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4 Reasons You Can't Squat to Depth
It's important to squat. Still, a lot of people have difficulty squatting to the appropriate depth. If you fall into that category, you should read this!
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The Ultimate Guide to Neural Adaptation Training (NAT)
Learn how neural adaptation training can improve your strength, speed, and power all by simply adding eccentric training prior to your main strength lifts.
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Cardio To Improve Strength, Muscle And Endurance
In this article professional strongman Bud Jeffries tells you how to properly utilize cardio and GPP (general physical preparedness) to improve your gym performance.
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How to Optimize Nutrition & Rest for Muscle Recovery
Just as important as what you do inside the gym is what you do outside of the gym. Check out these tips on how to optimize nutrition and rest for recovery!
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Ask Joe The Pro Vol. 15 - Under The Bar With High Rep Squats!
Mr. NC Joe the Pro is back and telling you to squat! High reps, baby! In this volume Joe also talks about natural gains expectations and his current workout.
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Shirtless fit man doing abdominal work in his living room.
Lacking gym equipment? Don't let that stop you from making gains. These home gym hacks can help you expand your home training options.
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Incorporate Cardio Into Your Training Routine
Set aside traditional cardio and burn some extra calories while you are pumping iron. Kim Brenton shows you how to kick your resistance training workouts up a notch.
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Amanda Latona's Top 3 Exercises For Glute Isolation
In this video team ALLMAX athlete Amanda Latona shares her top three exercises that she believes EVERY Bikini Competitor should do to shape their glutes!
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How To Naturally Increase Your Testosterone
Trainer James Chan helps you to maximize your testosterone levels by presenting some workout and food intake advice that will help raise your low T naturally.
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Hardgainer? Try These 9 Tips for Hardcore Gains!
Logging in hours of effort with minimal results? Being a hardgainer can be disheartening; however, these 9 tips may give you the edge to make hardcore gains!
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Bigger Biceps: 4 Unique Bicep Curls Using a Bench
In this video, Jason Poston shows us four unique bicep curl variations he likes to do when he's looking to build bigger and more defined biceps.
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Increase Squat Strength With These 70 Tips
Take your barbell squat from average to enormous. These seventy tips will help you to improve your training, form, focus and weaknesses. Time to smash new PRs.
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Never Stop Making Gains! Use Micro-Progressions For Non-Stop Growth
Reached your plateau? Considering switching up your entire routine? Not so fast! Use these micro-progressions tips to never stop making gains!
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13 Teen Muscle Building Mistakes
Teens: maximize your muscle building gains by avoiding these 13 common weight training mistakes.
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Is Workout Periodization Necessary For Getting Bigger & Stronger?
Are you lost without pages of workout logs in hand at the gym? By following these guidelines, you can ditch the elaborate programs and still see big results in size and strength.
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[Video] Perfect Pull Ups | 4 Exercises to Help You Perform Pull Ups
Struggle to perform pull ups? Start using these 4 exercises that will help you build the strength needed to perform perfect bodyweight pull ups in no time.
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Principles For Bringing Up Weak Body Parts
Dustin Elliott explains how to bring up a lagging body part by doing away with once a week training, and adding in a second workout.
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Wasted Gains: 3 Reasons Your Workout Program Sucks
These 3 simple reasons are holding you back from accomplishing all of your fitness goals. Learn what they are and alter your workout program accordingly!
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6 Common Warm Up Mistakes You're Still Making
Are you guilty of one of these 6 common workout mistakes? Find out what they are, the appropriate way to fix them, & the perfect warm up regimen to follow!
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Joe Donnelly's Intense Superset Workout
Looking to burn fat and build muscle, all while never stepping foot on the cardio deck? Try out Joe Donnelly's high intensity resistance training!
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Do Elevation Training Masks Actually Work?
Do elevation masks actually work? Find out if the popular fitness trend is backed by science & if they are worth the investment of your hard earned money!
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10 Best Chest Building Exercises of All Time
Build your chest the right way by incorporating any of these exercises into your chest workouts. There's a reason they're considered in the top 10 list.
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An Inside Look At The 60-Minute Workout Myth
Training longer than an hour makes you catabolic, right? Wrong! Find out why cortisol may not be the big bad muscle destroying villain you thought it was.
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Top 10 Bonehead Workout Mistakes
Tom Venuto tells you how to avoid bonehead mistakes, and provides you with 10 kick butt training tips.
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Cardio Strategies to Burn a Thousand Calories
Looking to burn more calories, but not sure where to start? Try one of these cardio strategies that are guaranteed to burn thousands of calories!
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The Deadlift Might Be Destroying Your Spine
Is the deadlift causing you back pain? You might be destroying your spine with your form. Take these considerations into account when deadlifting!
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Boyce’s Choices: 3 Best Exercises for Glutes
Build a better booty for your future #humpday Instagram posts. Lee Boyce provides his top 3 selections to build stronger and more functional glutes!
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"How Long Should I Workout?": Getting Down and Dirty on Duration
Worried that you're training too long and your hormones are suffering? Research reveals the truth about workout duration.
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You Are What You Lift
Dustin Elliott details the impact that steady state cardio has on strength, and talks about the essential aspects of lifting needed for hypertrophy.
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Redefining Strength: How Strong is Strong Enough?
Do you find yourself trying to go heavier and heavier each and every workout just to nail a new PR? Turns out, it might not be necessary. Learn more!
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4 Killer Pushup Variations for Explosive Power
Add variety to a fitness classic with Dustin Myers' 4 Killer Pushup Variations. These superhero inspired plyo pushups will build some serious strength!
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Training and Exercise for Children and Teenagers - Part 1
Part 1 in a 4 part series for children and teenagers. This article is a must read for teens who should understand their body before they start training!
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21 Year Old Bodybuilder Chris Bumstead's Big Arm Workout
MHP athlete Chris Bumstead takes us through one of his mass building arm day routines that he uses to build stage ready biceps and triceps. Check it out!
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Kris Gethin’s Super Effective Interval Workout Strategy
Ramp up your cardiovascular conditioning with Kris Gethin's super effective interval workout strategy. Learn more and use it to crush your goals!
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Are Barbell Squats Dangerous?
Squats are the king of all exercises, but do the risks of performing them outweigh the benefits? If you want to know just how dangerous barbell squats really are, read on!
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Antoine Vaillant flexing in the gym
IFBB Pro, Antoine Vaillant, takes us through one of his off-season mass building shoulder workouts at his gym in Burlington, Ontario, Pure Muscle & Fitness.
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How to Choose the Best Deadlift Variation for Your Goals
In this video, The Hypertrophy Coach Joe Bennett breaks down several variations of the deadlift and how to use them in your hypertrophy workout programs.
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Cut Like Cutler Exercise Videos - Back & Calves
Let Jay Cutler's team of trainers show you how it's done. Each exercise video offers instructions and tips on how to perform the back & calves exercises.
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5 Suspension Training Push Up Variations
Bolster your chest and bench training with these 5 challenging push up variations. Article includes form tips, along with the pros & cons of using a suspension trainer.
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11 Most Important Components of Health & Fitness
When people think about health, the first thing that pops into their heads is strength training. What if we told you that was just 1/11 fitness components?
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5 Unorthodox Ways to Use the Trap Bar for Gains
The trap bar itself is unorthodox and these 5 unorthodox trap bar variations are just what you need to make some serious gains. Read on to learn more!
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6 Exercises To Improve Your Mobility
The pressure to perform mobility work has never been greater. The question is: do you need it? In this feature Paul Carter tells you why these 6 movements might be more beneficial.
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An Interview with Casey Butt, Part 2
Discussion includes exercise selection and the use of compound and isolation lifts, bulking for maximum muscle mass, and daily protein consumption.
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Lessons from Lifters: Finding the Perfect Workout Shoes
Serious lifters need serious equipment. Regular tennis shoes aren't going to cut it if you're looking to push your limits and grow.
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Build a Big Chest: 3 Easy Tips to Maximize Incline Bench Press
Team Allmax athlete Steve Kuclo stops by the Muscle & Strength headquarters to give us 3 quick tips to build a bigger chest using an incline bench.
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Muscular man in white tank top doing bicep curls with a 25 pound dumbbell.
Muscle confusion is dumb. Ditch it for strategic variation and harness the power of adaptive resistance to actually progress towards the gains of your dreams.
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Best Cable Exercises For Chest Isolation
In this video, IFBB Physique Pro and Beast athlete Brandon Hendrickson provides us with some of his favorite cable exercises that isolate the chest.
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Jay Cutler's Training Tips: DB Bench Press
4x Mr. Olympia, Jay Cutler, visited the Muscle & Strength gym to give his fans pointers on certain exercises. Check out how he does dumbbell bench press!
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Optimally Training For Muscle Hypertrophy: A Deeper Dive
Confused by muscle building training systems? Learn the science behind muscle growth, and provides a template for you to maximize gains.
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5 Must Do Exercises If You Want a Stronger Core
To build a strong & functional core, you have to train it with all of it's functionalities in mind. Learn the best 5 exercises that will enable you to do so.
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