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You can't progress if you can't workout. These articles teach you how to prevent injuries.

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Warming Up For Dummies: A Lifter’s Guide to Injury Prevention
Warming up is boring and takes too much time? Time to ditch the excuses, Mike Wines lays out 3 comprehensive and quick solutions for any lifter.
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How to Fix Rib Flaring Posture Imbalance
The rib flaring postural imbalance is one of the more common and overlooked postural imbalances in the human body. Read this article to learn how to fix it.
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Woman in sports bra and leggings doing bird dogs on a yoga mat.
Reduce the risk of injury and increase strength and muscle mass potential with mobility! Learn about the 3 most common mobility issues and how to improve them.
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Side Stepping Injury: 3 Ways to Train Around Knee Pain
Knee discomfort can really put a strain on your gains. Learn how to better avoid knee injuries and ways to continue to train around knee pain.
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Loosen Up Bro: 3 Drills to Prevent Shoulder Pain
Don't be plagued with shoulder pain. It'll prohibit you from making the gains you want. Luckily, these 3 mobility drills can help eradicate & prevent it.
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Injury Prevention 101: 3 Ways to Prevent a Hernia
Scared of getting a hernia at some point in your weight lifting career? These 3 hernia prevention tips from Lee Boyce might help keep it from happening.
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3 New Mobility Drills You Should Include in Your Warm Ups
Having better mobility will help you improve your range of motion allowing you to make better gains and prevent injuries. Add these 3 drills to your warm ups!
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4 Effective Foam Rolling Drills That Increase Mobility
Foam rolling isn't breaking up scar tissue but you can use it to improve your mobility. Dr. John Rusin shows you how with these 4 simple drills.
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Preventing Back Pain: 6 Tips to Promoting a Healthy Spine
Very few injuries are as debilitating as an injury to your back and/or spine. Read this article to learn 6 tips to prevent back injuries from happening.
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Injury Prevention 101: 3 Ways to Prevent a Shoulder Injury
Struggling to make gainz through shoulder issues? Learn how to identify the cause & treat it - better yet prevent a shoulder injury from ever happening!
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Your Week Off From Training Isn't Going to Fix Your Back
If you think taking a week off from the gym is going to miraculously fix your back, you're going to be sadly mistaken. Instead, put these tips to use!
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Shoulder Savers: Training Around Pain and Making Gains
Shoulder pain can be unbearable and hinder your progress in the gym. If you're experiencing pain, put these methods to work to continue seeing gains!
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4 Ways to Guarantee an Injury (And How to Prevent Them!)
If you're feeling pain, you may be on your way to an injury. Check out these 4 ways to guarantee an injury & how to prevent them by bulletproofing your body!
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Elbow Pain? 6 Tips for Training Around Cranky Elbows
Elbow pain holding you back from making the gains you want? Read this article for 6 helpful tips on recovering from and training around cranky elbows.
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Injury Prevention 101: 3 Ways to Prevent a Knee Injury
Struggle for knee pain or want to learn how to prevent a knee injury all together? Read this article to learn the principles behind knee injury prevention!
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