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Stretching and Flexibility
How many of you stretch? Detailed look at why you should be stretching, when you should stretch and different types of stretching exercises.
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Cedric McMillan's Full Back Workout at the M&S HQ Gym
In this video, Cedric performs his complete back workout and breaks down how & why he feels his back has become one of his strongest attributes on stage.
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Build More Muscle: Don't Do These 5 Time-Wasting Exercises
Spending the time in the gym, but not reaping the benefits? You may be wasting your time with one of these five time wasting exercises.
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An Inside Look At The 60-Minute Workout Myth
Training longer than an hour makes you catabolic, right? Wrong! Find out why cortisol may not be the big bad muscle destroying villain you thought it was.
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How to Develop an Optimal Training Split
Everyone wants to figure out how to create the best muscle building split. Learn how you can do so and train optimally with these simple guidelines.
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Top 10 Bonehead Workout Mistakes
Tom Venuto tells you how to avoid bonehead mistakes, and provides you with 10 kick butt training tips.
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9 Intense Ways to Take Your Workouts to the Next Level
Take your workouts to the next level with these 9 workout intensity techniques. From drop sets to rest pause, we cover everything you need to know!
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8 Ways to Incorporate the Sled into Your Workout
Want to build some serious strength and power? Maybe you should try out sled training! Check out these 8 ways to incorporate the sled into your workouts!
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10 Classic Stereotypes You'll See In Every Gym
It's time for a gym PSA. Please be aware of these 10 classic stereotypes that haunt every gym. Don't let this happen to you - knowing is half the battle!
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Fit man doing preacher curl in the gym
Team Scivation takes you through an intense and effective complete Arms Workout. This 30 Minute Arms Routine could be just right for you!
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[Video] How to Perform Dumbbell Pullovers w/ Victor Martinez
IFBB Legend and Team MHP athlete Victor Martinez breaks down how to properly perform the dumbbell pullover and where you can fit it into your routine.
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The Six Basic Rules of Strength Training for Sports
Follow these basic rules to prevent injury and help you build superior strength. If you're serious about increasing your strength read this first.
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4 Kettlebell Exercises to Build Better Tricep Strength
Got a goal to destroy that bench press PR of yours? Some tricep accessory work will help and these 4 kettlebell tricep exercises are a good place to start!
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Cardio Strategies to Burn a Thousand Calories
Looking to burn more calories, but not sure where to start? Try one of these cardio strategies that are guaranteed to burn thousands of calories!
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Strongman Training: Don't Forget Speed & Agility
Bolster your strongman-style training and enhance your recovery with these specific methods of improving speed, conditioning and agility. Sample program is included.
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Branch Warren's Shoulder Workout at Metroflex Gym
We travel down to Metroflex Gym in Texas to get a shoulder workout with IFBB pro, bodybuilding legend, and GASP athlete, Branch Warren. Check it out!
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 A Look At Overtraining
Alex Stewart presents common training and nutrition mistakes and helps you to maximize your muscle gains and avoid overtraining.
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The Deadlift Might Be Destroying Your Spine
Is the deadlift causing you back pain? You might be destroying your spine with your form. Take these considerations into account when deadlifting!
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10 More Gym Hacks You Need to Know
These 10 little hacks when put to use will give you an edge over most of your fellow gym-goers. Check them out, give them a shot, & start making more gains!
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How To Deadlift Tutorial With Pro Dan Green
In this segment of “Big on the Basics”, Animal has brought Dan to you, allowing the aspiring powerlifter to give an in-depth tutorial on proper deadlifting form for both sumo and conventional style.
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Bodybuilder doing machine flys in the gym
Team Scivation takes you through an intense and effective complete Chest Workout. This 30 Minute Chest Routine could be just right for you!
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3 Back Exercises to Transform Air Lats into a V-Taper (Plus Sample Workout)
If you struggle to build your lat muscles, then we have the perfect article for you. These 3 tips & sample workout can help transform air lats into a V-taper!
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Shirtless muscular man holding barbell overhead.
Do you hit the gym week after week, only to see the same physique? You may just have hit a plateau! Check out these 9 steps to help you kick that plateau to the curb.
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Shawn "Flexatron" Rhoden's Heavy Olympia Prep Leg Workout
In this video, team Prosupps athlete and IFBB Olympia Contender Shawn Rhoden takes us through one of his heavy quad-focused workouts in Santa Barbra
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Boyce’s Choices: 3 Best Exercises for Glutes
Build a better booty for your future #humpday Instagram posts. Lee Boyce provides his top 3 selections to build stronger and more functional glutes!
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9 Tips For A Better Crowded Gym Workout
Busy gym? No problem! Learn how to maximize your training time in a crowded gym and improve your muscle building results with these nine tips from Brad Borland.
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[Video] Victor Martinez’s Shoulder Workout at Muscle & Strength
IFBB Pro and MHP athlete, Victor Martinez, shows us how he's managed to continue to build his shoulders while training around injury prevention.
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Training Principle - Accumulation and Intensification
Mike Westerdal explains the training approach known as controlled overtraining - or pushing yourself to the brink of overtraining.
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EZ Bar Vs Straight Bar Curl: Which is Better For Building Biceps?
BSN athlete Scott Herman breaks down the differences between the EZ Bar Curl and the Straight Bar Curl. Which one should be in your arm workout routine?
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Benching Made Simple: 5 Tweaks That Work Every Time
Want to increase your bench numbers & set new personal records? Check out these 5 technique tweaks that will set you up to exceed all your benching goals!
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"How Long Should I Workout?": Getting Down and Dirty on Duration
Worried that you're training too long and your hormones are suffering? Research reveals the truth about workout duration.
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Bodybuilder explaining diet at a table
Tip # 4 - Marc stresses gym etiquette and asks that you pretty please remove your weights when finished with a machine. You know who you are!
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[Video] How to Perform Leg Extensions w/ Victor Martinez
Bodybuilding legend and MHP athlete, Victor Martinez, breaks down how to properly perform leg extensions. Give some of these tips a try on your next leg day.
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Resistance Training Exercise Variables
Learn how to choose exercises based on your goals and how to tailor these exercises to your body type and goals.
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6 Exercises Beginners Should Focus On in the Gym
There's a lot of misinformation out there on where beginners should start with their training. These 6 basic movements are solid adds to any beginner program!
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Boyce's Choices: Top 3 Exercises for Back
If you've been leaving these 3 exercises out of your workouts, you're missing out on some serious gains. Check out Lee Boyce's top 3 back exercises!
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Pros & Cons Of Home And Gym Training
This article takes a look at the pros and cons of both home and commercial gym training and helps you to determine which workout environment is right for you.
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[Video] Steve Laureus’ Classic Arm Workout
We head back to New York to catch an arm pump with IFBB pro and Classic Physique Competitor, Steve Laureus. Check it out for Steve's full arm workout.
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You Are What You Lift
Dustin Elliott details the impact that steady state cardio has on strength, and talks about the essential aspects of lifting needed for hypertrophy.
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The Science Behind the Drop Set & Muscle Growth
Drop sets are an excellent intensity technique to incorporate into your workouts, especially when you're in a time crunch. Read on to learn about drop sets!
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2 bodybuilders sitting at a high table talking
Tip # 9 - Derek talks rest and recovery. You need to get at least 6-8 hours of sleep every night. You need plenty of sleep to recover so Go to Bed!
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Badass Bodybuilder Boxing: Robert Timms & Jessie Keller's HIIT Circuit
IFBB Pros and Team Gaspari athletes, Robert Timms and Jessie Keller, give us an insight into one of their favorite alternative forms of training - Boxing!
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Strength Training Among Older Adults
While jogging, and other forms of aerobics have always been very popular among older adults, lifting weights and strength training is largely ignored.
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Redefining Strength: How Strong is Strong Enough?
Do you find yourself trying to go heavier and heavier each and every workout just to nail a new PR? Turns out, it might not be necessary. Learn more!
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4 Killer Pushup Variations for Explosive Power
Add variety to a fitness classic with Dustin Myers' 4 Killer Pushup Variations. These superhero inspired plyo pushups will build some serious strength!
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Barbell vs. Dumbbell Shoulder Press: Which Builds More Delt Mass?
Improve your delt training and build a more impressive torso by comparing the most two potent shoulder building exercises: dumbbell overhead press and military press.
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[Video] Regan Grimes’ High Volume Arm Workout at FlexPlex Gym
We join IFBB Pro and Primeval Labs athlete, Regan Grimes, at FlexPlex Muscle and Fitness in London, Ontario for an arm workout. Try out the workout!
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Ask Joe The Pro Vol. 13 - Peaking Diets And Fullbody Workouts
Natural bodybuilder Joe Ohrablo talks about 20 week pre-contest diets, his recent use of a fullbody workout, and how he got into bodybuilding.
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5 Tips for Skin Tight & Sleeve Bursting Bicep Pumps
If you want to grow your biceps, it's going to be extremely beneficial for you to achieve a pump during your bicep workouts. Try out these 5 tips!
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Training Talk: Training Traps with Shoulders or Back?
In this edition of training talk we discuss training the traps on shoulder day vs back day & which day optimizes trap muscle growth. Join the conversation!
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