With all the fuss going around about #dadbods, let's take a moment to appreciate hard-working actor and athlete dads who maintain their solid bods despite their busy schedules.

For whatever reason, this year "dadbods" are all the rage.

Used to described someone who isn't 100% shredded but also isn't overweight, the term is popular for describing very casual gym-goers (little to none) who can put down a six-pack of brews and a large 2-topping pizza by themselves any night of the week without worrying too much about a lil' beer belly poking out. 

That's fine and everything, but now the dads who put in endless amounts of effort and sweat at the gym are left wondering why their bodies aren't the ones being called "dadbods".

Here are some shining examples of dads who are constantly hustling on and off screen, and maintaining the muscles that should be defining "dadbods":

1. Chris Pratt


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From the very lovable and husky character on Parks & Recreation to a surprisingly ripped Star-Lord on Guardians Of The Galaxy, Chris Pratt (or Andy Dwyer as we like to remember him as) has been on both sides of the dadbod spectrum. When he's not fighting dinosaurs on-screen, Chris is busy eating right and hitting the gym hard like he did when he first dropped 60lbs to obtain the legendary dadbod he has now.

2. Blake Griffin


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Blake is pretty much the king of L.A., sorry Lakers fans! Anytime this 6'10" dad goes up to the hoop, it turns into a poster moment, and it takes a certain body-type to do that. Ask Blake, he'll show you.

3. Channing Tatum


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Mr. Magic Mike himself! What can be said about one of the best physiques in Hollywood that hasn't been said already? The man knows how to work his bod, inside the gym, on a pole...

4. David Beckham


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Not only is David Beckham a soccer legend, he's also married to a Spice Girl, has four kids, and one of the most killer physiques ever to grace the pitch. Oh yeah, and he used to be an underwear model!

5. Mark Wahlberg


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It's hard to believe that Mark Wahlberg (aka Marky Mark) has four kids since he's always working on something...and has pretty much been in every movie ever made that takes place in Boston. Kidding aside, the man maintains his body in peak condition 99% of the time, which is something to admire.

6. Rich Froning


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Crowned the fittest man on the planet, Rich Froning looks the part too. This cross-training champ pretty much maintains his rock-solid body at 100% year-round. If you've ever been a witness to what this man can accomplish, there's no question that Rich puts in an excruciating amount of work at the gym daily.

7. Hugh Jackman


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We really shouldn't have to say anything about this man-beast. Can we just talk about how shredded Hugh looked while portraying The Wolverine? In case you're trying to get to that level of shredded, check out Hugh Jackman's Workout!

8. Lebron James


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Known for his ability to absolutely dominate on the basketball court, King James is packing some serious muscle as well. Father to 3 (including a LeBron Jr!), this big guy is touted amongst one of the best ever, he's in the prime of his life so there's still more 'Bron action left to see.

9. Jason Statham


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Anytime Hollywood needs a badass to star in some action-packed film, they usually call Jason Statham. It's no surprise since Jason not only looks like a badass with his shirt off, but also does his own stunts most of the time.

10. Cristiano Ronaldo


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International soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo is no stranger to the attention that his chiseled body constantly gets. Not only does he have a phenomenal body, but he has the skills to back it up. In case you were wondering: yes, his son's name is Cristiano Ronaldo Jr.

11. Mario Lopez


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Without question, Mario Lopez is one of the hardest-working personalities on TV at the moment. Since his beginning on Saved By The Bell, Mario has always taken pride in being one of the most solid bodies on the screen, and that still rings true today. We see you Slater, and we salute you!

12. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson


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This guy is seriously one of our favorite human beings ever. From the WWF ring (yup, with an extra "W") to the big-screen, Dwayne Johnson has, and continues to have, a remarkable career. If you need proof on how hard he goes at the gym, check out his Instagram, and if you need some extra motivation: 10 Inspirational & Motivational Quotes From Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

13. Tim Howard


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Let's take a moment to appreciate Tim Howard's stellar World Cup 2014 performance. Being one of the main reasons why the US Men's National Team advanced as far as they did takes hard work, and Tim's physique proves it. Nothing gets past this guy!

14. Terry Crews


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Much more than an Old Spice commercial model, Terry is one of the most shredded actors on-screen right now. This guy is pretty much 100% muscle, which tells us that he puts in some serious gym time most days out of the week.

15. Dwyane Wade


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Proven to be one of the best in the league, Dwyane is still killing it on the court for the Heat, even after LeBron's departure. Father to 3, this basketball star keeps his body in check to make sure it's court-ready at all times.

Posted on: Sat, 06/20/2015 - 07:52

I agree with Jimbos comment. All I know is if I was a celebrity with that kind of time and money to workout all day..... The only person on that list who would be bigger then me is the ROCK.

Posted on: Tue, 06/16/2015 - 20:19

These guys are wealthy elite athletes and actors. It is their job to be in peak condition. It's part of their daily schedule with pro trainers etc. great for them but give props to the guy with kids and a regular 5am to 6pm with out the pro trainer and free schedule to work out hours a day. Just saying .