Desiccated Liver

Desiccated liver information, FAQ and product listing page. This page contains information and frequently asked questions about desiccated liver as well as a complete list of products containing desiccated liver at the bottom.

What is desiccated liver and what does it do?

Desiccated liver is extracted from the liver located inside beef cattle. It’s beneficial to humans because it contains a bountiful amount of B vitamins and is a very good natural source of iron and folic acid.

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What are the benefits of taking desiccated liver?

Desiccated liver is a very strong source of iron. Supplementing with too much synthetic iron can possibly result in an overdose – which can possibly lead to death. With natural sources of iron, like desiccated liver, overdose is unlikely. It’s even almost impossible for individuals who consume large quantities of red meat.

The benefit of B vitamins and iron from desiccated liver tables contributes to bone health, the functioning of our immune system, as well as muscle growth and repair.

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Who can benefit from taking desiccated liver?

Healthy adults can benefit from supplementing with desiccated liver. Those that can benefit the most from supplementing desiccated liver may include athletes, bodybuilders, and those who are deficient in folic acid.

Because of its ability to stimulate appetite, desiccated liver may specifically benefit athletes and bodybuilders. Additionally, it supports blood health and can help maintain lean body mass.

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How much desiccated liver should I take?

There is no general amount that can be recommended. You are advised to strictly adhere to label directions at all times.

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Does desiccated liver have any side effects?

There are currently no known side effects.

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