Fo-Ti information, FAQ and product listing page. This page contains information and frequently asked questions about Fo-Ti as well as a complete list of products containing Fo-Ti.

What is Fo-Ti and what does it do?

Fo-Ti is a crawling vine plant that comes from parts of Southern Asia and China. It’s been used as a traditional method of Chinese medicine for about three thousand years. The plant can grow to a whopping thiry-plus feet in length within a very short time span.

In Chinese medicine, the The Fo-Ti plant is known as He Shou Wo. In Latin, it’s called the polygonum multiflorum and in the United Kingdom, the Fo-Ti plants is known as Fleeceflower.

The name Fo-Ti is simply a brand name, used to sell and distribute He Shou Wo in America. It still is derived from parts of China, Taiwan, and Japan.

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What are the benefits of taking Fo-Ti?

Some anecdotal evidence, coupled with Chinese folklore, has attributed to a lot of the positive health effects that people have claimed to be associated with Fo-Ti. Sometimes uncommon, Western science has actually substantiated some of these claims.

One of these beliefs is that Fo-Ti helps to maintain a healthy sexual life and function. While the mechanisms in your body that it uses to accomplish this are unknown, it may be somehow linked to the rise of red blood cell counts that studies have found in animals. Fo-Ti is also believed to be a source of anti-oxidants, boosting immune system function and red blood cell formation, as well as the maintenance of already normal cholesterol levels.

Additionally, Fo-Ti has shown to contain some protein-sugar containing complexes known as lectins (phospholipids, anthraquinones). And because of it’s laxative properties, it can also be used as treatment for constipation.

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Who can benefit from taking Fo-Ti?

Because of it’s safety profile and the effects it has on the immune system functioning outlined above, everyone can benefit from supplementing with Fo-Ti.

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How much Fo-Ti should I take?

Always strictly adhere to label directions.

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Does Fo-Ti have any side effects?

In some rare cases, users of Fo-Ti can experience a mild case of diarrhea or skin rash.

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