Dave Herber

Dave Herber
Quick Stats
  • 6'
  • 190 lbs
  • 10%
  • 12+ Years
  • 16.5"
  • New Castle, PA
  • Personal Trainer
  • Exercise2u.com
  • muscletrainerdh
Dave is an ACE and NSCA qualified personal trainer with over 12 years experience helping his clients build muscle, burn body fat and reach their goals.

Dave HerberAs a teenage weightlifter, reading Joe Weider’s Muscle & Fitness and Flex were the only guides I had at the time, there was no internet for me to go to on a whim and get the latest and greatest bodybuilding information. Little did I realize that all those routines, while they made my muscles sore, would never have me looking like the bodybuilders in their pages unless I took those extra “supplements” that the “pros” were taking! But I resisted, only buying fish tasting protein powder (You kids taking Whey protein these days have no idea how lucky you are) and BCAAs.

I continued to weight lift in college to keep my body growing and of course increase my sex appeal. Apparently, I was building a noticeable body as my roommates also started working out with me and asking for some tips. But I was still clueless and overtraining, using bodybuilder routines that are fit for only the chemically enhanced.

It wasn’t until after college, that a friend who was managing a Gold’s Gym, convinced me to get further educated in fitness and take the American Council on Exercise Personal Training Certification exam. That is when I began to “unlearn” most everything those muscle magazines taught me.

After passing the A.C.E. Certified Personal Trainer exam, and finishing my Masters in Business Administration, I moved to Washington, DC to start my full time career in fitness. I worked 40 hours a week as a corporate fitness center manager. I would then train clients at a commercial gym for 20 more hours a week as well as teaching 5 hours of group exercise body pump classes a week. Yeah, definitely not the cake walk it seems.

Seeing the obesity epidemic happen right before my eyes, I then sat for the A.C.E. Certified Lifestyle and Weight Management Consultant exam to gain a better understanding of how to help those with lifelong weight problems and eating disorders.

I launched my first personal training website in an effort to gain more clients and start being an independent trainer.

Then a job opportunity in Pittsburgh beckoned and I left DC. I started realizing that the ACE certification that I got many years ago only gave me limited knowledge and it was time to upgrade. So I started studying and passed the National Strength And Conditioning Associations Certified Personal Trainer exam. The internet had been exploding for about 5 years and now there were finally other avenues to gain fitness information. However, for every legit internet fitness website there were 3 or 4 pushing the latest fad diets, bogus supplements, or just plain bad fitness advice. That’s why it was a godsend to stumble upon Muscle and Strength and become part of their awesome team.

The bulk of my 12 years of personal training experience lies with helping the general population lose weight and gain muscle, dispelling as many bad fitness myths as I can and keeping it simple so that they can see real results.

You can visit Dave's websites here - W8Lifter.com and Exercise 2 U.

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