Josh Anderson

Josh received his masters from the University of Florida and current runs his own website dedicated to efficient, effective at-home training designed specifically for those with time constraints.
Josh Anderson

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Fitness has always been a huge part of my life – from baseball to basketball to just exercising for sheer enjoyment. This all culminated in me becoming a personal trainer and founder of a website dedicated to efficient, effective at-home training called

That being said, science was really my first calling! I graduated from the University of Missouri and went on to attend the University of Florida for my Masters. I take all of that writing experience and bring it directly to our articles and fitness routines. I won’t just tell you if something works and is practical, I will provide the science on why it works!

I started Always Active Athletics to provide as much free information to allow everyone to have the ability to get healthy and fit right at home! We must be doing something right because our audience is growing rapidly. Today in our modern hectic world, everyone is short on time. To combat this, we try to make weight loss planning as easy as logging onto your computer and getting a quick at-home workout you can do in 15 minutes!

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