Max Out: How Frequently Do You Need To Make PR Attempts?

I know you want to! I know you want to! I know you want to! But don't. There is no need to go for frequent PR attempts. Find out how often you should max out.

One Rep MaxI'm not going to pull any punches here, so get ready.

Stop going for a new one rep max each week. It's simply not needed.

I went for my first one rep max attempt after 23 years of training. Why did I wait so long? Because one rep max attempts are simply not a useful tool for building strength or muscle.

For the first several years of training, regardless or your goals, you need a lot of rep work on compound lifts. This will allow you to not only build muscle, which will also help with strength building in the long run, but it will also allow you to work on form.

If you decide after several years that you want to train for powerlifting, you still shouldn't be "maxing out" frequently. Heavy singles, doubles and triples certainly aren't a bad thing, but they do not involve one rep max PR attempts.

Heavy low rep sets help build strength, but here's the problem. Inexperienced lifters will wander into the training log of more advanced strength athletes and see them doing heavy work. Without an understanding of what is taking place, the inexperienced lifter will head off to the gym full of motivation and start trying to hit new PRs.

If this sounds like something you've done, then understand I am not trying to make you feel bad. We've all made this mistake.

Don't spend your time chasing new one rep maxes. Limit strength one rep max training has little reward, and a lot of risk - especially if you are still working on form basics.

Instead of doing this, build up your strength in the 5+ rep range for a while. Save the max attempts for contests, or for yearly or biannually progress tests.

You build your max by getting stronger. You don't train using your max to get stronger.

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Posted Fri, 02/08/2013 - 06:27
rishiraj chakraborty

sir, i m rishiraj..25yrs old. my bodyweight is 123 pound, height is 5ft 6inch...last 6yrs i have done basic bodybuildingi trainning split..but i want to gain body weight and power... i can lift in....bench press: 165 pound.... deadlift:209pound... full squat: 154pound....overhead shoulder press: 110pound...
sugest me tranning split for bulk and power...