In the fitness industry, there's a lot of lies out there. However, these 2 things will always tell you the truth. Learn what they are & their harsh realities.

Many people like to lie.

Sometimes the lie is a grand lie and sometimes it is a little white lie.

At the end of the day, lies are commonplace.  Every single person on the planet is guilty of lying at some point albeit to varying degrees.

In the fitness game, these constant lies are ruining what is real and what is fake hustle.

Many people lie about their numbers in the gym.

Look at some of the fraudulent figures in the fitness game who want to appear like they are strong.

I’ve seen the fake hustlers on social media.  Some of them actually have the unmitigated gall to use fake weights and try to pass it off as if they are working hard.

Many people lie about how their physique looks.

It is very easy to doctor photos before they are posted on social media.  Many folks in the fitness game have mastered the ability to Photoshop their average physique into one that looks like it belongs in the Marvel Universe.

Maybe you can only squat 185lbs at this moment.

Perhaps your deadlift is only at 315lbs at this moment.

Maybe you currently possess a soft, out-of-shape physique at this moment.

Lying about where you are to get more hollow “likes” on social media does not get you any closer to your true goals.

As long as you are constantly striving to improve your situation you are on the right path because it does not matter where you currently are.  What matters is your future plan because everybody has to start somewhere.

I was once a weak, skinny, second-rate athlete.  I turned myself into a bigger, stronger, and faster athlete with discipline and consistent, quality effort.

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Why Do They Lie?

Why do these people just not tell the truth about their current situation?

The answer is that REALITY BITES like a rattlesnake.

The majority of folks would rather tell a lie and embellish their situation instead of being truthful with themselves about where they are.

The truth hurts.  Sometimes the truth hurts so bad that to make ourselves feel "better" we create a fictional situation or story to "try" to cover up the pain.

That plan, however, leads nowhere.

This phenomenon of stretching the truth is so blatantly obvious on social media that it sticks out more than a modern day stripper with a fake butt.

This is the Photoshop era and many folks are addicted to editing themselves into someone who they are not.  Filtering levels are at an all-time high.

In the fitness game, you see these pictures online that can fool folks into buying lame products that do nothing for the physique.

When you see waist trainers, bogus supplements, and Photoshopped pictures you can be assured that you are being duped to spend your hard earned money.  You do not need those lies in your life.

The truth is that real results require time and accountability.

There are two things that will always keep you accountable and never lie to you.  They are:

Mirrors Don't Lie And Neither Do Barbells

1. The Mirror

The Mirror is the ultimate loner.

Mirrors have no friends and will tell you exactly who you are the moment you look into it.  Mirrors do not have to lie to you like most online dating profiles.

Tired?  The mirror will show you those heavy Louie Vutton bags under your eyes and a weathered face.

Skinny?  The mirror will show you a bird chest, spindly arms, pipe cleaner legs, and the lack of muscle that you have.

Flabby and Sick?  The mirror will show you exactly how bad you have been eating (that gut) and how inactive you have been.

Lean and Muscular?  The mirror will show you exactly how well you have been eating and how your hard efforts have paid off.

When you look in the mirror you will instantly know exactly where you are.

When it comes to building your physique you must rely on the mirror and pictures vs. the scale to gauge your progress.

If I told you one year from now that you would weigh around the same (+/- 5 to 10 lbs scale weight) but you would have a drastically improved physique would you even care about the scale at that point?

Mirrors don't lie.

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2. The Iron

The Iron is incapable of telling you false truths.

Barbells and dumbbells are only capable of holding you accountable to how far you have progressed.

Many trainees do not make any progress in the gym.

This is not because they are "destined to be weak" or "I'm just gonna just have to accept that I'm skinny."  That is self-defeating, garbage talk.

Many trainees are incapable of making progress because they are scared to increase the weight on the bar.

How can you expect to build those stallion legs when every single week of the year you squat 135lbs for 3 lame sets of 8?

What progress can you truly make on developing a wider back when you perform the same 2 sets of 6 alligator arm chin-ups at the end of every upper body workout?

By adding weight to the bar (or belt) you are going to force your body to grow and get stronger.

By increasing the weight used in a given exercise you are giving your body a new stimulus.  Your body responds greatly to challenges.

With that being said can you add weight to the bar forever?  No!

But if you have not added any weight to any exercise since baggy jeans were hot in the 1990's, then you need to reevaluate what in the blue sky you are really doing in the gym.

No progression equals no changes in your performance or physique.


Mirrors don't lie and neither does the iron.

Unlike filters and phony friends, the mirror and the iron only have your best interests at heart which is showing you exactly who you currently are.

Commit to pumping iron, to track your performance and use the mirror to gauge how good your physique looks.

The truth will always set you free.

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