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The Importance of Coaching Yourself on Major Lifts
If you're a weight room regular or just starting out, technique and form should be at the top of your priority list. Check out these 6 ways to coach yourself on your lifts!
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Muscle & Strength Bodybuilding Glossary
The most comprehensive bodybuilding glossary on the web. Includes a huge list of bodybuilding acronyms. This page is always growing so check back!
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Close up of man holding barbell in front rack position.
Phase 2 of the P.B.S. Model, the Build Phase, capitalizes on the groundwork done in the Primer phase and uses it as a launchpad to see radical changes in your physique.
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Dumbbell Pullovers: Why Arnold Loved Them
Now living in the shadow of more popular exercises, the Dumbbell Pullover was one of Arnold's favorites in the gym, and Cory Gregory explains why it should also be one of yours.
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 Aesthetic Training Tips | How to Build a Shredded Chest
In this video, MuscleTech athlete and IFBB Classic Pro Santi Aragon shows you some tips on how to build an aesthetic and shredded chest. Give these a shot!
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7 Joint-Friendly Alternatives to the Deadlift
Do you experience pain and/or discomfort when performing conventional deadlifts? These 7 alternatives and modifications may be exactly what you need!
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10 Simple Rules to Teenage Mass
Teens, it's time to get growing! Brad Borland lays out 10 simple rules that will help you to reach your muscle building goals in no time.
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The Ultimate Guide to Neural Adaptation Training (NAT)
Learn how neural adaptation training can improve your strength, speed, and power all by simply adding eccentric training prior to your main strength lifts.
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10 Things Over 40 Lifters Should Do Differently
There's no denying that working out gets harder as you grow older, but implementing these tips into your daily routine will ease the process.
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Ask Joe The Pro Vol. 9 - The Scoop On MAX-OT Training
How can you make a HIT advocate gag? Is the MAX-OT routine a sensible training approach? Can you gain strength after a severe injury?
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Are You Working Out or Are You Training?
Are you training or are you working out? Yes, there is a huge difference and if you don't understand the difference, you may be missing out on quality gains.
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Implementing Eccentric Training For Muscle Growth
If you’re stalling out or not hitting your goals in the gym, maybe it's time to consider these 5 reasons on why you should implement eccentric training in your routine.
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9 Tips for Building a Shelf-Like Upper Chest
Need help adding muscle to your upper chest? Check out these 9 tips and give the included workout a shot for the ultimate upper chest development!
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5 Advanced Arm Workouts Using Proven Scientific Techniques
Do you have a goal of building big, thick arm muscles? These 5 arm training techniques has the science to back them up. Try the workouts out for yourself!
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Beginner's Guide to Power: 5 Exercises for Explosive Strength
Who said beginner's couldn't train explosively? If you want power, check out this beginner's guide with explosive exercises you should add to your workouts.
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6 Common Warm Up Mistakes You're Still Making
Are you guilty of one of these 6 common workout mistakes? Find out what they are, the appropriate way to fix them, & the perfect warm up regimen to follow!
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Kaatsu Training: A Techinque for Enhanced Muscle Growth
Kaatsu Training has been shown to have positive effects on muscular strength and hypertrophy. Learn how to properly incorporate it into your workouts!
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20 Creative Gym Hacks That You Absolutely Need to Know
The weights never get lighter, but some of these hacks can help you move better, enhance your productivity and improve the quality of your next workout.
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3 Reasons Why You Should Include Kettlebells In Your Workout
What if one piece of equipment could improve your power, strength, and overall conditioning? Learn how kettlebell training can help you reach your goals!
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Training and Exercise for Children and Teenagers - Part 2
This part of the 4 part series looks at physiological responses of teens and children and outlines some guidelines for training for under 16s.
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Built And Lean: Is Diet Really More Important?
It is often said that results boil down to 70, 80 or even 90% diet. Is this true? Eric Brown wants you to focus on putting 100% effort into both your training and eating plan.
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Common Bench Press Mistakes
Beef up your bench press by improving your set up, rep stroke, assistance exercises, warmup protocol, training program and your mental strength.
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3 Ways to Increase Your Bench Press Strength with Vernon Davis
Get some training tips from one of the best tight ends to ever play football! In this video, Vernon Davis talks about how you can improve your bench press!
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Woman doing pushups outside.
Crush your goals with these 3 keys to effective home workouts! Plus, try out a 3 week home workout program and learn how to design your own home workout.
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Do the Barbell Neck Press for Greater Chest Gains!
Learn what the barbell neck press exercise is and how you can use it to boost muscle growth in your chest. Example workouts with the exercise are included.
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A Complete Guide to Using TRX Suspension Training
The TRX Is a unique muscle building tool that is underutilized due to a lot of people not really knowing how to use it. Learn the basics with this article.
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Tricep Trifecta: 3 Power Exercises For Tricep & Bench Strength
Coach Myers has the answer for two weightlifting woes. This workout will get you past your bench press plateaus and leave you with massive triceps!
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Why Do My Joints Hurt? How to Diagnose and Work Around Lifting Injuries
Cranky elbows and creaky knees? Turns out it could be due a variety of issues but first and foremost you need to address biomechanics and programming - here's how.
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Mythbusters: 5 Common Fitness Misconceptions
What works, and what is too good to be true? This article addresses 5 common fitness misconceptions, helping you to separate fact from myth.
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Bodybuilder thinking while sitting on a bench in the gym
You may only bench on Mondays but it's time to consider if you should be benching at all. Listen up bro...
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[Video] How To Build Freakishly Big Calves w/ Steve Kuclo
IFBB Pro and ALLMAX athlete, Steve Kuclo, gives us some tips and exercises that have helped him build some of the best calves in bodybuilding.
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How Chin-Ups/Pull-Ups Can Help Your Bench Press
Stuck in a bench press rut? Beef up this bro-favorite exercise by focusing on heavy chin ups and pull ups.
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The Triple Progression Training Approach
Standard progression focuses on the addition of weight. Triple progression has you adding reps, sets then weight.
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Ripped man sitting with 2 dumbbells in the gym
Brad Borland presents a list of deltoid training dos and don'ts that will help you to improve your shoulder building results. Included are beginner and intermediate workouts.
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How to Use Supersets, Trisets, & Giant Sets for Muscle Growth
In this video, The Hypertrophy Coach (Joe Bennett) explains how you can add supersets, trisets, & giant sets to your workout programs to build more muscle.
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The Primer Phase: Part 1 of the P.B.S. Model
Phase 1 of the P.B.S. model, the Primer Phase, is designed to create the greatest window of opportunity for you to make muscle-building progress long-term.
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Bodyweight Exercises For Size And Strength
Side aside the dumbbells, barbells and machines and build size and strength using this bodyweight workout created by strength coach Mike Mahler.
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How to Build a V-Taper with Sadik Hadzovic
Sadik Hadzovic is known for his V-Taper. But, he doesn't recommend stressing on your midsection. Learn what body parts he does focus on to create his V.
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Strongman Matt Kroc standing in from of tire deadlift
Matt “Kroc” Kroczaleski is a world champion and world record holding powerlifter as well as a national caliber bodybuilder. Today Matt talks about using the tire deadlift to build strength and size!
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Joe Donnelly’s Intense Upper Body Cable Workout
Want to train your entire upper body in one solid & concise workout? This intense & complete upper body cable workout will help you build the body you want!
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Ask Joe The Pro Vol. 7 - What Does It Take To Be A Natural Bodybuilder?
Joe talks about how he build massive pecs, tells you what it takes to be a competitive bodybuilder, and talks about OCD obsessive compulsive eating habits.
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2 fit women working out in the gym
Short on time? MuscleTech athletes Jenna Webb and Melanie Tillbrook designed this quick 30 minute toning routine that works the full body.
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M&S Quick Tip: How to Perform Perfect Dumbbell Flys
Team Nutrex athlete and IFBB Pro, Gerardo Gabriel, shares how you should perform dumbbell flys to maximize the chest contraction and stay injury free.
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8 Tips to Maximize Your Upper Chest Training
Having a well-built upper chest is an important part of having an aesthetic physique. Learn how to maximize your upper chest training with these 8 tips.
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3 Exercises You Should Start Doing to Improve Your Bench Press
If you want to build a stronger base for bigger bench press numbers, then these are the three exercises you should be doing during your bench workouts!
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Push Ups Matter: 3 Ways to Correct & Intensify Your Push Ups
Push ups are arguably the most important exercise one can add to their workout. Learn more about proper push up form & how to incorporate them in workouts.
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Weight Training Exercise Form: Is Using English OK
Is cheating, English and explosivity effective, or are controlled reps best for muscle mass? Find out when it's ok to set strict form aside in this article by L.J. Walker.
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Why You Should Focus on Building Core Strength
If you think a strong core is just a visible six pack, you're missing half the story. Learn how to develop a solid, stable foundation for a stronger body.
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How To Train Young Athletes
Learn how to train athletes in the 10-12 age range for strength via the use of bodyweight exercises, plyometrics and stretching.
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athletic man doing pull ups outside
Don't let a lack of gear keep you from growing a wide, thick back. Check out the top 5 back exercises without equipment and learn how to perform them!
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