Dr. Mike Camp

Dr. Mike Camp
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Dr. Michael Camp is a highly accredited & recognized Physical Therapist and Performance Enhancement Specialist. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Kinesiology, a minor in Exercise Physiology, and a Doctorate in Physical Therapy.

Dr. Michael Camp is a highly accredited & recognized Physical Therapist and Performance Enhancement Specialist. He graduated from the University of Maryland, with a Bachelors degree in Kinesiology and a minor in Exercise Physiology. Upon graduation, he went to Osteopathic Medical School, then changed careers and earned his Doctorate in Physical Therapy.

Having a passion for Manual Medicine and Human Performance Enhancement, Michael pursued continuing education in Osteopathic Manual Medicine, and other advance manual courses. Michael trained in Tampa, Florida, rotating through several top performance facilities, working with Medical Teams, designing and implementing post surgical elite programs, rehabbing, and enhancing the performance of Athletes from MLB, MLS, NFL, NHL, UFC, NBA, Pro Golfers, Tennis Pros, Collegiate Stars, and Olympic hopefuls.

Michael earned his CSCS, from the NSCA, Performance Enhancement Specialist Certification from NASM, and many other noted credentialed courses in Performance Enhancement and Injury Prevention.

Michael, also an author, contributes to periodicals like Muscle & Fitness, Men’s Fitness, discussing programs involved with Health, Fitness, and Injury Prevention. Michael has been featured in Muscular Development, Muscle Mag, and The Alpha Male Challenge. Michael was also featured on MSNBC, MSG, and HBO working with various athletes and discussing his views on injuries in sports and bodybuilding.

Dr. Mike Camp is continuously courted by many top pros to design their Strength & Conditioning Programs, and is flown across the country to consult about lagging injuries. Michael is recognized as someone who can train with the best and in many cases, set the pace when working along side top athletes.

A competitor himself in powerlifting and bodybuilding, Michael has Squatted 505, deadlifted 605, and benched 385, all raw and weighing 181 pounds. In addition, he has been involved in either training or learning from the best in various fighting disciplines and wrestling for the past 25 years.

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How to Become a Trainer/Coach to the World's Most Elite Athletes
Dr. Mike Camp works with elite pro athletes. Today, he's sharing his journey on how he got there in hopes it'll help those looking to get into the field.
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