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It's no wonder our customers are so happy! Check out what our customers are saying about their shopping experience with M&S. Also check out the customer feedback thread on our forum for more member feedback!

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Customer Feedback

Pedro d. Hernandez says:

I could not find the feedback section at M&S as before and would like to place this comment on there. M&S Rocks! Everyone I 've told loves it. Personally, I think Shawn has great customer service skills and just knows his facts. Thanks Shawn your latest rec on Elite, it was right on the money like always. I've only been at this for two years but it has been possible through M&S, the staff, the articles, and supplements. My body has gone through a change where some don't believe it. Haha its awsome!

Thanks guys,Thank you Shawn for the wise advise

- Pedro D.


Scott Adeler says:

Thank you so much.

You and the team at M&S are amazing. I really appreciate your handling of this. It is this type of dedication that has me singing the praises of your company to everyone within earshot. Keep up the excellent customer service. I look forward to future purchases from Muscle & Strength.



Christina says:

Good morning,
I just wanted to write and tell you how impressed I am with Muscle and Strength!! I placed my first order last Thursday for two containers of MGN pure whey protein isolate (peanut butter & cinnamon bun). Your prices are fantastic compared to the products that I usually by at the store. I selected Fed Ex Ground shipping, expecting my package to arrive in 5 days (at the earliest), and it showed up just 2 days later! I'm also excited that there was also a 10% off coupon code in the box for my second order! After tasting both products, I can't wait to try more flavors. I heard that the cake batter and vanilla carmel are also very good too! I usually don't write to companies about my online orders, but I am blown away by your service and products. Thank you for all that you do to make the customer experience a positive one!



Anon. says:

I <3 M&S supplement store

I recently purchased an order at M&S and I emailed them around the time I was placing the order asking if they had any samples of anything for me to try and they emailed back right away saying their going to throw in a bunch of samples for me.

And today I realized I'm an idiot and forgot to type in the free shipping code for orders over $99 so I emailed again and asked if they could waive the fee and they said absolutely. Saved me $6

Definitely the best customer service/quality of any store I've ever used. Go M&S! Shawn who answers the customer service emails but he was so nice in all the emails.


Kevin says:


Just wanted to take a few minutes and thank you all for the great service you provide. Great prices, wide variety, excellent turnaround time on orders, and great people such as yourselves behind it all. I stumbled across your website by accident many months ago, and I'm glad I did.

Thanks again -


Daniel says:

My parcel came in the mail today. I must say I'm very impressed - thank you for including the samples! Only took eight days (six business days) to get to me (In the Netherlands!). I've ordered at different stores before but will be sure to only order from M&S from now on. Congrats on a job well done!



Amber says:

Thank you Muscle and Strength for being such a great and dependable company! I have ordered a particular protein powder from many other sources including direct from the manufacturer and have never received such great service, aggressive prices and quick shipping as I do with Muscle and Strength. I hope people don't hesitate to order items from your company as you are one of the best. Not many online companies have such great communication and personalized customer service as you do. I will continue to support your company. Thanks for being one of the best out there! Forever your happy customer, Amber


Shane Ruri says:

To whom it may concern,

I am very impressed with how quick my order has arrived. Also I thank you so much, for giving me free sample supplements, you can count on me to make future orders. I would also like to let the 'Muscle and Strength Team', know that they are better than 'xxxx.com'. (My personal opinion. )

Cheers Guys!


Scott Adcock says:

Thanks for the reply and I appreciate everything you are doing. Not only are you providing outstanding products and service at the lowest prices anywhere, your response time is incredible. I placed another order today for a couple of 5lb containers of Scivation protein and received notice that it was shipped about 20 minutes later. That's incredible!

I will most definitely being doing business with you in the future and plan to tell everyone I know about Muscle&Strength.com. Keep up the good work.


Travis Billeter says:

Hey i just wanted to tell you that your customer service is excellent. I'm a soldier that is deployed and i came to your team with several questions due to lack of me ordering to a apo and your team helped me figure things out so i get my order. they have went above and beyond. I will be sure to recommend your site for time to come, knowing that you go the extra mile for service men and women i can put my name on the line when i recommend you to my fellow soldiers. Thanks again this is not forgotten.


Pedro says:

Hey Guys just wanted to remind you again of the awsome job you guys are doing. You're making great suggestions when I have asked and I have put it to the test at the gym. Nothing says more than when other people make comments on your progress. So thanks guys for helping me with the progress I'm making. Shipping is ridiculously fast. I ordered my supps. yesterday at 12 noon and I got them this morning after coming back from my training at 8:40A, WOW! Keep it up, Awsome job, I keep speading the word about you guys because you deserve it!



Ali says:

Im truly thankful for the service i have recieved from muscle and strength, the person i spoke to was very courteous and not to mention muscle and strength is alot more pocket friendly than other retailers, I am definitely sold to muscle and strength. Also look forward to get a lots of recommendations from kissimmee/orlando area, because i will be spreading a good word.



Glen says:

Hi!I've been a long time customer of xxxx.com but I decided to give your company a try from which to order my regular bodybuilding supplements.I've noticed that you have competitive prices in your products and interesting coupons and discounts.

I'm looking forward to getting my regular orders from your company once I've proven that you are better than xxxx.com in terms of discounts, excellent and fast customer service, and exciting free deals like your free magazine and FREE SAMPLES which I regularly gets from xxxx.com whenever I orders from them.

Thank you and more power to your company!


Paul Miller says:

That was the fastest delivery I have ever gotten. 2 days it was at my front door. I have been ordering products off the web for 20 years and you guys are the best by far. I will always order from you. You have my business forever and that will be alot because I order alot of supplements in the years. Again just want to say thanks for the quickness of the order. Paul Miller.


Travis says:

Hello, I was just goin to give you all a shout at M&S. I have made my first order and was very satisfied with how fast the order made it to the door. Thank you all very much for the timely and cost efficient products, i will let all my friends and family know where to go for great service.


Josh says:

Thank you for all you guys do!!! i love your store, site, support, information and forum. I have not become an active forum member but have read hundreds of posts. Everyone who contributes ROCK. Keep up the great work.

There are lots of websites that offer various ideas, facts and opinions about fitness. They are all good at offering help. Many have great prices for various supplements. I feel there is a significant difference at muscle and strength. Its seems there are core values to healthy lifestyles. There is a sense of warmth and sincerity in everyone who contributes to provide real quality help. Opinions can be backed up with fact as to the best ways to healthy living.

I have learned so much. The information and knowledge is worth its weight in gold. The changes I have made in my life are priceless.

Thank you again for all your help, Josh


Greg says:

I just want to say that I'm very satisfied with my order. I like what you guys are doing at muscleandstrength.com. You guys have the cheapest prices and I don't regret buying from you over ******* at all. You guys gave me 4 packets of some sample stuff and everyone loves samples, even though I didn't need them, it's awesome to get samples of flavors I haven't tried yet.

Just want you to know what I'll only order from you guys. Please make sure this message gets to some superior.



David Grier says:

"Hey Guys...

Just wanted to drop you a quick line and remind you that "YOU GUYS ROCK!", just in case you forgot...

since stumbling upon your site a few months ago while looking for a product I couldn't find at my then current supplier, I've been nothing but pleased and impressed with your service...

from your vast selection to you timely customer service and order tracking... my orders have never failed to be at my door 2 days after placing my order... that's incredible!

I now get all my products from you guys exclusivley... and always will... please never leave the internet!!!

Merry Christmas to all you guys and have a BLESSED HOL"Y"DAY Season!!!"


Jeff King says:

"Dear Muscle and Strength:

Just wanted to take a moment and say thanks for the help and support you provided with my order. The products I ordered have been great. As a 39 year old "has been" that has weightlifted for 23 years, I can tell you that your products have helped rekindle some of the intensity I once knew. I also wanted to thank you for the complimentary drink mug and magazine. Youre generosity is greatly appreciated.

In closing, I would also like to let you know how impressed I am with your website. It is very easy to navigate and the information, stories, routines, and data you provide have been incredibly useful.

Thanks again for breathing some life back into these "old" bones.

Best regards,


Brent Rippke says:

"Hi my name is Brent Rippke, i just wanted to say i have been buying supplements online for years now, and tried many companys to buy through.I must tell you, Muscle&Strength buy far is the BEST i have order from period! Fastest shipping i have ever seen,great selection,great prices,its just the best!!So i just wanted to say Thank You for your wonderful online site,i will pass this on to all my friends as they to can experience your site and its top services. Again Thank You Brent Rippke"


Graeme McKillop from Ontario, Canada says:

"Just got my order this Sunday, only took 5 business days to ship to Canada, compared to another time when I ordered from another store and it took 13 days.. This was a very reasonable time frame. The duty fees on my 5 jars of animal pak and 2 jars of animal cuts was only 13$ CA at the door.. also very low. This site has a very easy to use store with a link to it on the home page, including sub categories for product selection based on specific goals. With every order, you recieve two free samples that can be selected at random or you can ask for specific samples. In total, ordering from www.muscleandstrength.com saved me a total of $130, even after the canadian-american currency exchange, shipping, AND duty fees.. this site has the lowest price for all supplements I have ever found and I will DEFINATLY be a customer again."


Jennifer Says:


I appreciate you guys catching this mistake and fixing it before I even had a chance to notice my original shipment was incorrect. Great customer service is hard to come by and I would say this is great customer service. Everyone makes mistakes but you quickly addressed and admitted your mistake and fixed it with no hassle or headache on my end.

Many Thanks,


Robert Taylor from Spartenburg SC says:

"To whom it may concern:

Hello, my name it Robert Taylor and i recently made an order with your company. I am writing to say thank you. It was a pleasure to do business with such a friendly staff. During the ordering process I made a mistake. Your super friendly customer service staff was very willing to help. My order was also processed and shipped very fast. Again I would like to say THANK YOU.

Robert Taylor"


Jason says:

I just wanted to let you know, I was very pleased with my order. I received it very fast and that is what I have been looking for from ordering online. I also like the website and forums, keep up the great work and thank you!


WyonIAN from Ohio says:

"Dear Muscle & Strength,

I received my first M&S order this morning, and am not only pleased, but impressed! Just paying less than any of the other online sources was good enough for me, but I also got my choice of free sample products, a free magazine, a free shaker, and entry into a drawing! My experience shopping with the M&S store was even a fun learning experience: When I was uncertain about which specific products would work best for my unique body and goals, I found a wealth of information, knowledgeable advice, and community support to make informed and cost-effective purchases. What's more, my shipment went out the same day that it was ordered, and arrived only two days later. I have ordered supplements from multiple online sources, including the huge "discount" sites, but none have matched the ease, security, and service that made my M&S experience so enjoyable.

My sincerest thanks for going the extra mile!"


Brian Duke says:

"Thank you Shawn. To tell you honestly I have never encountered such a great personal customer service in my 2 years of ordering online. Kudos to you and to your company! Thank you very much for the free samples that you have included, it is very much appreciated."


Darin Hanson says:

Once again, I commend M & S for your superior customer service. Always there to take care of my orders! Really appreciate it! Darin


Brian Duke says:

Bentley Joseph from New York says:

"I purchased from your store Tuesday (2 days ago) and I received my order this morning. I thought I might have selected a more expensive shipping option so I called your 800 number to ask - the guy on the phone said "no, that's how quick our shipping normally is."

"I cannot believe how fast you guys shipped my order. Your prices either beat or match all of the other supplement stores I've tried, so you have definitely earned my business from now forward. Thank you and keep up the good work."


Matt from Alabama says:

"I ordered this yesterday ... and it's already on the FedEx truck to be delivered TODAY!! I'm impressed - most places I order from online don't even process the order for a few days, then it takes days to be shipped.

You just earned yourself a repeat customer.



Joe Northern from Texas says:

"The Muscle and Strength store has the best service I have experienced in buying supplements over the last 10yrs. They make it very easy to navigate and order online. All my orders have shipped same day. They are also very competitively price. I would highly recommend the Muscle and Strength Store."


Ashley Tidewell from Alabama:

"I like to buy my Lipo weight loss pills online, I’m too shy to the buy them at the store. The only thing I don’t like about buying things on the internet is the shipping time, some places take 2 or 3 or 4 days to even process my order, then I have to wait another few days for to arrive at my door. Terrible, but not when I placed my order from this site!"

"I ordered my Lipo on the 20th of November from MuscleandStrength.com and I had it around lunch time that Friday, the 21st. That’s crazy, I just selected the normal shipping option!"


Stephen from Washingon:

"Muscle and Strength is breaking new ground in value for money and great service! Shipping was very fast, and I got a free magazine and supplement sample with my order."


Austin Bergqvist from Florida says:

"The muscle and strength store is great! I have ordered from here several times and always recieve my order within 2 days! I have had no problems at all so far, and everything has been smooth and easy. The prices are unbeatable and all orders ship with free samples, I can't see myself giving my supplement money to anyone else."


Mr. Patel from California:

"I've been using the MuscleandStrength.com website to help me for years in the gym. I log online to find new workouts, exercises, etc whenever I need some motivation. I revisited the site just a little while ago and noticed the new store..... I decided to make a purchase. I bought a t-shirt and a beanie with the Muscleandstrength logo on it, it looks great in the gym, now I just need to fill it out with muscles ;)"


Travis Reeve from New Jersey says:

"Muscle and Strength is where you want to be if you're looking for bodybuilding supplies. Their product line is forever expanding and with prices so competitive, it's hard to say no. All products have comprehensive descriptions to ensure you're buying the right product for you. Even if there are questions about products, there is a large community of people on the Muscle and Strength Forum willing to help anyone and everyone with any problems or concerns they may have. Placing an order is easy, and with next day shipping you'll have your product(s) in two to three business days. It's hard to best the hospitality and personal touch that Muscle and Strength has to offer."


Robert Mylenic from Nebraska:

"I am HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY! I placed an order for some Superpump250 and SizeON two days ago right after I got paid. I received my order TODAY!!! I wasn’t expecting to see it until at least next week, and not only that, I wasn’t expecting the free samples or shaker! You'll be seeing me again that's for sure"


Sam Baker from South Carolina:

"I have bought supplements from GNC for a while now. I remember I started using them when I joined my friend’s new local gym; GNC had a store right next door. I can’t really remember the price differences on all the different supplements I’ve used throughout the years, but I know of one thing in particular where Muscle and Strength beats GNC prices: Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey. I have been using the stuff for as long as I can remember and have been paying GNC about $60, nearly $70 after taxes for every 5 pound tub I get; compare that to $50 after taxes and shipping on this site."

"I will be using Muscle and Strength for all my future supplement purchases and recommend that you guys do the same. The shipping on my order was only $5.99 and I had my order next day, can’t beat that."


Yolanda Jackson from Florida:

"I bought some Animal Pak for a Christmas gift for my husband. He likes to stock up for a few months and it’s so expensive every time he goes to the store. I went online and found your site, paid about $60 less for a 6-month supply, and had my order the next day with basic shipping! Awesome service!!!"


James Haddick from Montana:

"I love NOW products, especially they Dextrose. It's by far some of the cheapest out there right now and very few brick and mortar stores carry it, and only a few do online. Your prices are BAR NONE the cheapest, and shipping only took a few days. GREAT STORE, GREAT PRICES!"


Ayite Thomas from Pennsylvania:

"I’m shocked… I ordered on Monday, I got my package today, and I was called just now (Wednesday) to see if I started taking my supplements and made sure my order arrived alright. Now THAT’s customer service, thank you so very much."


Leon Vlavianos from Arizona:

"To Shawn from the Muscle & Strength support line:

I just wanted to write and say thank you personally for doing a great job in taking care of the extra products I needed added to my order. My experiences with dealing with other online companies in the past has not been great, but I was really impressed at how you took care of everything in a very friendly manner and really made me feel important as a customer. I also appreciate you helping me find information on the supplements I was buying. An all round excellent experience. I will definately be using Muscle and Strength again.

Thank you."

Have shopped at M&S? Send us your feedback