Dr. David Ryan

David is a past Mr. World with extensive coaching experience who hopes to pass on his knowledge. He currently works with the National Strength Coaches Association.
Dr. David Ryan

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About Dr. David Ryan

Co-Medical Chairman Arnold Sports Festival and former teen powerlifting and bodybuilding champion. As a past Mr. World with extensive coaching experience it is my hope to pass on my knowledge. I currently work with the National Strength Coaches Association.


I used to train at the same gym, while preparing to compete in the Teenage Mr. World competition, with the a former champion bodybuilder named Mike Mentzer who was always debating lifting ideas with Franco, Arnold, Robbie Robinson, Frank Zane, Boyer Coe, and Ed Corney.

I won the Teenage, Mr. World when the AAU was the only show in town against Rudy Hermosillo, Sly Stallone's old body guard. I am older than dirt now and lived in Santa Monica for a couple of years and trained at Gold's Gym there.

I was a powerlifter for a long time and worked with Lou Simmons who runs Westside Barbell in Columbus, Ohio and I still show up there from time to time, and still write for their web site: www.elitefitnesssystems.com.

In the 1980's I was on the staff of Ohio State University's Strength and Conditioning Dept. and ran some NFL, NBA, NHL and ECHL Combine camps. I have performed lectures for the National Strength Coaches Association and SWISS organizations along with www.StrengthPro.com who train the coaches of the professional athletes. Early on I worked with Carl Lewis to help him run faster and Joe Green jump farther. They both competed and were the best in the world for a couple of Olympic and Pan American Gold Medals.


  • Co-Medical Director, Arnold Fitness Weekend
  • Cecil Award Winner, National Arthritis Foundation, Training with Arthritis expert
  • Editorial Advisor, Muscle and Fitness Magazine
  • Certified Speed and Agility Coach, StrengthPro.com
  • Former Strength and Conditioning Coach for Ohio State University
  • Former Medical Director, World Power lifting Championships IPA, WPA
  • Former Team Physician for various professional sports teams
  • Former World record holder, AAU Power lifting
  • Former Teenage Mr. World, AAU
  • Former Professional Soccer Player, NASL
  • Former United States Eagle Rugby Team

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