Renew Your Motivation And Take Steps For A Better Body

Don't wait until 2014 to renew your commitment to health, fitness and/or weight loss. Brad Borland provides you with 5 guidelines to renew your motivation today.

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By now many New Year’s “resolutionists” have staggered, stumbled and fumbled a bit since that inspired commitment was triggered just a few months ago. Some, okay maybe many, have given up completely on their way to a more muscular, leaner, faster, healthier, sexier specimen.

What happened? Summer is staring at us in the face beckoning us to come over and play but our master plan to rule our own world and finally get to the gym, knock out our intense but brutally effective workouts and stick to that genius diet plan has somehow been derailed.

Maybe you haven’t quit. Maybe you have simply slacked off on your consistency, drive and focus. Whatever the situation, you have every opportunity to step on the gas and level-up your training and nutrition once again! Here are a few guidelines to help with your renewed commitment.

1. Have purpose: What is a journey without the end-goal? You need to have a specific purpose/goal/vision/outcome in order to push you forward, in order to move you ever closer to exactly what you are trying to accomplish. This will be your fuel to get you through those tough days or weeks, to push you during workouts and to hold you accountable for your nutrition.

2. Make a plan: Write it out. Yes, write down exactly how you are going to go about reaching that goal. What will the time commitment be? How will you structure your day? How many days per week will you train? What will be the new grocery list? Will you have to limit social activities for a while?

3. Refine the plan: Write out your nutrition and training programs: sets, reps, volume, intensity, cardio training, meals per day, etc. Be specific and make it realistic and attainable.

4. How will you measure: Put in place a system of measure so you can track progress. Don’t just blindly start a new program without knowing if it’s effective or not four to six weeks from now. Is it bodyweight? Tape measure? Body fat? Keep track so you can make adjustments along the way if necessary.

5. Prepare for damage control: Some days you may get off track or give in to temptation due to unexpected changes in your schedule, work stress or any other type of unforeseen circumstance. Have a “contingency plan” in place when this happens so you can refocus, power through the challenge and continue on your path.

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