Sports Performance Workouts

Get the edge on your competitors by increasing your performance. Find the best workout for your fitness goal, experience level, training style and equipment access. Each workout comes with a free downloadable PDF you can reference when training.

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Power Training Workout for Increased Athletic Performance
Build explosive strength to help improve sports performance with this workout designed by Dr. Craig Slunwhite, Director of Fitness for the Winnipeg Jets.
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3 Day Whole Body Football Strength Workout
Increase your explosive power and strength to help you on the football field. It's a full body workout on a three day schedule - Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
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Basketball Workouts: In-Season Workout Routine for Players
Improve your in-season basketball performance by maintaining all the athletic gains you made in the off-season using this 2 day full body workout.
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Off-Season Baseball Strength Workout
Increase your strength (esp. upper body strength) in the baseball off-season. This is a full body workout hitting all major muscle groups every workout, 3 times per week.
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Marc Megna's Off Season Football Training Program
A 4 stage, 12 week football training and diet plan put together by MuscleTech and Marc Megna that is meant to help players improve size, strength and performance.
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Off-Season Football Training
Off-season football workout designed to increase your strength and power, giving you an edge on the field. Suitable for guys who have some lifting experience..
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Fight to be Fit Training Program
This full body workout incorporates some fighting style cardio with a high volume weight training routine to help you fight for your fitness.
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Push-Pull Superset Workout Ft. NFL Tight End Vernon Davis
MuscleTech athlete and All-Pro tight end, Vernon Davis, takes us through his offseason muscle building push-pull superset workout. Give it a shot yourself!
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Basketball Performance Workout: Building A Better Baller
Train like a NBA pro with this baller workout that not only covers technical skills, but also helps to build solid muscle and increase strength!
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Intermediate Boxing/MMA Workout
A 6 day routine based on two compound weight days and four days intense cardio. This workout is for intermediates. Novices should do a 12 week beginners routine first.
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3 Week NFL Combine Bench Press Program
Improve your bench press strength and endurance with this 3 week program. Workouts cycle between 5x5, 5x8 and 3x3 weeks, ending with an all-out 20 rep test.
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Steel Core MMA Abs Workout Routine
Hit your core hard and forge a midsection of steel with this no nonsense abs workout that includes many top exercises used by competitive MMA athletes.
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Dominate the Combine: Complete Off Season Football Workout
Shock your strength coaches, dominate your competition, and get ready to hoist that championship trophy with this complete off-season football workout!
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