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Bob Kupniewski
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Bob Kupniewski is a competitive natural bodybuilder and ex-athlete. After a MCL tear, he turned his life around with proper diet and training.

During my younger years growing up I was always heavy set and came from a family where eating mom’s dinner and always having dessert is a family ritual. Playing sports was always a hobby of mine, I participated in golf, football, basketball, and soccer throughout my younger years until I really took a stance in playing football during my high school years with a few years of basketball as well. I came into high school as a chubby kid and soon shot myself up to over 200 pounds as I lifted and transformed into a offensive lineman/defensive linebacker.

Everything changed my senior year in high school where on a fall Friday night one week prior to the playoffs for football I ended up tearing my MCL on a muddy field after being chop locked. This is where the change would be forever made on my physique and my overall outlook on diet and training. After tearing my MCL I continued to eat like a heavyset lineman (I got over 200+ pounds in a 5’7 frame) and it got to the point where I was so immobile and eating tombstone pizza’s, snickers bars, Krispy Kreme’s, and ice cream on a daily basis was not helping the image in the mirror. The time to change was now!

As I continued to move through rehab on my knee I started to enjoy being able to squat again, being able to work on a bike, stairmaster, or even walk on a treadmill as I could finally walk again after getting off crutches and a leg immobilizer. As I started to get back into working out and doing cardio I started to research and understand about better eating habits and making the change on myself to try and lose a few pounds.

After changing my diet around, eating lots of veggies, fruits, whole grains, leaner protein sources, and enjoying some moderation the weight started to drop off me, and the image in the mirror started to resemble something I could manage to look at on a daily basis. As the weight dropped it got to a point where it got to be unhealthy and my parents almost kicked myself out of college due to how small I was getting and borderline anorexic. I went from 200+ pounds to nearly 125 pounds and lost a lot of things in my life considering my friends, my girlfriend who I dated for over 3 years and follow myself into college, and a lot of self esteem, not to mention the loss of 3 of my grandparents in the span of a year from Suicide and Lung Cancer.

This  is where the turning point in my life came from training and getting into shape. I had to change my life for the good, I had to show my parents I can go back to college and graduate, and this is to prove to all those who wanted to leave my side that I am still the person I was before making the drastic change. I began with Team Scivation as they offered a free diet and training program through Derek Charlebois with the Scivation books.

During those years in 2009 I attended the Arnold Classic and soon after was announced as a representative for Scivation. Not to mention one of the greatest blessings I have ever received in my life. I spent a lot of time traveling, doing demo’s, meeting up with Marc Lobliner to train and do in-store demos, sending out over $1000+ of samples out of my own pocket to consumers for reviews, and answering questions on a daily basis on multiple online forums to help serve the company with problems that may arise. Serving at the Olympia in 2011 and the Arnold Classic over the next few years working the booth was an amazing experience and learning a lot about the industry and what the future holds has really opened up my eyes to what is going on behind the scenes and why many companies do to market their products to their competition.

Throughout my journey I went back and forth between bulking and cutting and ended up competing in my first bodybuilding show at the NPC Great Lakes/Grand Prix in Columbus, Ohio, as a lightweight and brought home 3rd place in my open class.

Over those years I received a lot of valuable information from Marc Lobliner, Tommy Jeffers, Layne Norton, Derek Charlebois, and my current trainer Jason Theobald (ScoobySnacks) as they kept a steady eye on myself and kept me on the right path in and out of the gym finding the balance in my life between weight training, being social, and making sure I was making the right decisions in the classroom to graduate and get a degree.

For my future I plan to continue to compete having a major passion in bodybuilding. I recently graduated college with a Bachelors Degree in Business Education and minor in Economics. I hope to pursue my personal training degree and may also look into being TRX certified as well due to it becoming popular in many gym’s.

Contest History:

  • 2012 NPC Collegiate Nationals -- Lightweight 5th Place
  • 2010 NPC Great Lakes Grand Prix -- Lightweight 3rd Place

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Posted on: Thu, 07/24/2014 - 14:14

1- I train at 4:30 pm, when do I eat?
2-I'm in a whell chair w/limited monbilty I weight now 207 I eat 200 portein 90 fat 85 carbs , should I change my marcos (fat lost)?
3-how many days a week should I do IF?do I need to do a 24 hour also?
4-I'm 52 doing high reps since I can't use heavy weighs since i shake w/o at home I've been using German volume technique