Jay Cutler's Training Tips: Maximum Contraction Dumbbell Bench Press

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June 21st, 2016
Updated: March 30th, 2021
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4x Mr. Olympia, Jay Cutler, visited the Muscle & Strength gym to give his fans pointers on certain exercises. Check out how he does dumbbell bench press!

4x Mr Olympia, Jay Cutler, joined us at the Muscle & Strength headquarters’ gym to give us some pointers on how to maximize the dumbbell bench press.

You may be thinking the dumbbell bench press is a common exercise, and it is. However, a lot of people still do not perform the movement with the appropriate form.

What Jay is about to show you is slightly different than what you might be accustomed to. Check it out and put his tips to good use!

The dumbbell bench press is a great way to isolate each pectoral muscle. Disproportional chest muscles are a common feature in many bodybuilders a like.

Since the regular barbell bench press puts excessive amounts of pressure on your joints, the dumbbell flat bench is your best bet to building a large symmetrical chest.

1. Keep an arch in the lower back: When it comes to any chest exercise, keeping an arch in your back is very important. When you’re lying on a flat bench, your chest has to be the highest point of your body to get the most contraction.

2. Don’t bring the dumbbells together: When performing the dumbbell press, you want to make sure not to touch the dumbbells together. Doing so incorporates more of your triceps and can take away from the contraction of your chest. Instead, stop just short of touching the dumbbells together and really squeeze your chest.

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The motion might be kind of short, but you’re going to feel a better contraction leading to a better pump.

3. Stick to 8-13 reps: To get the most of the dumbbell flat bench, you need to focus on hitting the right rep range. Jay recommends doing no less than 8 repetitions and no more than 13 reps. This ensures that you keep the muscle under enough tension to promote muscular growth.

4. Pause at the top: In order to really get the most out of this exercise, make sure you pause at the top of the motion. Once you pause, squeeze the muscle and contract it as tight as possible before bringing the weight down and beginning the next rep.

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Try out Jay’s dumbbell flat bench pointers during your next chest day. We guarantee you will feel a better pump instantly. As Jay says, “While there may be a right and wrong way to everything, this is definitely the right way”.