9 Of The BEST Recipes For Protein Pancakes

Megan Baird
Written By: Megan Baird
October 8th, 2015
Updated: June 13th, 2020
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9 Of The Best Recipes For Protein Pancakes
Craving a heaping plate of pancakes? You can indulge your tastebuds while fueling your gains with any of these 9 recipes for protein pancakes!

Pancakes are no longer just a plate of empty calories reserved for treat days.

These days there are hundreds of healthy pancake recipes online. But many of them are lacking protein and flavor.

I’ve searched through them all to bring you 9 of the best protein pancake recipes.

Get your skillet ready! You can make some of these with ingredients you already have in your kitchen!

1. Chunky Monkey Greek Yogurt Pancakes

This Chunky Monkey inspired recipe gets plenty of protein from Greek yogurt and egg whites. They’re also gluten free (as long as your oats are certified gluten free). While these fluffy pancakes would be great with a simple drizzle of maple syrup, Amanda takes these to the next level with a creamy banana nut topping. Get the full recipe »

2. 3-Ingredient Simple Protein Pancakes

I bet you can make these pancakes without having to take a trip to the store. The simple base is just eggs, protein powder, and bananas – plus any fun add-ins you want like chocolate chips or berries. A recipe this quick and easy is just right for lazy weekend mornings. Get the full recipe »

Best Protein Pancake Recipes

3. Strawberry Milk Chocolate Chip Protein Pancakes

M&S Chef Sarah Kesseli created these decadent, high-protein pancakes and our team has been obsessed ever since. With 55g of protein per serving, you won’t believe that gains can taste this good! Sarah combines strawberry protein, strawberry egg whites, and fresh strawberries for maximum flavor. Topping them with melted chocolate is just the icing on the (pan)cake! Get the full recipe »

4. Kathleen's Cottage Pancakes

Looking for protein pancakes without protein powder? You’re covered with this cottage cheese based recipe. These light and fluffy grain-free pancakes have a crepe-like appeal and would be great topped with fresh fruit or jam. Get the full recipe »

Best Protein Pancake Recipes

5. Apple Cinnamon Vegan Protein Pancakes

This vegan protein pancake recipe arrives just in time for fall! Fresh apples, whole grains, and aromatic cinnamon make this a perfect, hearty breakfast. With plenty of healthy fats from coconut oil and flax, you won’t miss eggs and dairy in this satisfying vegan treat. Get the full recipe »

6. Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Pancakes

Chocoholics, meet your new favorite breakfast. Think dark chocolate peanut butter cup flavors in a high protein, frosted pancake. Coming in with 43g of protein and 10g of fiber per massive serving, these pancakes are a great way for you to fuel your gains while satisfying your sweet tooth. Get the full recipe »

Best Protein Pancake Recipes

7. Paleo Banana Chocolate Chip Protein Pancakes

These chocolatey protein pancakes are paleo-friendly and worthy of dessert status. While the author sandwiched hers with layers of fresh strawberries, these would also be great layered with bananas and/or peanut butter. With chocolate as your base, you can't go wrong. Get the full recipe »

8. Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Protein Pancakes

Free of grains, dairy, and added sugar, these chocolate chip protein pancakes rise up tall and cake-like. Don’t let the call for homemade pumpkin puree scare you away from these tasty, pumpkin pie flavored pancakes. You can always sub canned 100% pure pumpkin. Save the rest of the can and throw a spoonful into your protein shakes throughout the week! Get the full recipe »

Best Protein Pancake Recipes

9. Tiramisu Protein Pancakes

I don’t want to be accused of saving the best for last, but take a look at these dessert-ready protein pancakes! Each pancake layer (enhanced with cold brew coffee) is topped with a protein-rich creamy filling. A final dusting of cocoa powder means these protein pancakes look (and taste!) just like the real thing. Get the full recipe »

Tiramisu Protein Pancakes

Do you have a favorite recipe for protein pancakes? Feel free to share it in the comments below!