Shut Up And Lift - (Have Fun)

If someone tells you never to use your pet exercises, ignore it. When it comes to lifting and cardio, it's ok to have some fun. Fitness doesn't have to be life or death.

Fun Workouts

This might sound shocking, but I occasionally do things in the gym that make no sense. Yes, you heard me correctly - I allow myself to have some fun.

Nothing drives me more nuts than the word "never." You should never use this exercise, you should never use that set and rep scheme. Never. Never. Never.

Fitness can be fun. Muscle building can be fun. Not everything has to make sense. Not everything has to have a reason. Here's my rule on fun. Write it down, and pass it on.

The first 80% of your workout should make sense. It should have a purpose, and be aligned to help you reach your goals. The last 20% of your workout can consist of fun (pet/favorite) exercises.

These last few minutes in the gym don't have to make sense. As long as they are not going to cause injury, or hinder recovery and set you back.

What are my fun exercises? Power shrugs, upright rows, pinwheel curls, 40 rep one arm dumbbell rows, 20 rep one arm overhead dumbbell presses. Sure, these are decent exercises, but I generally add them in just because I want to perform them. Imagine that. I didn't have a "assistance exercise" slot open, or any other nonsense like that.

"Fun" should also apply to your cardio plan. People often ask me what the best plan is for cardio. I tell them it doesn't really matter, and to have fun.

When it comes to cardio, do whatever you'd like...hiking, bowling, wrestling, country line dancing. Who cares! Life is short.

Any form of movement is good movement. Why not do something you enjoy. Do you really enjoy grinding out hours on a treadmill? I sure don't.

Over the years I have invested time in:

  • Running
  • Roller Blading
  • Dancing (Yes, don't laugh. I was young once)
  • Basketball
  • Bowling
  • Hiking
  • Biking
  • Ping Pong

I never approached these forms of additional exercise with a structure. I never forced myself to do "20 to 30 minutes, 3-4 times per week."

I just

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Posted Tue, 11/12/2013 - 10:29
Alejandro A. Aguilar

This is fantastic. As a beginner and reading ton's of articles I love the heart and fun behind this. Like eating something fun to keep sane workout's should be that way too.

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Posted Tue, 09/03/2013 - 07:58

Fitness can be fun.

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Posted Sun, 06/30/2013 - 19:48
Diamond Howard

Gotta spice up the workouts, especially cardio. Great article!