Winners of the 1st edition of the M&S Fitness Blog Awards – that received over 100 nominee entries and almost 18,000 votes – have emerged.

We are truly humbled by the overwhelming participation from the nomination phase, up until the last day of voting. Through this, we have been inspired by the passion of the bloggers and the appreciation of their audiences.

On behalf of Dymatize Nutrition & M&S, we would like to say a big thank you to all the bloggers who participated and the readers who nominated and voted.

We would also like to say congratulations to the winners of the overall winner, as well as winners of the various categories. For those who did not manage to win this time; your work and effort in the fitness blogging community has not gone unnoticed and be rest assured that you are winners just for getting nominated.

For everyone else – it is time to start getting ready for an even bigger and better 2016 M&S Fitness Blog Awards.

Best Fitness Blogs Of 2015

Authority Nutrition (5,493 Votes)

Overall Winner best fitness blog Authority Nutrition

Authority Nutrition does not only debunk the classic health myths we might have fallen for at some point in the past; it is also your great source of nutritional information, which is backed up by evidence. Using the best available scientific proof, Authority Nutrition is your online resource for making better and informed decisions about your health. One interesting thing about Authority Nutrition is that it separates the wheat from the chaff, while breaking down complicated scientific jargon into bits and pieces which are easy to understand by the ordinary lay man.


Biolayne - 2,729 Votes

Category Winner bodybuilding blog Biolayne

Biolayne contains a ton of information on bodybuilding, physique, nutrition and training. Layne Norton, the self-described physique architect combines his experiences as a coach, bodybuilder, powerlifter and nutritional scientist in offering the most detailed knowledge on bodybuilding and general strength. Using nutrition, training and supplements also, Layne seeks to optimize the physique and performance of those competing in physique competitions, powerlifting, and related sports. Additionally, he supports non-competitors alike who are only striving to improve their physique and performance in the gym.

bodybuilding blog Brink Zone

Will Brink offers comprehensive and science based information on fitness and health, rather than the usual abundance of generic information. At Brink Zone, you can be sure to find detailed information on a whole lot of topics relating to health, fitness, weight loss, bodybuilding and longevity. This means Will doesn’t restrict the information he provides to bodybuilding alone, he also promotes information that help people achieve the body they want and their overall health.

bodybuilding blog Tony Gentilcore

Tony Gentilcore is a strength coach who brings his love and passion of heavy lifting to the fore with the tons of detailed information on his platform. The experience he has garnered from training top-level athletes reflects in his posts on smart, motivating and realistic tips for general bodybuilding and fitness. However, Tony’s work does not end with the pro-athletes alone and his posts simplify the sometimes complicated information on how to perform better in the gym. Examples of such posts include ways to get better and feel more comfortable squatting or just how to build success in your training. Tony has other interesting posts that he says ‘you can read while you’re pretending to work’.


Authority Nutrition (5,493 Votes)

Category Winner food & nutrition blog Authority Nutrition

Authority Nutrition does not only debunk the classic health myths we might have fallen for at some point in the past; it is also your great source of nutritional information which is backed up by evidence. Using the best available scientific proof, Authority Nutrition is your online resource for making better and informed decisions about your health. One interesting thing about Authority Nutrition is that it separates the wheat from the chaff, while breaking down complicated scientific jargon into bits and pieces which are easy to understand by the ordinary lay man.

food & nutrition blog Oh She Glows

Asides the fact that Angela Liddon’s platform is filled with deliciously prepared vegan recipes that are free of gluten and soy; the dishes themselves are also photographed in a way which is so appealing that would tempt the taste buds of everyone who comes across her posts. For your healthy and nutritional vegan recipes, Oh She Glows is the platform that you should turn to. Angela inspires others by sharing the recipes of the plant-based meals that her family enjoys on a daily basis, hoping it will encourage people to incorporate them in their own diets too. One interesting thing is the fact that these meals can be enjoyed by those who eat meat and picky kids as well. Her goal as she puts it ‘is to inspire others to embrace more plant-based foods without feeling the least bit deprived.

food & nutrition blog Eat Yourself Skinny

Kelly’s new found passion for photography definitely reflects in the way she presents her healthy and delicious meals on Eat Yourself Skinny. This platform combines tons of delicious recipes and at the same time, encouraging a healthy lifestyle. Here you can find various types of recipe categories which includes appetizer recipes, vegan recipes, chicken recipes, and low fat recipes, just to mention a few. Kelly is a foodie who will be the first to admit that a healthy lifestyle does not have to be a hard one. Her blog is one with a lot of informative and enriching posts which will change your perception about the fact that being healthy is not a destination; it is a way of life.


Primal Potential (971 Votes)

Category Winner fat loss blog Primal Potential

This platform is all about YOU. It is an inspiring story that is expected to nudge people into a food-based lifestyle philosophy which is unique to each individual. One thing is certain, you will be learning a lot from Primal Potential on ways to achieve and maintain a strong, fit body and a new empowered, positive outlook. This platform promotes general and achievable long-term health goals, rather than temporary weight loss patterns using severe strategies. Who ever thought we could enjoy our favorite meals without feeling deprived and miserable? Primal Potential is all about understanding your own body for the most effective results.

fat loss blog Julia's Fitness Blog

Julia is a fitness trainer with the experience and expertise that she shares freely on her platform. Her blog is updated with different resources which will help you burn out that fat quickly and achieve the body of your dreams. She focuses on an all-round approach which has produced a lot of success stories and which can produce your own success story too. Julia combines easy to understand fitness tips while visualizing the process for easy understanding by those who might have only recently made the decision to take charge of their health and control the destiny of their bodies. Her blog is a true inspiration.

fat loss blog Built Lean

This platform founded by Marc Perry is a simple, yet efficient science-based guide to fitness. Focusing on 5 core principles of performance, quality, train movement patterns, whole foods and simplicity, Built Lean help people reach their health and fitness goals. The personal story of Marc is one that also inspires, having gained 30 pounds from a sedentary lifestyle upon entry into the labor market. However, he managed to turn the tides around and now as an expert; he has been featured severally on top media outlets as he continues to strive to help people build the perfect health and body.


Travel Strong (1035 Votes)

Category Winner motivational blog Travel Strong

Are you one of those who lose the motivation to stay in shape while travelling? Do you give up a healthy diet and lifestyle when on the road because there is just insufficient time or knowledge to stick to it? Probably you even like to indulge in cuisines around the globe when you travel, but know they might not be the healthiest and need the damage control? Will Owen’s informative posts on Travel Strong are the motivation that travelers need to stay in shape whenever they are away from home. Will tries to blend and bridge the gap between travel and fitness by giving out tips that will help you travel leaner, stronger and healthier.

motivational blog Move It Monday!

Since most people perceive Monday as the official start of the week, Move It Monday is an international campaign which encourages people of all fitness levels to get moving each week, starting on Mondays. Move It Monday provides fitness routines, tips, and inspiration to help individuals, worksites, schools, and communities incorporate exercise into their weekly routines. It can be as easy as parking your car at the back of the parking lot, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or walking a Monday Mile. The general goal is to inspire a happier, healthier and fit world through physical activity and fitness. Each Monday, individuals and organizations around the globe come together to commit to healthy behaviors like quitting smoking, exercise, and nutrition that help end chronic preventable diseases.

motivational blog Nerd Fitness

Steve Kamb’s interesting platforms provides ways – in which as he describes it – jockeys, nerds, and average Joes can live up their lives. Asides the fact that Steve gives effective tips on building the kind of body everyone desires, he does so while providing a lot of inspirational and motivational tips too. Nerd Fitness is the guide that will help you realize you are not alone in your quest of building the ideal body. Steve knows quite well that everybody at some point have tried and failed at getting in shape and with a little bit of dedication, education and consistency, everyone can achieve the results that lasts a lifetime. At Nerd Fitness, you will learn practical tips that will help you right from the beginning of your fitness journey up until you become a pro yourself.


Girls Gone Strong (233 Votes)

Category Winner blog for women Girls Gone Strong

Designed by women for women, Girls Gone Strong describes itself as the women’s fitness authority. The platform inspires and motivates women towards their health and fitness goals and offers practical tips and ideas on how to achieve these goals. Asides this, Girls Gone Strong features the profiles of leading women who are making strides in their respective fitness fields. The message is simple and clear; if they can achieve it, other women can also dream and achieve it. From fat loss to muscle gain to better performances in the gym, Girls Gone Strong provides the essential information for women to build their body, strength, mind and health to achieve optimized results.

blog for women Powercakes

Kasey Arena’s Powercakes is a unique and interesting one. Kasey brings her passion and enthusiasm for fitness, fueling your body, cooking and baking into blogging. The informative posts she churns out helps people find out their own balance in life and lead the healthy lifestyle they never thought they could. As a personal trainer with lots of experience, Kasey shows you how to build that gorgeous body while still occasionally indulging in the meals that you crave for. Powercakes is a combination of fitness, strength, workout, wellness, healthy living, nutrition, and occasional indulgence.

blog for women Build Your Dream Body

Build Your Dream Body documents the mostly healthy living journey of Mindi Friedland. From overcoming struggles and challenges, to turning her life around to find freedom in fitness. Mindi inspires others with her blog into finding the happiness in their own lifestyles which they can be proud about. Her blog combines posts which are honest, practical and helpful to the soul and health. She posts about fitness, workouts, personal development and home fitness motivation. Mindi also posts about food and recipes even though she will be the first to admit she is not the master chef at the craft and that her husband handles that department of their home. Overall, Build Your Dream Body offers those practical tips and information that you can easily and readily relate with.


Evidence Mag (307 Votes)

Category Winner health blog Evidence Mag

As the name suggests, the posts on Evidence Mag are backed up by evidence. Armi Legge who has been passionate about health and fitness since he was a kid, shares his experience and knowledge on a vast majority of topic which includes but not limited to fat loss, fitness and health. The goal is simple – the articles are designed to help people improve their lives, health and fitness, without giving up their hobbies and happiness. On Evidence Mag, You’ll learn to find exactly what works and what doesn’t, based on the latest evidence, to get the body you want.

health blog  Mind Body Green

Mind Body Green is your well-rounded resource for a general healthy life and habits. With a variety of topics all geared towards helping to build healthier and happier societies. The posts are absolutely not one sided and you can expect to read something on various everyday challenges which somehow prevents us from living that ideal pattern of life like we have pictured. It delves into topics of motivation, meditation, nutrition, productivity, fitness, health wellness and a whole lot of different ideas that will definitely help improve the quality of lives and societies.

health blog Peanut Butter Fingers

Asides the name of the blog being a nice one, Julie Fagan contributes to the online fitness space through her posts on delicious and healthy recipes, workout routines and general fitness. As a group exercise instructor and personal trainer, Julie gives out daily information which borders on healthy food and fitness. Julie doesn’t stop there; she uses her own daily life as an inspiration for others to follow their own dream of healthier lifestyles.

Gift Card Winners

The success of this contest also depends largely on the audience who took time off their schedule to vote the bloggers they have gained the most value from over the years. In appreciating voters who have also followed the path of fitness and a healthy living, we also made a random draw in which 10 lucky voters have emerged as winners of $50 M&S gift cards. The winners are:

  • Helena W.
  • Steven Craig B.
  • Mark G.
  • Frank K.
  • Dymas P.
  • Ryan A.
  • Roy P.
  • Michael T.
  • Patricia L.
  • Mikki H.


Overall, these amazing men and women of the fitness blogging community have worked very hard to ensure the world is a healthier and happier place for all of us to live in. We hope to feature them again in the 2nd edition of the awards. However, we also will be very happy to welcome new bloggers on our winners list next year.

Once again, a big thanks to everyone who has contributed in one way or the other to the success of the M&S Fitness Blog Awards. Since we cannot do it alone, we do hope that together, we can become partners in building a fit, healthy and happy world. That is the reason why we have chose to celebrate our bloggers who are the unsung heroes of creating awareness and nudge people towards a lifestyle of healthy living and we hop that we can achieve more.

Until next time, keep the fitness flag flying high!

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