Get In Shape For Summer: Wipe The Slate Clean With A New Program

Don't be an unthinking cog. Listen to your body and fasten a training program that will truly be beneficial. Answer these questions to get pointed in the right direction.

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With a new sense of direction/focus (see last blog) you should be fired up to start planning out the next phase of attack – your training program. Try not to do what so many blindly follow every single day, week, month and year. Don’t be a robotic, unthinking cog.

Sit down and realistically think about what you – YES YOU – need to do to get to your goal(s). What steps need to be taken? What does a successful program look like? Can you look at things in an unbiased perspective so that you can get to work – real work?

There is no one, perfect routine for everyone. You’ve read that line countless times, I am sure, but do you truly believe it? Do you honestly listen to your own body, behaviors and weaknesses?

I normally will ask others a series of questions so as to get a semblance of a structure together and start the process of developing their very own personalized program. Only you can answer these questions and find out what you are capable of once you have your goals set and are ready to go! Physically write these questions down and answer them…

  1. Will you require a gym, at-home equipment or a combination of both?
  2. How often can you realistically get to the gym/workout?
  3. How long each day can you dedicate to training?
  4. Will you be training in the morning or in the evening?
  5. Will you require free weights, machines, body weight moves, etc.?
  6. How much weight training, cardiovascular training, etc. is required?
  7. Are there any other special requirements needed?

Once you start answering these questions (in relation to your goals) you will quickly find out what you need to do and what steps are needed to get there. Only you can give the answers but you can always ask for advice from others regarding new and effective training strategies that you may have never heard of before or to teach you certain modes of training unfamiliar to you.

Afterwards, review your answers. Do they match your goals or do they just feed into your strengths and ego? Are you on your way to building a roadmap to success or are you simply copying what the big guy is doing in the gym next to you?

Be realistic. Start with a clean slate and move forward with a specific plan of action that finally gets results!

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Posted Wed, 07/17/2013 - 17:36

I just turned 56 and am looking to add more muscle to my lean frame. I consider myself in above average shape. I've completed the p90x program three times and use the Insanity program for my cardio. I have just about everything I need for my workouts (bench, plates, dumbbells, bands, pull up bars. I want to add more muscle and bulk up some. I'm 5'-11", 170 pounds am looking for a new program (including nutrition) that will help me reach my goals. Thanks