69 Ways To Boost Your Testosterone Levels Naturally

Thomas Schultz
Written By: Thomas Schultz
June 24th, 2014
Updated: June 13th, 2020
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69 Ways To Boost Your Testosterone Levels
Low testosterone got you down? This article presents 69 ways to boost your testosterone levels using nutrition, exercise, supplementation and more!

1.) Ditch some excess body fat.

2.) Eat better and pass on processed foods.

3.) Consume less alcohol.

4.) Get off the couch and start moving. Inactivity can be a hormonal killer.

5.) Speaking of moving, try high intensity cardio. Brief and intense exercise sessions have been shown to boost testosterone levels.

6.) Try intermittent fasting, which has the potential to help boost your testosterone by increasing expression of leptin, insulin and adiponectin.

7.) Consume foods rich in zinc, such as oysters, beef, spinach and pumpkin seeds.

8.) Train for strength gains. Lower the reps and increase the weight being used.

9.) Hit the sun. Sunlight helps with Vitamin D production, which plays a vital role in testosterone production.

10.) Reduce daily noise. (Turn off the TV or radio for an hour or two). Noise tends to increase stress levels, which impacts test levels.

Jacked physique

11.) Get more sleep.

12.) Nap on the weekends.

13.) Learn to relax. Stress reduction helps to properly regulate testosterone levels.

14.) Eat less sugar. This will reduce insulin levels which will help to combat low testosterone.

15.) Stop avoiding saturated fats. Saturated fats are not evil. This belief is a myth. (Google it) Saturated fats play an essential role in healthy test production.

16.) Don't forget your BCAAs, either in dairy products or from recovery supplements. Research hints that BCAA intake is linked to improved testosterone levels.

17.) Speaking of strength training, use more big compound movements.

18.) Eat your cholesterol, Yes, you read that correctly. The body converts cholesterol to testosterone. It's science, bro.

19.) Don't overtrain. Get it the gym, hit it hard, and get out.

20.) Just say "no" to soy, and soy products. Soy is a strong phyto-estrogen which can contribute to higher estrogen levels.

21.) Eat your nuts. Research reveals a strong correlation between nut intake and stronger testosterone levels.

22.) Got holy basil? In one study, researchers were literally shocked at how the consumption of holy basil spiked testosterone levels in rabbits. Yes, we know you're not a rabbit. You also have nothing to lose. Go, now!

23.) Got parsley? Oh yes, here we go again. Parsley contains apigenin, which actually helps to stimulate testosterone production in the testicles. True story, bro.

24.) Talk to women (or men) you find attractive. This is a no brainer.

25.) Don't act your age. Exercise tends to raise test levels less and less with age. If you are young, take care of your body and clean up your diet now. It's never too soon. If you're 40 plus, it's time to stop making excuses. Stop acting your age.

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26.) Lift in the evening. Test levels tend to be lowest later in the day. Researchers found a correlation between evening exercise and test level improvements. The later you train, the greater the impact on your testosterone.

27.) Change your workouts. After a few weeks your body will tend to adapt to a workout and produce less testosterone. A frequent change in workouts might be just what you need.

28.) Have more sex. Men who remain sexually active tend to live longer. More sex also equals more test.

29.) Fall in love. Your testosterone levels will spike for the first several months. After that you're on your own.

30.) Strive for success. British researchers found a connection between income generation and testosterone levels.

31.) In a study on humans, royal jelly was show to boost testosterone levels by up to 20%. Ingesting as little as 25 milligrams has been shown to provide benefits.

32.) Follow a winning sports team; dump the losing teams from your life. A recent study that analyzed the testosterone levels of 21 sports fans found an increase for fans of the winning tam, and a decrease for fans of the losers.

33.) It's cabbage time! Cabbage contains a phytochemical called indole-3-carbinol (IC3) which has been shown to increase your testosterone.

34.) Use a full body workout. Training the body as a whole impacts testosterone levels more than just training a smaller muscle group, or a set of muscle groups.

35.) Try a test booster. Check out reviews and best sellers here at M&S to find products worth your time and money.

36.) Do something nice for no reason. Joy helps to improve happiness and relieve stress.

37.) Find a gym with a lot of attractive women (or men). Really.

38.) Eat your ginger. Iranian researchers found that ginger supplementation worked to improve testosterone levels by up to 17.5%.

Shredded, muscular body

39.) Bolster your diet with a multivitamin. Consider a multivitamin to be a safety net, or a backup plan, that will help to smooth out the bumps in your daily nutritional plan.

40.) Don't forget your EFAs - essential fatty acids. If you find you have a hard time adding healthy fats to your eating plan, try EFA supplementation. It's a cost effective and convenient option.

41.) Eat your eggs. Eggs help to improve your good cholesterol levels, which work to give you a test boost.

42.) Grow a beard. Kind of serious here, kind of not.

43.) Pomegranate can help to increase your testosterone levels. It is theorized that this amazing fruit works to stimulate endogenous antioxidants in the testicles.

44.) Eat more bacon. It's a manly food, and eaten in combination with an epic beard it is sure to spike your testosterone levels. It's science, bro!

45.) Avoid crash diets. Crazy drops in caloric intake is no bueno when it comes to maintaining healthy hormone levels, not to mention that crash diets can lead to unwanted muscle loss.

46.) Try ZMA supplementation. The combination of zinc and magnesium helps you to sleep more deeply. Better sleep, better testosterone levels.

47.) Use different forms of exercise. Hiking, strength training, muscle building, intense cardio, etc. Variety seems to be beneficial when it comes to testosterone production.

48.) Have morning sex. Your test levels are highest, and you are less likely to deplete them by having sex earlier in the day.

49.) Commit to resistance training 2-3 times per week. Not only is consistency important when it comes to building muscle, but it's also a test boosting essential.

50.) Limit rest between sets. This is an excellent way to increase workout intensity and boost your test levels.

51) Eat a "real" salad, filled with testosterone boosting ingredients such as spinach, nuts, beef and avocado.

52) Don't overkill the caffeine. Too many stimulants aren't a good thing for your cortisol (stress) levels.

Deep squats

53) Meditate in 5 minute blocks. Slow down, sit still, close your eyes and take little relaxation breaks.

54) Take a cold shower or bath. A study by the Thrombosis Research Institute of England found that T levels jump after cold showers.

55) Go fenugreek. Research hints that fenugreek supplementation might help give you a T boost.

56) Use nettle roots to reduce estrogen. As a bonus, nettle roots combined with avena sativa have been shown to promote better testosterone levels.

57) Eat more organic. Reducing the pesticides and unwanted food additives can only benefit your endocrine system.

58) Stop smoking. Cigarettes contain a mountain of chemicals that can act like taking a wrecking ball to your endocrine system.

59) Try the carb backloading diet by John Kiefer. It has been shown to have the potential to spike dem dere T levels.

60) Eat your garlic. Not only is it good for warding off modern sparkly vampires, but garlic also provides you with a nice little testosterone boost.

61) Reverse low test with reservatrol. Reservatrol is a natural ingredient found in grapes that has been shown to raise natural test levels by up to 50% in animal studies.

62) Avoid fluoride. Fluoride works to combat the activity of iodine, and take it's place in human cells. You do not want fluoride entering your glands or harming your endocrine system.

63) Say no to a low fat, high fiber diet. Yes, you read that correctly. This style of eating has been shown to dampen testosterone production. Some fiber is ok. High fiber on the other hand is a no-no.

64) Explode in the gym! Well, not literally. Explosive movements have been show to give you a nice little boost of testosterone.

65) Sorry vegetarians, but this style of eating has been linked to lower test levels.

66) Go with butter, dump the margarine. The oils in margarine are not a good choice when it comes to endocrine health.

67) Reconsider frequent feeding. Diets like intermittent fasting and carb backloading can help to keep your test and growth hormone levels higher.

68) Try a martial arts or MMA class.

69) Now to really confuse you...Japanese researchers found that 7 days into abstinence, serum testosterone levels abruptly spiked up to 145% of normal. Have fun with this tip! (sarcasm)

al upigus
Posted on: Sun, 06/21/2015 - 22:01

'29.) Fall in love. Your testosterone levels will spike for the first several months. After that you're on your own.'..so funny. So, if I#m married for almost 20 years sould I cheat my wife with other woman? It is hard to doit again at my age if you are a normal person. :)))

Posted on: Tue, 07/22/2014 - 21:23

Clever "bro" science mixed with facts to achieve optimal testosterone # of suggestions...well done

Posted on: Tue, 07/22/2014 - 21:16

Sounds like "bro" science to me. Whole lotta contradiction...

Posted on: Wed, 06/25/2014 - 08:40

Some of them are utter rubbish

Marco Raffaelli
Posted on: Tue, 06/24/2014 - 23:37

You're joking with #35, right?