Jeremy Wood

Jeremy Wood
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Jeremy Wood is a natural powerlifting and strength trainer who recently competed in the IPA.

My name is Jeremy Wood; I am a natural powerlifter who does not train using a traditional powerlifting routine.  I did my first powerlifting competition in May with the IPA, I received 4 Virginia State Records in the Raw Junior 220 class. My lifts were 430 squat, 295 bench press, and a 550 deadlift for a total of 1275. Recently I have begun to train some strongman events also.  I am 6’ 215 pounds and currently trying to put on mass while gaining minimal amounts of fat.  I have been training seriously for approximately 5 years.  My senior year of high school I joined a local gym and started to train hard and learn a lot.  I started out as a pudgy 160 pound kid that loved athletics.  Now I am a 215 pound weightlifter.

My training methods are pretty simple; I stick to heavy compound movements and train a lot.  I lift six days a week and three of those days I am squatting pretty hard.  I stick to a push/pull style of workout, so Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I do a variation of a squat and deadlift.  Then on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays I do a push and pull for my upper body.  I love to train so I do it often, I plan to compete in more powerlifting competitions in the future and one day do a strongman competition also.

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