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No Profile Pic
Posted Tue, 11/26/2013 - 15:18

Hello Steve,

Hope you can help me with this.
I am 16 years old, 175CM, 58KG

I want to start getting stronger, I am really weak at this moment and really skinny. Would you think it would be good to start lifting right away? or would I go into some-kind of preparation routines? For example: some are telling me just play sports, some telling me lift right away, some telling me to do body-weight routines....etc

I would really appreiciate if you would give me some tips about that also some tips about the nutrition.

No Profile Pic
Posted Sun, 11/17/2013 - 09:19
Rios Francisco

Hello steve a question, I just finished a 4-month diet results - 12 kg and 7% body fat, I'm 49 years 1.68 rather kind mesomorph, I would gain weight but clean, which is in you the% macro should I use in protein, carbohydrates and lipids in relation to your computers my BMR would be at 2780 calories, I'm a little lost in the% distribution, I read that 35% protein, 40 % Carbs, and 25% fat was an ideal distribution, what do you think? Can you help me on this, thank you again for your areticles tip top,

No Profile Pic
Posted Mon, 11/11/2013 - 22:08

Hi I love all yours advice. Thank u somuch

No Profile Pic
Posted Sun, 11/10/2013 - 11:03

I am 50 years old. I started working out after a 17 year gap. I started training from April-2013 and have restriected myself to the following six exercises Leg Press / Bench Press / Deadlift / Bent Over Rows / Military Press. I was told by a trainer in the GYm that these five exercises are adequate for basic strength. What is your view on this.

No Profile Pic
Posted Thu, 11/07/2013 - 21:25

Hey Steve,
3 weeks ago I started your Brutality workout. I plan on keeping this as my template for years to come. However I noticed it is a squat and Deadlift oriented workout. I really want to get mass gains for my chest as well. Seeing as how I am 6'3 195ibs and cant bench my body weight I really want to focus that. do you think the chest workout in brutality will suffice for my needs or should I switch the bench press to your Super 8 template?
135 x 8 reps
185 x 8 reps
225 x 8 reps
275 x 8 reps
315 x 8 reps
Any other Ideas for me?

No Profile Pic
Posted Thu, 11/07/2013 - 21:24

Hi steve im just hoping your still active on this, im almost 16 190 lbs about 6'1 and not very muscular. Im doing what i can to get stronger and better body composition but im not having very good results. I lift 5 days a week working everything 2x per week. I take cellmass and syntha 6 and am currently cycling off a regular monohydrate creatine. Is there anything I could do to get better results? Im spent (tired). Everytime i leave the gym so hardwork isn't the issue i just cant figure out what is

No Profile Pic
Posted Fri, 11/01/2013 - 20:59

Hi Steve,
I just recently found out by a physical therapist that I have "a Bulging Disk", hence having back pain for six months. Had to cut back drastically on my training and gained weight , approx 13 pounds. Question: how can I start training intensely again without aggravating the disk, how to keep weight down, and how long does it take for this issue to heal? Am trying everything and I am a novice to this sport, but trying to compete for figure next year. I am in dire need . Thank you !

No Profile Pic
Posted Thu, 10/31/2013 - 14:17
Andrew in Maine

Hello Steve.

First, I would like to thank you for all of your efforts. As someone relatively new to weight training, it really pleased me to find someone with your passion, knowledge and intelligence working so hard to funnel so much good information to me. I waded through a sewer of weightlifting "bro science" to get to you. That said, I am hoping you can give me some additional guidance.

I am 33 years old and overweight, currently at 290 lbs. I have been lifting for 7 months now, mostly using a 3 day split routine that, knowing what I know now, wasn't all that great. It was better than nothing, however, and I have gotten a lot stronger and dropped about 30 lbs. My goals are to become fit, strong and lose my excess fat. Solid gains have been made on all 3 of those objectives.

After finding your site I decided to switch to your beginner 5x5 full body workout two weeks ago and I love it. I am officially "addicted" to weights at this point, but have some concerns about my overall approach. I plan on sticking with your 5x5 for the next half year or so. I have also been eating like a horse (good food, not junk) since I started incorporating the big 3 power lifts into my workouts. I have gained 8 lbs of weight in the last 2 months but my body continues to change shape for the better, my pants keep getting looser and I continue to gain strength quickly (Bench pressing 135 was a struggle 3 months ago, now I am doing 200 on my working sets of 5).

My question to you is: Should I expect that trend to continue? I believe I am a mesomorph and, in hindsight, it is amazing that I was not heavier than I was, considering what I put my body through while acquiring my prodigious gut. I love being able to eat so much, I love the gains in strength I am getting and I am genuinely amazed that I continue to burn fat somehow. I want to keep doing exactly what I am doing now because it feels great.

I just want to know if I am headed for trouble if I continue to train (and eat) for power. Would I be better off focusing on losing the weight first and then shifting back to a bulking routine? Am I kidding myself that I can continue to out-train my belly with a 5x5 workout, tons of lean protein and a little bit of cardio mixed in on the off-days? Have you ever seen a 320 lb person in abysmal shape take my approach to fitness and succeed long-term?

Thanks for taking the time to read my comment.

Best regards,

Andrew in Maine

No Profile Pic
Posted Tue, 10/22/2013 - 19:17

Hey Steve,

So I have never really worked out much before and I am trying to build some mass (I am currently 5'10" and 170). I am trying to walk onto the UT football team and I am not sure if the workout I am doing is right. I am wanting to get to at least 190. I am doing the off-season football workout here on the sight. I am only in my first week of it and I am just wondering if you have any suggestions on top of these workouts that I should consider. On top of this I am doing cone drills so I am not looking to get ripped.

No Profile Pic
Posted Sun, 10/20/2013 - 08:51

hi steve i rar across your web site while researching creatine & beta alanine.i am 52 yrs. old and still enjoy weight training. if possible i would like a good strength-bodybuilding routine and nutrtion /suplemention regiment. i have red mike mentzer's stuff also. i think he was very inteligert, but his 1 set routine did not work for me. any advice will be apperaciated.

No Profile Pic
Posted Fri, 10/18/2013 - 13:34

Please explain me about power sets?

No Profile Pic
Posted Tue, 10/15/2013 - 10:54

Hi Setve,

I'm 40YO 6'2 and 176 pounds. I've been training for a couple of years now and I'm happy with my results, but I've definitely hit a plato on my muscle growth. I always do: chest/triceps, back/biceps, legs, shoulders, that's it, 4 workouts a week and different exercises each time, for example 3 exercises for chest 3 sets of 10 reps each. Do you think a GVT will shock my muscles even if I keep doing push, pull and legs as you suggest? Should I try back/chest, arms, legs? Your comments are highly appreciated.

No Profile Pic
Posted Mon, 10/14/2013 - 15:20
Larry Chmiel

Hi Steve,
Thanks for your article on Do You Need Cardio to Lose Fat it made me look at cardio a different way. Wasn't able to do long cardio anyway, boring.
From your articles I know that Diet is most important for losing fat.
But I would like your advice on weight training. I am not your average healthy 20 or 30 year old.
When I was younger, alot younger I had a decent physique, 6'2" 220 pounds almost 17" arms with a 48" chest and 35" waist.
Now I am 270 pounds with a 48" gut and no waist to be measured. In addition, I had triple bypass surgery in 2008 and have an implanted pacemaker/defribulator. With the implanted P/D my cardiologist said go ahead and weight train but no overhead presses, no bench presses, and no chin-ups as he doesn't want the leads from the P/D to the heart stressed.
I would like to get back to 220 pounds and a 40" waist or less would be great. I am not interested in big muscles and probably couldn't get them because I am 70 years old.
What king of weight training, cardio, and diet approach would you do If you were me. I would run your advice pass my cardiologist. Incorporating your advice would also be of my own choosing.
Thank you!

No Profile Pic
Posted Sun, 10/13/2013 - 11:20
joshua nicholson

Hey there had a question for you. Ive been training on and for 3 years now because it seems like I will get 6-8months of training in start getting good results and adding weight to my workouts and one of my shoulders will start giving me problems. They alternate to. I have trained myself to use good form on bench, squats, and dead lift I just cant figure it out any advice is much appreciated.

No Profile Pic
Posted Thu, 10/10/2013 - 16:46

hey Steve, I want to get into bodybuilding and I wanted to ask you some questions because you seem most knowledgeable about lifting. I'm 17 and have been doing cross fit for awhile. I want to get big and cross fit doesn't really build muscle like I want. I've been doing the beginner reg park workout and wanted to ask you if its best to get strong before getting into a bodybuilding split routine. I like the full body approach but I don't get muscle fatigue from it like I feel I should I stay with the full body workout but up the reps or switch to a split routine?

No Profile Pic
Posted Wed, 10/02/2013 - 10:33

hi steave sir. my age is 19, my weight is 81 and my bodytype is endomorph. so plz help me..... which workout n supplements are best for me. I love your articles... please reply..

No Profile Pic
Posted Tue, 09/24/2013 - 15:01

please sir give me some tips for increase my hight..please

Steven's picture
Posted Sat, 10/26/2013 - 02:34

Hi Dev,

Sorry, there is nothing you can do to increase your height.

No Profile Pic
Posted Mon, 10/28/2013 - 13:31

Hi Steve,
I am beginner to body building (74kg weight, age 31) .Daily I am having 7 egg white , fruits and normal diet. The below are my workout routine Please suggest me if u want me to change anything .
DAY 1 – Monday
1. Dumbbell Bench Press / Push up- 3 x Max
2. Flat bench bar bell press
3. Incline dumbbell press
1. Seated Dumbbell Press
2. Dumbell side lateral raise
3. Arnold press
1. Close grip bench press
2. Cable press down
3. Dum bell Kick back

DAY 2 – Wednesday
1. Leg Extension
2. Barbell Squats or Hack Squats
3. Lying leg curl
1. Decline bench sit ups - 4 x Max
2. Crunches - 4 x Max
3. Reverse Decline bench Crunches - 4 x Max
1. Dumbell side bends
2. Plated Russian Twist
3. Barbell Twist - 3 x 25

DAY 3 – Friday
1. Chin ups - 3 x Max
2. One arm dumb bell row
3. Close Grip Seated Row

1. Prechur curl dumbells / machine
2. Bar bell curl or Dumbell curl
3. Concentration curl

Fore Arms:
1. Dumbell Hammer Curl
2. Front Wrist barbell curl / Reverse Wrist barbell cur

Note : all are 3 sets : 12 - 10 - 8 reps (each set I used to increase weight).

Please advice me if u want me to change the workouts or reps

No Profile Pic
Posted Tue, 09/24/2013 - 07:59
Syed Sharif

Hey Steve,
I'm trying to get strong and build muscle, I want my muscles to be defined but I do not want to compromise strength. I've been on different workout plan for about 1 month and a half. I see a significant strength increase, however I don't see significant results with my muscles and my body... What can I do? Is this the right workout for me.

No Profile Pic
Posted Mon, 09/23/2013 - 15:15

Whats the best way to build muscle with only a barbell and dumbells.

No Profile Pic
Posted Mon, 09/23/2013 - 01:22
Chris B

Hey Steve just started Brutality two weeks ago. Already feeling a lot stronger and the work to rest ratio on the days is great. I am having a "good soreness" rather than the debilitating limping soreness that I have experienced in the past with other programs. Just wanted to say thank you because I had been searching high and low for a program to implement now that I'm at college and want to retain and increase my progress from wrestling and lifting in high school.

No Profile Pic
Posted Sun, 09/22/2013 - 18:30

Hi how are a you? I need a 4 day muscle routine workout. Which one you recommend me?

No Profile Pic
Posted Sun, 09/22/2013 - 15:53

Hey, Steve!

My main issue about gaining muscles is the nutrition part, my metabolism is too fast and I don't know how to fight it. Could you please provide me with a diet rich in proteins and calories to face it? Or what would your recommendation for me, in order to gain some muscles?

No Profile Pic
Posted Wed, 09/18/2013 - 21:25
adam gartland

Hey steve my name is adam. I've been working out for a year now. Granted I haved gained muscle and I've gotten stronger. But the problem is I think I've hit a wall. I started going everyday and my body got used to it. Then I started going just every other day to recover. I can incline press 225 same on flat bench. I can curl 115. And leg press 315. The problem is I don't think I'm gaining muscle. I'm gaining strength just not muscle. Think you could give me some tips on what you think I need to do?

No Profile Pic
Posted Wed, 09/18/2013 - 14:49
luke marino

Hey Steve just had a quick question for u. im 15 years old and have been lifting for about 8 months now i go to the gym 6 days week and am pretty consistent with it. Through these 8 months i dont think i have gotten strong enough for the amount i work out and i was wondering if it was normal. when i started i benched about 145 and now i am up to 175. I weigh 150 and am 5'10. (and to make myself more clear the bench was just an example on gain not trying to say all i do is chest) I was just was wondering if this is normal or am i doing something wrong or is my diet mabie wrong. Ty in advance

No Profile Pic
Posted Thu, 09/05/2013 - 04:52

Hello Steve, great articles

I am in desperate need of your professional advice

To keep it short, how can I maintain squats and deadlifts while I'm recovering from a serious disc bulge. (Or even after recovery as you know discs never fully recover) Doctors told me not to lift such lifts again and that one more "heavy weight" and I'll need surgery.

Please assist bodybuilding is my life and I feel paralyzed without these two compound exercises.

Regards from Egypt

No Profile Pic
Posted Wed, 09/04/2013 - 07:24

Hey mate, thanx for all the tips so far, love your work.

Long story short, I've only been increasing my diet now for over a month, smaller portions throughout the day, loads of Tuna, Chicken Breasts and Shakes (Evox 5XL Formidable Mass, South African) etc, no gym yet but bought my first bench today with a few weights. I weigh an embarrassing 66.9 to 69 kgs on and off. (That’s about 147.48 lbs). I'm not sure if I'm supposed to have picked up weight by now but I'm not giving up.

So what I need to ask is if you have a program on the site for a complete body workout using only the bench, a bar and dumbbells? I've seen your post using just dumbbells, but now I have a bench so I can use that too. Any advice and/or tips would be great.

Thank you in advance.
Reynardt from South Africa.

No Profile Pic
Posted Mon, 09/02/2013 - 18:34
Michael Robinson

What's good Steve. I am currently a overnight rep at a gym. I am looking for a total body workout to do while at the gym. It is pretty dead for long portions of the evening and early morning so this really is the best time for me to workout all day. I am a former college athlete so working out is not new to me. And I get an hour of cardio already. I am looking for muscle gain ideally as I have went from 242 to 213 in 4 months with my current cardio of 1 hour walks 4 times a week and change in diet. I don't have an ideal weight but I know what want some definition and cut as well as some muscle gain. I am currently dealing with a slight labrum tear in my left shoulder which prevents some movement (bench press and related exercises). Can you help me out with a recommended workout? Thanks Steve.

No Profile Pic
Posted Thu, 08/29/2013 - 22:44

Hey, i'm currently using the "Ex-hard gainer" work out and I want to add something to the weekends becuse those are two whole days that I don't do anything and I have a really fast metablosim so wheb I start back up on mondays I feel all week and unproductive. So what do you think I could add the the weekends as a workout for legs and arms that won't reallt matter when I start up on mondays?

No Profile Pic
Posted Wed, 08/28/2013 - 04:01
shane paterson

I want to get into shape and be stronger. i have never lifted before can you give me a beginners routine to start with. thanks

No Profile Pic
Posted Sun, 08/25/2013 - 14:25

Hi Steve. Im curently using Shaun's 3 Day Muscle Building Split Workout and i was wondering if i could change the days so i train tuesday, thursday and saturday and if its possible to start with back and triceps on tuesday and chest on saturday? Thanks

No Profile Pic
Posted Fri, 08/23/2013 - 20:37
Johnny Fraser

Hi Steve,
Can u give me a workout routine that would help me build muscle.

No Profile Pic
Posted Tue, 08/20/2013 - 18:09

Hi Steve,

I was wondering what the genetic max for an average guys arms would be?
As well, I was wondering how other big body parts would get. Such as chest, thighs, and calves?

No Profile Pic
Posted Mon, 08/19/2013 - 21:09
Rice Rerun

Hello Steve,

I was wondering if the number exercises per body part mattered. For example, having only barbell curls for biceps, instead of having barbell curls, dumbell curls, and preacher curls?

I understand that having only one exercise per body part greatly limits the volume, but can it still built fully developed body parts, such as large arms?

I understand the merits of multiple exercises per body part, but does it outweigh the merits of working a muscle frequently?

Thank you,

No Profile Pic
Posted Sat, 08/17/2013 - 12:22
Chris Cooper

Hey Steve I've had great success using the 4 day muscle burn routine. Here lately though I've had some issues with panic/anxiety attacks half way through the routines. Have you ever heard of anyone having this issue? I've had all kinds of tests run on me and physiologically I'm fine but it feels like i could pass out at any moment when they come on. This workout has helped me in more ways than I can type and if I could I'd buy you a cold one. Thanks!!

No Profile Pic
Posted Wed, 08/14/2013 - 21:56
Jake Wetzel

Hey Steve,
I had recently read an article that stated using knee wraps when training for strength can actually be bad for the knees. They mentioned that because of the extra fabric behind the knee changes your squat form and can put your knees in a position to get hurt, but I always see bodybuilders using wraps and lifting heavy. And would it matter on the leg press as much or at all?

No Profile Pic
Posted Wed, 08/14/2013 - 17:25

hi steve!
i've been training for 1 year and a half now, and i got huge improvements so far but i feel like ive hit a plateau now im not growing anymore yet i see a lot to do still. u should know that im a hardgainer : 186cm , 80 kgs. my strongest parts are my shoudlers and my chest and my weakest are my arms : 14.5 inches. my goal is to put on some mass specially in my arms (aiming to get to 16inches) but that keeps on seeming impossible.. im gonna follow your : 4 Day Maximum Mass Workout. but i need to know what supplements should i take .
your help would be precious champ.

No Profile Pic
Posted Wed, 08/14/2013 - 17:21
Sam Harris

Hey there Steve. Was just wondering if I could get a bit of advicr on some excercises. I'm an 18 year old male, I use to be a fat 110kg 14 year old. I have lost a lot of weight, I'm now 70kg (maybe slightly less) with a nice, small amount of muscle definition. I've been aiming at weight loss and have got there, very very close to where I want to be. Then I'll be aiming at slapping on as much lean, hard mass as I can. I'm thinking of trying Shotgun Supplements "Shotgun mass" and "Shotgun creatine". But even with the amount of knowledge I have with my workouts, what basic plan would you recommend for a weekly plan? If that's not too much to ask.

No Profile Pic
Posted Sat, 08/10/2013 - 05:46
Sourabh Agarwal

Hi Steve,

Hope you are doing great. Can you kindly tell me which workout program of yours should I follow? I have 2-3 days per week to workout. My goal is to build muscle and loose stubborn fat.

Await your reply!

Thank You,


No Profile Pic
Posted Sat, 08/10/2013 - 02:02
karl navarra

hi sir im karl, im 18 now about 5 ft 4 weighing 59 kilos im working out since 4 months from now and i dont see any little results and i gain a belly because of eating food to keep my calories up Glad if you could help me with a workout plan and eating plan im a college student i can only workout 3 or 4 times a week only can u help me up?

No Profile Pic
Posted Fri, 08/09/2013 - 08:44
Adam Pearce

Quick question about Power8 workout - I've been doing it for 3-ish months now and am still making great gains on everything except calfs even though the weight has been steadily increasing. Im gonna stick with it but is there anything else I should I do? Thanks

No Profile Pic
Posted Wed, 08/07/2013 - 06:16
Sourabh Agarwal

Dear Steve,

Hope you are doing great ! I had earlier tried your Beginner 60 Day workout program and had achieved great results in that. So Thank YOU very much for that. I had also built on some mass and increased my strength. (It has almost been 6 months since). However, I had not taken any supplements then.

Now, I would like to kindly ask you to suggest me a 3 day Split program I should use next?
My goal is to Build Muscle and Loose Fat.( Which will in turn help me to tone up and be more strong). I look up to your valuable suggestion.

PS: Your's is the only ( 60 day workout) program that I have actually logged and I sure am proud of that.

In anticipation of your kind reply!


Sourabh Agarwal

No Profile Pic
Posted Sat, 08/03/2013 - 14:07

Dear Steve,

I know Rome wasn’t built in one day but I need your advises.
I’m 29 and my height is 179cm.
I started to train again 3 months ago (early May 2013) and dropped my body weight from 88kg to 80kg today but I’m stagnating at this weight (80kg) for almost 3 weeks even though I do provide the same efforts. I barely get rid of this fatty tissue layer I have been carrying for the past 6 years.

In order to better understand my training, here is the detail of a typical day:
5:00 am----------1 cup of Dymatize Elite Whey (with water) + 1 cup of oatmeal with milk + 1 caps of Dymaburn + 1 caps of Fish oil + 1 caps vitamin C 500mg + 1 caps vitamen E 400mg.
5:50 am----------14km bicycle ride to the gym (35min, avg. of 140bpm)
6:30 am----------50min Workout + 2 cups of Dymatize Elite Whey (with water) right after
9:00 am----------1 cup of oatmeal with milk
12:00 am-------- White rice with meat or noodles with meat + 1 egg always + 1 yogurt
4:00 pm---------- Glass of soy milk
6:00 pm----------16km bicycle ride back home (35 to 40min avg. of 150bpm)
8:00 pm---------- White rice or noodles with meat (always as I leave in Asia)
9:30 pm---------- Bed time (avg. of 7h sleep/night)

I perform this routine 4 days a week (Mon-Tue-Thu-Fri)
+ Cycling = avg of 30km/day with bpm ranging from 130 to 160 (70 to 90% of max heart rate) as I need fair accelerations to flow in Bangkok’s mad traffic.

Morning: -Cycling –Chest –Biceps -Abs
Evening: -Cycling

Morning: -Cycling –Shoulders-Triceps-Abs
Evening: -Cycling


Morning: -Cycling –Back -Abs
Evening: -Cycling

Morning: -Cycling –Legs -Abs
Evening: -Cycling

Saturday & Sunday
REST (maybe a ride on some Sunday)

I follow the 4 day power muscle burn routine but only as normal sets and reps, i.e. only muscle (no power or burn).
Do you have any advice? Btw, Saturday is usually my cheat day but nothing crazy and no alcohol.
My goal is to become lean but not too bulky. Square & flat chest with good shoulder proportions.

Thank you in advance for your help!
Best regards,

No Profile Pic
Posted Wed, 07/31/2013 - 19:33
Marwan Aziz

Hey Steve
I'm extremely discouraged right now
I'm 1.81m and weigh 80. I've been working out for about 3 months now and I have nothing to show for it.
I follow Arnold workout routine for 3 months

Now, for the diet.

Breakfast: 1 whole egg , 2 egg whites and a glass of milk skimmed 1.5 fat

Lunch: tun fish

Snack: 26 pc almonds

Other meal: Depends (usually high in protein)... sometimes I don't eat this meal

Dinner: Whatever Mom cooks (examples: brown rice, pasta, turkey burger, chicken sandwiches,

I don't know if I'm eating good


I don't know what the issue is. I get 6-8 hours of sleep each night. It could be carbs or not eating enough calories, I usually have one cheat meal each week. I know it usually takes a while to see results, but I thought I would've seen SOMETHING by now. The thing is I feel healthier, I don't have more endurance for cardio, I can lift more... but my waist is the same. I don't see any physical change.

I'm just so frustrated right now.
I really wanna see my good fit body with abs and all

No Profile Pic
Posted Mon, 07/22/2013 - 22:31
Cliff Woody


I'm getting into strongman competitions. I'm 41 and have been lifting on and off for years. I am 6'3" and weigh 305. I bench 315, deadlift 495, and squat 405. I want to hit the training hard for next spring. Which of your programs do you recommend? Power muscle burn, density and strength, bulldozer. Or would Doggcrapp be a good plan.

No Profile Pic
Posted Mon, 07/22/2013 - 19:52

I am fourteen and 5'6 115 lbs. and I wrestle. What do you suggest I do to gain muscle while not getting fat. I want to get strong while still having endurance for wrestling.

No Profile Pic
Posted Fri, 07/19/2013 - 10:04


i am trying to PM you via the forum but i am not sure how. i have some questions for you. i have been lifting hard now for about 2 years and i just cant seem to get anywhere. i have gotten stronger, but no where near what i would think in 2 years lifting 4 days a week. and i dont see anychanges in my body like definition or anything. i was wondering if you could help me out?? thanks Nick

No Profile Pic
Posted Thu, 07/18/2013 - 17:35

Hé steve,

What's you recommendation for omega 3 supplementation?
How much EPA/DHA should I take?

Thanks in advance and I love your work!

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Posted Thu, 07/18/2013 - 07:00

Steve i absolutely love your take on training.. Due to an accident i have some trouble dialing in the correct amount of training i need, is there a way i could contact you? Thanks in advance and have a great one!