Exercise Profile
  • Target Muscle Group
  • Exercise TypeWarmup
  • Equipment RequiredBodyweight
  • MechanicsCompound
  • Force TypeDynamic Stretching
  • Experience LevelBeginner
  • Secondary Muscles
    Glutes, Shoulders, Upper Back
Target Muscle Group

Lower Back

Lower Back Muscle Anatomy Diagram

90/90 Hip Crossover Overview

The 90/90 hip crossover drill is a great warm up exercise to perform prior to your workouts.

The 90/90 hip crossover drill will help relieve tension in the back muscles while also opening up the glutes and shoulders. It can also help increase mobility in the hips and slightly challenge the core.

90/90 Hip Crossover Instructions

  1. In a supine position, lift your legs so that your hips and knees are at a 90 degree angle and ensure that your lower back is flat on the floor.
  2. Reach your arms out to the side for support and slowly rotate your legs side to side.
  3. Keep your head neutral and focus on controlling the rotation by utilizing your abdominals.
  4. Repeat for the desired number of repetitions.

90/90 Hip Crossover Tips

  1. Ensure the feet don’t drop towards your butt as you get fatigued.
  2. Keep the lower back as flat as possible against the floor and focus on feeling the movement in the upper back.
  3. Don’t rotate the head as the legs move.