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Natural bodybuilder Frank Gigante began lifting when he was 14. He returned to the stage after a 15 year layoff, and currently holds 2 pro cards.
Frank Gigante

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About Frank Gigante

My fitness journey began when I was about 14.  Growing up I had played different sports over the years – soccer, baseball, basketball, and gymnastics.  It was gymnastics that stuck with me and as I went through middle school and high school I participated on the gymnastics team.

My dad bought me my first weight set when I was about 14 and helped, pushed, and taught me a great deal about setting up a plan, sticking to it, and staying consistent and accountable to myself.  Although he had no way of knowing that weightlifting would become a great passion and lead to bodybuilding and all that I do now, if it were not for him, I perhaps would never be where I am now.

At school, I was a gymnast all through middle school and high school.  I was fortunate to have an incredible coach and mentor, Ken Friedheim.  He instilled and reinforced many of the values and lessons my dad was instilling at home when it came to fitness, training, goals and most importantly, work ethic.  He also stressed that during the off-season we should be in the weight room and monitored our programs there too.

By the latter half of high school the passion for weight lifting and bodybuilding had been ignited and I was reading everything I could get my hands on and it wasn’t long before I had a subscription to Muscle and Fitness magazine.  I couldn’t wait each month for the latest issue to arrive and read each issue cover to cover, incorporating as much as I could into my own training and eating routines.

In college, the values that my dad and coach had instilled in me were well set and I continued to train on my own.  Sometimes I had a training partner, sometimes I didn’t, but it didn’t matter.  I was doing this for me and made decisions surrounding my eating, training, and college life with my bodybuilding goals in mind.

I started competing when I was 19.  I would train and eat large while at college and then do contest prep and compete at home during the summer months.  I learned a great deal during that time.  During that time I found a training partner who is still my closest friend and training partner today, Pete Fountain.

After college, as life took over, competing stopped for a while, but the training, eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle did not.  Pete and I continued to train hard and enjoy the benefits of a healthy and fit lifestyle.  I just wasn’t in competition mode for the most part.

Fast forward 15 years later, yes I said 15.  I suddenly had the itch to compete and be on stage again.  And so the journey began again.  In the last 3-4 years I have returned to competing and have loved every minute of it.  The passion for all of this has never been stronger and the opportunities I have been given I have taken advantage of and am making the most of each and every one.

I am extremely grateful for each opportunity and feel incredibly fortunate with each one.   I currently hold a pro card in 2 natural bodybuilding organizations.  I run my own Facebook page, website, and newsletter which seem to be gaining a following and have been able to interact with so many people through those forums.

For almost a year now I have been writing a monthly article for Natural Muscle Magazine, which is an honor in itself.  I have recently picked up a sponsor, Gymface, a fitness clothing line.  Most recently I am extremely excited to have been selected to work with Muscle and Strength and Flexx It, and share my information and experiences with you.  I amN currently preparing to compete this April, 2013, and plan to be better than ever on stage this year.

I look forward to providing useful and practical information that we all can use to fine tune our fitness journeys and continue moving forward toward our ultimate goals – whatever they may be. I welcome and am excited about interacting with all of you and thank you ahead of time for your questions, comments, and support as we move forward.  

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