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Brad is a research scientist, nutrition coach, and aspiring Olympic weightlifter. He received his M.S. in biomechanics and his Ph.D. in exercise physiology. His goal is to bridge the gap between science and the public and to bring the best information to the industry.
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About Brad Dieter

Brad graduated from Washington State University in 2009 and spent a year as a Strength and Conditioning intern at Gonzaga University. He then went on and finished an M.S. in biomechanics and a Ph.D. in exercise physiology from the University of Idaho.

At the moment, Brad is currently undergoing more research training as a fellow in biomedical research examining how nutrition and metabolism influence disease. He also is an experienced nutrition coach, blogger, and author.

Brad’s experiences within the weight room and the laboratory have given him a wide range of skills and opportunities that allow him to utilize a science-based approach to deliver real world training and nutrition advice.

When Brad is not engaging in research, writing, or coaching, he can be found in the weight room training, in the kitchen cooking, or on the couch reading the latest edition of your favorite peer-review science journal.

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