Cookies And Cream High Calorie Bulking Milkshake Recipe

Cookies And Cream Bulking Milkshake
This muscle building weight gainer shake tastes amazing and requires very few ingredients. It is the perfect nutritious post-workout treat after a hot taxing workout.

Nutrition Facts

  • 930
  • 58.7
  • 38.6
  • 62.6
  • Notice: Eating the right diet for your goals may result in increased gains and decreased bodyfat.


  • 8 ounces Heavy Cream - Topping
  • 1 Oreo Cookie
  • 2 scoops Cookies and Cream Protein Powder
  • 2 ounces Heavy Cream - Shake
  • 12 ounces of Whole Milk

Cooking Instructions

Before we make the shake, we need to make the whipped topping. For this you will need 8 ounces of heavy cream and a finely crumbled Oreo cookie. You can place the Oreo into a sandwich bag and slowly crumbled it with a glass until it reaches your desired texture.

Pour the havy cream into a mixing bowl. Whip until the mixing blades start to form peaks when pulled away from the cream. Do not overwhip, as you risk turning the cream into butter.

Next place the cookie crumbles into the whipped cream and gently mix for several seconds. You can now store this mixture and use as needed to top your shakes. 

I recommending using this mixture as 4 servings, or for 4 shakes. Each of these servings contains 205 calories, 22 grams of fat, 1.7 grams of carbs and 1.2 grams of protein.

Muscle Building Shake

Place 12 ounces of whole milk in a shaker. Next add 2 ounces of heavy cream and one scoop of your favorite cookies and cream protein powder. For this recipe I am using Muscle & Strength's Premium Series Protein.

Shake well and top with whipped cream.

Serving Suggestions

Makes 1 shake.

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About The Author
Steve Shaw is an experienced raw masters powerlifter with over 31 years of iron game experience. His best competition lifts are a 602.5 pound squat, a 672.5 pound deadlift, and a 382.5 pound bench press. Steve is also known as a powerbuilder. His goal is to help others build as much muscle and strength as humanly possible.

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Posted Fri, 08/16/2013 - 08:15

The majority of you people commenting on here are clearly missing the point, these shakes are for people that are bulking, lifting heavy weights trying to consume as many calories as possible. If your looking for cut abs then stick to your dried out chicken breasts and salad and keep your comments to yourselves.

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Posted Wed, 07/10/2013 - 21:10

Before blasting this recipe like previous posters, consider that your needs may be different than other lifters. If you are a true hardgainer this shake is perfect for an abundance of cheap fast calories. If you are a powerlifter who does not care about visible abs this shake is perfect. If you are an offseason bodybuilder looking for as much mass as possible this shake is perfect. If you are like myself, a fat storing machine, a simple protein scoop in water is more than enough. How I envy you ectomorphs!

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Posted Tue, 06/18/2013 - 03:54
danny farris

This is absurdly unhealthy-- it has almost 600 kcals from fat and the high GI carbs will spike insulin levels leading to the transportation of the insanely high numbers of fatty acids in the whole milk into the cells, resulting increased body fat storage. Please don't kid yourself-- terrible idea.

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Posted Thu, 05/30/2013 - 17:00

0 useful nutrients in this (besides the protein scoops)
i dont condone this, sorry