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Your Body Type: Ectomorph, Mesomorph or Endomorph?
Your Body Type - Ectomorph, Mesomorph or Endomorph?
Body type influences how you respond to diet and training. Understand your body type in order to plan your muscle building training and diet program.
Rating: 4.1 (165 votes)
Losing Fat & Cutting, Without Losing Muscle
Losing Fat & Cutting, Without Losing Muscle
The art of cutting, losing body fat without losing muscle mass. Learn how you should eat and train if you want to keep your lean muscle mass and lose that excess fat!
Rating: 4.5 (248 votes)
Forget Steroids: 5 Full Body Workouts For Serious Gains
Forget Steroids: 5 Full Body Workouts For Serious Gains
Long before steroids, men were using full body routines to carve out massive and strong natural physiques. This article presents 5 effective workouts!
Rating: 4.3 (164 votes)
Expand Your Chest Mass With These 5 Exercises
The Top 5 Exercises For Increasing Chest Mass
Increase your chest mass with these potent five exercises: the barbell and dumbbell bench press, explosive push ups, inclined bench press, and decline bench press.
Rating: 2.9 (70 votes)
How to Create a Bodybuilding Diet
How to Create a Bodybuilding Diet
A frequently asked question we get is how to create the correct diet for building muscle. This article teaches you exactly how to do it.
Rating: 4.4 (124 votes)

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Is Training To Failure Necessary For Building Muscle?
Is Training To Failure Necessary For Building Muscle?
A clear divide between those who believe failure is the only way, and those who oppose the idea of failure being the definition of hard work leaves the question: to fail or not to fail?
Rating: 3.7 (6 votes)
Hacking Your Sleep 101
Hacking Your Sleep 101: Nine Tips For Better Gains
Sleep helps you both in and out of the weight room. Learn how to maximize your zzzz's and improve your recovery time, workout performance and muscle growth.
Rating: 4.2 (5 votes)
Don't Get Fat! 25 Nutrition & Exercise Tips
Don't Get Fat This Holiday Season! Here's 25 Holiday Nutrition & Exercise Tips
There's no need to put on unnecessary fat this holidays! This article contains 25 easy nutrition and exercise tips you can implement to make sure you don't put on any unwanted gains!
Rating: 3.5 (4 votes)
4 Moves For A Bigger Bench
To Triceps Hell & Back: 4 Moves For A Bigger Bench
This proven bench-building protocol from Jackson Williams of Raleigh Barbell will have your pressing numbers skyrocketing in no time. 4 moves. Monster numbers. 'Nuff said.
Rating: 4.3 (4 votes)
Train Insane, Improve Your Gains
Train Insane, Improve Your Gains
These 9 battle tactics aren't easy, but they can help you win the war in the gym. It's time to get raw and crazy with these anything but conservative approaches.
Rating: 3.4 (8 votes)