10 Of The Best Mike Rashid Motivation Videos

10 Of The Best Mike Rashid Motivation Videos
Need an inspirational boost? No worries, here are 10 of Mike Rashid's best videos to give you a jump-start and get your mind right for training!

Maybe you're already well-aware of who Mike Rashid is and what he's made of, or maybe you've never heard of him at all. Whatever the case may be, one thing is certain: you should know him because his motivational skillset might someday rank among greats such as The Rock and Arnold Schwarzenegger. While that may sound slightly exaggerated since Mike isn't as seasoned as the aforementioned legends, just give him time because he's just getting started. 

These are 10 of the best motivational videos that this California builder has put out thus far, starting with a mini-documentary to get you well acquainted.

10. A Day In The Life

Mike Rashid: "We do it as difficult as possible. That’s the only way you grow... when you intentionally do things the hard way."

While the rest of the videos on this list aren’t nearly as long as this one, this is the perfect place to start with the building phenomenon that is Mike Rashid. Here he discusses everything that goes on in his daily life, from meals to workouts to business and everything in between. Follow along as the Metroflex co-owner and ImSoAlpha founder gives us a peek into his world, inside and outside of the gym.

9. Overtraining Shoulders With Dana Linn Bailey

Mike Rashid: "In this industry, I say a lot of things that some look as controversial but I don’t see it as that, I just look at it as real."

Even bodybuilding greats get starstruck by Dana Linn Bailey, especially when it comes to getting to workout with her the day AFTER the Olympia. Also a fan of overtraining, DLB goes in on a shoulder workout with Mike and his training partner Big Rob while everyone else is taking a rest day. The fact that the Olympia competitor chose to workout with Mike right after the competition speaks volumes about how great Mike is, so don’t miss out on this insane shoulder workout.

8. Back Attack With CT Fletcher And Big Rob

Mike Rashid: "I’m not an ego lifter. I’ll attempt something really heavy - if I can’t get it, I can’t get it. I’ll drop the weight and get what I can get."

This one isn’t for the faint of heart: brutal sets of weighted pull-ups, heavy elevated rows, and CT’s signature motivational (curse) words. Mike kills this back workout and his back muscles show it, so it’s hard to doubt his methods. He’s very thorough with explaining his routine, and he encourages you to try it and to let him know how you like it.

7. Success With Phil Heath

Phil Heath: "To be successful you have to be able to train when no one else is watching. It’s all about what you’re willing to do when no one else cares."

Some footage of Mike killing an arm workout is definitely motivating stuff, but throwing Phil Heath in the mix makes this video twice as effective. Mike and Big Rob meet the Mr. Olympia champ for an arm session that makes for a great video, and The Gift shares his thoughts on success as an added bonus. Phil makes a great analogy about life being like leg day, but we won’t spoil it for you...

6. Training Mind State + Philosophy

Mike Rashid: "You gotta push yourself. That’s my mind state - pushing myself, not being comfortable or being uncomfortable. You want it to be as difficult as possible. Each move, each lift - that’s the only way you’re going to grow."

Mike drops some knowledge about the importance of mental strength and how to build it through physical training. The main thing to take away from this video is train your mind as hard as you train your body, because mental and physical strength compliment each other. Like Mike says, “a whole bunch of muscles with a weak mind is nothing.”

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5. The Earth Is Our Gym

Mike Rashid: "I get hit up all the time - ‘Yo, I’m out the country, I can’t find a good gym out here.’ I’m like ‘What do you mean bro? Go outside and just figure something out.'"

This one is for the people that only believe that growth only happens in the gym. Mike states that he switches his training up once in a while with an outdoor workout to refresh himself and clear his head, something that helps him go harder in the gym. Mikes advice: Instead of hitting the gym today, hit the park, the beach, or even some stairs - jogging and push-ups are your best friend.

If you need some more outdoor training inspiration, check out the 2.0 version of The Earth Is Our Gym.

4. Overtraining: Squat Progression

Mike Rashid: "Don’t be afraid to go to failure. You won’t know how far you can go until you push yourself to your absolute limits."

For everyone waiting for Mike to fail, here it is; this is the video where Mike drops the bar on squats. Before you start thinking Mike can’t hang though, it’s important to note that he fails on purpose. Again, Mike likes to overtrain during every workout, and this one is no exception since chooses to burnout on his final set at 405lbs. Looking for leg day motivation? Here it is.

CT, if you’re reading this: his mohawk wasn’t straight, and your beard is shiny. Kidding, of course.

3. Ultimate Motivation

Local Fan: "You helped me. You may not know how, but you helped me."

Mike and the Iron Addicts crew stopped by the Independence Gym in Scottsdale, AZ for a quick motivational demo that included the “quarter mile”: 254 excruciating reps at bench press, starting at 395lbs.

Not only does this video showcase Mike killing it on the bench, but also motivating others to do the same, and a couple of testimonials from some of the local gym-goers. Needless to say, this video is 100% motivation and 0% filler.

2. Overtraining With CT Fletcher

CT Fletcher: "Stupid Pump! Big Rob and Mike Rashid have what I like to call 'Ass Chesses'. They chest look like f$&@!?g asses with a f$&@!?g split down the middle!"

What separates Mike from the pack? A firm belief in overtraining, which according to him is the only way to grow. While there may be a number of people that criticize this method of training, Mike champions overtraining since his body seems to respond well to it.

Putting aside the issue of overtraining, there's no denying that throwing CT in the. Mix makes this one VERY entertaining video to watch due to CT's signature antics and copious amount of expletives.

1. 100lb Dumbbell Challenge: Mike Rashid vs. Marc Lobliner

Mike Rashid: "That’s what y’all want. Y’all don’t want to back down from a challenge. Don’t be scared of no f$&@!?g weight. That’s how you grow, baby: overtrain."

Some time ago, bodybuilding titans Marc Lobliner and Mike Rashid stopped by the Muscle & Strength headquarters and absolutely killed the now-infamous 100lb Dumbbell Challenge: 100 reps of dumbbell presses at 100lbs.

The challenge almost falls apart from the get-go when the duo realizes there’s only one pair of 100lb dumbbells available, but Mike wasn’t going to let that stop him. He decides to go at it with 110lb dumbbells since that’s just the type of guy Mike is - an unstoppable beast.

Watch as the two power through the challenge in record time, and still continue killing a chest workout after all is said and done. While this may seem like borderline insanity for most people, by now you should have come to understand that Mike is not normal, he’s a monster with no “off” switch. Keep your eyes open for more Mike Rashid videos because he’s not done just yet.

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