Joe Donnelly describes how he incorporates occlusion training into his workouts for better pumps and quicker recovery. Try it out for yourself!

AML athlete Joe Donnelly is known for his unique training methods. Today, he has another one for Muscle & Strength.

While at Muscle & Strength Headquarters, Joe whipped out an elastic band to use while performing occlusion training.

What is occlusion training?

As Joe describes, occlusion training is blood restriction training. By forcing blood into the muscle and trapping it there, it prolongs the pump, leading to better muscle gains.

It is important to make sure the occlusion band you use is elastic. Joe stresses avoiding an accidental medical tourniquet purchase, as they are commonly sold online. Using a tourniquet will completely cut off blood flow and lead to injury.

Joe describes that he uses the occlusion band for only half of his workout. He begins by warming up and performing the major compound lifts of his workout. Once he has a pump, he ties off the muscle using the occlusion band.

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When performing the lifts with the occlusion band, Joe decreases the load. You would think the lighter loads would be easier, but you will become fatigued very quickly.  This is because the occlusion band increases the amount of muscle activation and enhances the amount of blood being pumped into the muscle.

Along with the incredible muscle pumps, you will recover faster as well. That dreaded two days after leg day may not be so bad when using the occlusion band.

If you have lagging muscle groups, give occlusion training a shot!

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