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Chris and Eric Martinez
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Chris and Eric Martinez are Dynamic Duo Training; identical twins, born and raised in Santa Rosa, CA. We are Certified Personal Trainers through AFAA and CISSN.

Chris and Eric Martinez are known as the “Dynamic Duo.” Their education background is as follows: Bachelors in Business Communications, Certified Personal Trainers though AFAA, Certified International Society of Sports Nutritionists through ISSN, and they’re currently studying to get their CSCS through the NSCA.

They own a Training and Nutrition consulting business by the name of “Dynamic Duo Training,” where they provide safe, ethical, health-first, and research based practices to their clients.  They’re also fitness and nutrition writers, fitness models, and coaches that love helping people reach their goals. Their philosophy is “No excuses, only solutions.”

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Chris and Eric Martinez's Content

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