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Sean Nalewanyj
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Sean transformed his skinny teenage body into a mountain of sculpted muscle! He's the author of the eBook"The Truth About Building Muscle".

I was always pretty thin when I was younger and it really bothered me. I always wanted to be bigger, but I never really knew what to do or where to start, so I never really made much of an effort. But then one day something in my head just snapped, and I decided that I didn't care how hard it was, or how long it took, I would set out and accomplish my goal! I realized that sitting around whining to myself would not get the job done. It was time to get off my ass and do something about it!

I started with a cheap plastic set of York weights in my basement, and once I started to obtain a visual improvement, I was hooked! I eventually graduated to higher quality, iron weights and lifted in my basement for about a year before I joined a gym. I can now say that it's the best choice I've ever made, and I haven't looked back since then.

Sean has written articles for dozens of the top bodybuilding websites across the Internet and is recognized as an expert authority on the subject. In less than one year of existence, his bodybuilding e-book, The Truth About Building Muscle, climbed the rankings to become one of the most popular muscle-building programs available on the web today. His program has received a highly positive response and was even mentioned in a November issue of the New York Times. You can check out the many unsolicited testimonials on his website.

Sean firmly believes in a sound, straightforward approach when it comes to building muscle and gaining strength. His workout style is based around the concepts of high intensity, low volume, infrequent workouts based around the universal law of progression. He admits that achieving an impressive, muscular physique is no easy task, but firmly believes that he can help anyone willing to put forth the effort build the body they dream of.

Sean's eBook:

The truth about building muscleBody TRansformation Blueprint

In a bodybuilding world where intense marketing hype and exaggeration have become the norm, Sean Nalewanyj has stuck to his guns and provides his readers with a truthful and honest approach to building muscle and gaining strength. "The Truth About Building Muscle" is a complete step-by-step muscle-building system that is jam-packed with valuable information, covering some extremely important topics such as workout structure, proper nutritional techniques, efficient and cost-effective supplementation, injury prevention, cardio and fat loss as well as a large handful of other useful subjects. All of this information is combined into a 250-page, picture-filled, instantly downloadable e-book.

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