Big you fear the word "diet" Do you have a lot of weight to lose in a short period of time? Fear not! This is a lifestyle for you!

We all know that dieting is difficult. But this diet is relatively easy, especially if you're a big eater. If you need to cut a lot of weight fast, and need an eating plan that is more of a lifestyle, and less of a diet fad, you've stumbled across the right eating plan for you!

Make no bones about it...this plan is for BIG eaters. If you need a large meal at night, but still need to lose weight, read on.

Please note: many will criticize this plan because it involves eating a big meal at night. While their criticism might have some validity, weight loss is still about finding a plan that works for you. If you've failed at losing weight before because of nightly cravings, then consider this diet a necessity and not an option. It's better to lose weight on your own terms, then to mold your fat loss plan to the needs of critics.

Most individuals that lose weight have one thing in common: they developed a plan that worked for them. They didn't follow a fad. If this plan sounds like it will work for you, great! If you hate eating big at night, there are better ways for you to lose fat.

For those that are big nightly eaters, keep in mind that when this "diet" is over, you can add in more daily protein and healthy snacks, and it still remains a lifestyle.

Fasting Phase

During the day, you will eat very little. Try to limit your overall food intake to 300 calories. Eat only protein foods, and low-glycemic fruits and veggies such as strawberries and tomatoes. Good food choices include string cheese, almonds, tomato juice, tuna and chicken, etc.

On the surface, it might appear that you will be weak during the fasting stage. This is far from the truth. In reality, you will start to feel better and more energetic. Given a chance to "relax" from constant digestion, your body will respond in a positive fashion.

Feeding Time

Night time is eating time! Eat instinctively, healthy, and most of big! Try to limit your overall nightly calories to no more then 2,000 to 2,200. Make sure you get at least 60-70 grams of protein, and supplement your diet with a protein powder drink if necessary. Eat plenty of veggies and/or a large salad. It's a good idea to eat your greens first.

You want to make sure you eat enough to satisfy your large appetite. Under-eating at night will just put your brain and body into a dieting mentality, and may lead to the cravings and the urge to cheat.

Eating in this manner will reduce cravings, and allows you to sleep better. No more going to bed hungry.

Post Diet

So what happens when the diet is over, and you've lost the weight? You add more healthy proteins and foods to your daily eating, and continue to eat big at night. Granted, this isn't a classical bodybuilding-style diet, but it is a tremendous way for very obese individuals to cut weight and regain health.