterwards. This is a very finely tuned pre-workout matrix and the quality has led to it becoming the most talked about supplement of 2015/2016.


L-GLUTAMINE is the most abundant amino acid in the body, although not “essential.” For someone who trains like you and is on a calorie restricted diet L-GLUTAMINE is certainly going to become an ally. It’ll provide a support network for your gut, muscles, and immune system.

Our KAGED MUSCLE L-GLUTAMINE is derived from the most natural, fermentation process to look after your health. There’s none of that synthetic stuff used, which can contain human hair! It’s totally free of these nasty impurities. It is also GRAS approved and carries the MICROPURE guarantee for your peace of mind, proving the quality and potency.

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The best post-workout product is something you need on your transformation to help with instantaneous recovery after your workout. RE-KAGED uses the most biologically available hydrolysed whey isolate protein.

To further encourage the urgency of breaking down the protein and letting it reach the muscles where it is needed, we’ve included SUPER ENZYME PROHYDRALASE which aids the digestive system in breaking the proteins down quicker. This all points towards faster recovery and better results for you.

We ensure that the dosages used are backed by science, rather than purely for label claim. We ensure the quality is second to none and we invest heavily to stay ahead of the competition.

I can’t say much more about my brand without sounding like an over exuberant sales man, which I’m not. It’s just passion which is driving me to deliver this message, I want you to experience what the best supplements truly feel like on the market. No more false hope and empty promises, you’ll really feel the difference.

With all being said, I’m going to leave that there and wrap it up for today. Use this initial 4 step guide to getting shredded as a starting point, keep coming back to my column here to learn more and more.


Kris Gethin

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I don’t have time to do two sessions a day, can I do both sessions at once?

Steven Norman
Posted on: Mon, 08/07/2017 - 11:28

Thank you, Kris. Excellent article. You spoke the truth and you have really made a difference in my life. God bless you. I will bookmark this page and do everything you mentioned.

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2nd best? I prefer Kris and his overall approach...although I watch athlean x a good bit as well. Who the heck was 1st?

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Kriss, welcome to MS community. You are the best transformer ever!

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