Tap Into Your Biggest Success Resource

You were not designed on accident. We each have unique gifts given to us. Embrace these gifts, help those you can and change the world around you.

SuccessThe reason behind the name of this article was to give the idea that there is more to a strong and healthy body then what you do in the gym. Yes, being physically fit is a powerful foundation but you have to think about the big picture.

To me being the strongest, fastest, most powerful version of yourself comes with way more responsibility. It's a mental game. You have to come to the realization of why you are hear on this earth. The human body is extremely complex; being able to do thousands of motor signals and chemical changes within seconds but yet a lot of people look at themselves as a waste of space or unworthy to be considered a part of society. You walk this earth for more reasons then to find a job and pay bills.

My challenge for you this week is to figure out what your true passions are. What do you like to do. Teach, talk, build, protect? Get out of the mindset that this is just life and as long as you wake up and go about your day and mind your own business then life will be good. That's crap. You are literally wasting one of the most powerful gifts you have ever received. LIFE and THE POWER OF INFLUENCE.

You were not designed on accident. Your personality was not a mistake, rather a tool that was given to you in hopes that you would use it to change the world around you. You see, you have the ability to reach people that I never will. I know my ministry on this earth is to change lives in one of the most powerful ways possible: health and fitness. That mentality right there is the single most powerful driving point behind my business and what I do.

With everything I do, I try to present the greatest quality and opportunity of impact. How can this product or service better every life that comes in contact with it. I have to remind myself daily that it's not about the number of sales or followers on a page but the impact I have had on people. The success of my products and business have been one of the biggest blessings I have ever received. I honestly believe that it's because of the priorities I have laid out. The things I remind myself of daily to do, keep my focus on people and not on myself.

Stop leaving the opportunity to change someone’s life to the more outgoing, smarter, better looking person. You will fail at way more than just making new friends if that's the way you think. Start making am impact now. Use what you’re passionate about to reach people. Stop wasting your time waiting to punch out and go home.

Call me old school but what ever happened to the day that when a man gave his word, that's what he meant? When promises were made and kept. Where "commitment" was something you were taught at a young age not given the choice between.

We are  a generation that is looking for a way out no matter what it is. It's crazy. It doesn't matter what you may be buying, getting into or agreeing to, everyone wants a way out. How are we supposed to build honor and integrity? I understand there are other ways to build and prove these character traits but why does everyone want the "best of both worlds."

Guys, we are called to be men of honor and leadership, to lead by example and stand when nobody else is willing to stand. Why have we gotten so soft? Why has the image of a man become so skewed and rewritten to be more comfortable. Why is commitment so hard to come by these days. Why does it seem like a man’s word no longer has any weight to it? Man up. We are all guilty.

It's what society is doing to us but we are allowing it (Don't get me wrong, the ladies are just as guilty but I'm not here to talk about them). It's as if every generation gets lazier and lazier. Responsibility has turned into something you can obtain in different shapes and sizes according to what makes you feel comfortable. It's stupid. We are called to mentor and lead our younger generation of males to be stronger than us. Why are they getting weaker?

No matter where you go there is always a way out. From buying a pair of shoes to getting hitched. Society has made it easier for the word commitment to be more of a suggestion than a demand. You can go to finish line and buy a pair of shoes, wear them for 15 days and take them back if you don't like them. Now, I understand the reason behind this but what happened to putting on a pair of shoes walking around the store a couple times and ending with a "Yup, let’s get these". Nope, we want a way out.

What about marriage or any other kind of relationship. Courtship is dead. We want options. The ability to wear it for a couple months and when we "outgrow or get tired of it" we drop it and move on. We are afraid of that "contract". Why do so many females say that there are no more good guys in this world!? Is it because we (guys) think there are no more good girls so we say screw it let's be like them?

You even see it in the fitness industry. Look at gym memberships. I get that I may be a little more of an extreme fitness enthusiast and not everyone is going to have the same passion but everyone wants to be healthier and live longer. Everyone wants to feel and look the best they ever have. But nobody wants to commit. They want the easy way out. They want a gym membership but they don't want to agree to the challenge of changing their body and well-being for the next year. It's ridiculous.

I wanted this post to be more of a challenge then a rant. Stop writing checks you can’t cash. All a man has is his word so if you can't commit to that then your lost. Nobody will respect you or take you seriously. Stop getting into things and giving yourself the option of getting out. Just don't get in it at all.