Exercise Profile
  • Target Muscle Group
  • Exercise TypeStrength
  • Equipment RequiredDumbbell
  • MechanicsIsolation
  • Force TypePull (Bilateral)
  • Experience LevelBeginner
  • Secondary Muscles
Target Muscle Group


Biceps Muscle Anatomy Diagram

Dumbbell Preacher Curl Overview

The dumbbell preacher curl is a variation of the preacher curl and an exercise used to isolate the biceps.

The angle used when performing preacher curl variations allows for a more focused concentric portion of the curl. This is especially helpful when trying to build bicep peaks and promote a pump in the biceps.

The dumbbell preacher curl would be an exercise primarily used by bodybuilders to help build bigger biceps. It is an isolation movement that is best used towards the end of your workouts if your goal is building a more aesthetic physique.

Dumbbell Preacher Curl Instructions

  1. Select the desired weight from the rack, and sit in an upright position with your chest flat against the preacher bench.
  2. Keep your upper arm pressed into the pad and use a supinated (palms facing up) grip.
  3. Take a deep breath and slowly lower the dumbbell away from your shoulder.
  4. Once the bicep is fully lengthened, curl the weight back to the starting position.
  5. Repeat for the desired number of repetitions on both sides.

Dumbbell Preacher Curl Tips

  1. Maintain a slight bend in the elbow at the bottom of the movement in order to keep tension through the biceps.
  2. Using a slow eccentric (lowering portion) of the exercise can help to improve tension and mind muscle connection.
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Posted on: Tue, 03/26/2013 - 13:20

i am increasing weight for every set of barbel curls ...........is it correct for bigger biceps