Unsatisfied With Results? Make A Plan, Take Action

Written By: Fitman
July 11th, 2014
Updated: June 13th, 2020
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So you're not satisfied. Now what? Eric Brown helps you to create a simple plan of action for each obstacle that is preventing you from reaching your fitness and health goals.

These are the realest words I've ever written.

What if?

You are out of shape. You are broke. You are weak. You are unhappy.

You hate your job. You are with the wrong person. You are frustrated.

You are stressed. You are overweight. You are underweight.

You are aging faster than you should. Your life as a whole is not where you want it to be.

My question to you is:

What in the blue sky are you going to do about it?

Are you going to complain to your friends and family about how your life is just so awful? Are you going to just talk about change all day and then take absolutely no action?

Are you going to go to the local bar during "happy" hour and drink your sorrows away in a river of good ole Jack Daniels? Or worse yet, are you going to take some mood-altering drugs to take your mind off of things?

The problem with today's culture is a major lack of accountability. The easy way out is more popular than the number one song on the Billboard's Top 100. The majority of folks will turn to the above scenarios when they are faced with adversity. Complain, talk that talk, drink excessively or do harmful drugs. And this all too common pattern of action has absolutely, positively, no value.

A call to action - do you have a plan?

A wise man once said the ultimate measure of man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.

Essentially every man and woman on the planet feels great when they are comfortable. But your true character is ultimately revealed when you face adversity. At this point you will either swim to the surface and move forward or you will sink into the ocean of oblivion and go backwards.

What will allow to thrive when you face adversity head-on is having a solid plan of action. In order to make progress in life you must have a plan. I know I was a Grade-A jabroni before I developed a plan for my life in 2008.

A plan of action does not have to be complicated, nor require a lot of effort to design. But you must develop it in order to change your situation from negative to positive. A plan without action is just a dream. You do not want to be Dave Dreamer because anyone on the planet can dream. It takes a different type of person to put the dream into motion, take action, and turn the dream into reality.

Eric Brown

Are you going to complain about how your life is just so awful? Are you going to just talk about change all day and then take absolutely no action?

Where to start?

Are you out of shape? Start exercising today.

Are you broke? This is America. There are many crafts, hustles, and professions that you can get into on. When I had no consistent income I started a career as a personal trainer and barber. If I could make something out of nothing, you can too.

Are you weak both mentally and physically? Start to embrace challenges. A tough challenge will make you tough. Train hard and enter some competitions. You will be mentally and physically better for it.

Are you unhappy? Get involved with something that consistently makes you happy. I love fitness and I am involved with it daily. You may love art, music, or even stamp collecting. Make time for it every day.

Do you hate you job? Most Americans do. Find you passion and follow up on it. Plan this out smartly so that you are not flat broke at the beginning like I was. It will be rough in the beginning, but it will pay off in time if you stay with it and work hard.

Are you with the wrong person? You want to start a family now and he/she says let's wait 5 years? Do you both constantly argue over everything and I mean every little thing? If you have serious philosophical and life differences then it may be time to move on. I'm no relationship counselor but if you are unhappy and stressed then it's not worth it. Trust me I have been there.

Are you overweight? Then it is time to drop the fast food and junk food. Start eating correctly and begin an exercise program. There are endless resources available on this great website known as Muscle & Strength, and even another fantastic site called FitmanPerformance.com. Check it out.

Are you underweight? Stop complaining about being a hardgainer and start to lifting and eating for real. Lame machine workouts and pathetic cardio will get you nowhere. You may never be as big as Arnold but you can maximize your small frame. I've been where you are at.

Are you aging faster than you should be? A lot of smoking, drinking, sleepless nights and poor nutrition are the likely cause. Begin a plan to slowly cut down your consumption of the smokes and tonics until it is minimal. While there is nothing wrong with a social drink, pounding like a frat boy will only add years to your body and definitely to your face. Aim for 7-8 hours of sleep and eat correctly too.

Are unsatisfied with where your life is? I know that by addressing the above health, career, and relationship issues your satisfaction with your life will grow like a freshly planted tree.

I do not have all of the answers to help you develop a plan of action for every scenario, but I think you are seeing the bigger picture here. I can (and want) to help you develop your plan of action when it comes to training, nutrition, and creating a positive mindset. Adversity and stress impacts us all. But like Rocky Balboa said, "Life is not about how hard you can hit. Life is about how hard you get hit and keep moving forward."

Today is a great day for you to develop a plan, or find someone to help you develop a plan of action that will help you move forward. To help you get motivated, watch my video "Plan of Action".

Posted on: Sat, 07/12/2014 - 03:23

Great article, sometimes you know what you need to do but just need to be told anyways

Eric Brown
Posted on: Mon, 07/14/2014 - 09:31

Hey David. I could not agree more with your statement. Everyone including me needs a push at times even if you know what you need to do. Thanks for reading.

Mike Martin
Posted on: Fri, 07/11/2014 - 14:11

Totally agree man!! This was my life to the T a few years ago, before I took action. I was miserable, broke, unhealthy. Hell, I got out of breath climbing one set of stairs. I made small changes over time and urtilized the info given on muscle and strength as well as other sites to guide my journey. It absolutely changed my life. I always love seeing motivational articles like this one because I know it's going to change someone's life out there. Keep it up!!

Eric Brown
Posted on: Mon, 07/14/2014 - 09:30

Hey Mike. I am glad you were able to make positive changes in your life. I wrote this not only to inspire you all to develop a plan of action but also to remind myself where I was just a few short years ago. I had no plan of action and was going nowhere fast until I developed one for my life. If I can have a positive impact and help someone else improve their situation than I am beyond satisfied. Keep moving forward and making progress!