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Boyce's Choices: Top 3 Exercises for Hamstring Muscle Development
So many people neglect their hamstrings. Do you fall into this category? Check out Lee Boyce's top 3 exercises for hamstrings and build better, full legs!
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The Triple Progression Training Approach
Standard progression focuses on the addition of weight. Triple progression has you adding reps, sets then weight.
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Cory Gregory doing a heavy deadlift
Using the effective Mix of Methods training approach, MusclePharm's Cory Gregory helps you to build up your back and biceps size and strength while losing fat.
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Strong man doing barbell bench press in the gym
MusclePharm's Cory Gregory gives you 3 great ways to blast through bench press plateaus: board pressing, band press downs, and by improving your elbow tuck.
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The Primer Phase: Part 1 of the P.B.S. Model
Phase 1 of the P.B.S. model, the Primer Phase, is designed to create the greatest window of opportunity for you to make muscle-building progress long-term.
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10 Ways Acupuncture Can Help With Fitness
Top model Anthony Catanzaro and acupuncturist Faith Ying Mao exchange a series of questions and answers to help you better decide if acupuncture is right for you.
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Variable Split Training
Natural bodybuilding champion Sean Sullivan discusses variable split training; an approach that focuses on training each muscle group on its own cycle.
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Top 8 Exercises You're Not Doing (And You Should!)
These 8 exercises don't see the time of day in most lifter's workout routines. Learn which ones they are and why you should incorporate them into yours!
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Close up of lean shirtless man doing chest workout in the gym
In Phase 3 of the P.B.S. model, you'll learn training and nutrition guidelines to help you to retain all of the muscle you’ve built before transitioning to a cut.
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Functional Training: 6 Keys to 360* Power & Strength
A lot of lifters ignore functional training simply because they don't understand its benefits. Learn how functional training can help you achieve your goals.
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Meathead Quiz: Test Your Muscle Building Knowledge
Test your knowledge of training, nutrition and supplementation with this true/false quiz from Elliot Reimers. Do you have a degree in Swole-ology, or failing Gains 101?
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5 Joint Friendly Alternatives to Shoulder Press
Do you experience pain and/or discomfort when doing traditional barbell shoulder press? These 5 alternatives and modifications may be exactly what you need!
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How to Perfect Your Strict Overhead Press
Stalling out on your military press? Join the club. Learn how to troubleshoot your overhead press so you can start putting on more plates.
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[Video] How to Build Big & Thick Triceps w/ Victor Martinez
IFBB Pro and MHP athlete, Victor Martinez shows us 5 different triceps exercise variations he likes to use to add muscle mass to the back of his arm.
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2 Body Transformation Tips For Immediate Results
When you study the body transformation stories contained on M&S, you will find the two keys to great results: precision eating and consistent progression overload.
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Eric Broser's Fiber Damage Fiber Saturation Training Method
Are you willing to embrace stretch marks, purchase a new wardrobe and take up more space? If so, Eric Broser shows you how to grow!
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The Minimalist Guide to Weight Lifting
When it comes to muscle, bigger is better. But what about your training? Learn how to do more with less with this minimalist guide to weight lifting.
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Get Intense! The Basics Of Extended Set Techniques
Jim Brewster helps you to understand key high intensity training techniques including rest-pause training, drop sets, supersets and more!
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3 Ways to Break Through Squat Plateaus
Stuck in a squatting rut? Can't seem to hit that new squat PR? Check out these 3 tips on bursting through your squatting plateaus & accomplish that PR!
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Bodybuilder doing chest flys in the gym
Cory Gregory explains why Arnold loved chest flys, and how performing them properly can help you build a massive chest like Golden-Era Schwarzenegger!
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16 Squat Tips To Improve Form, Strength And Size
It's time to improve your barbell squat form and performance. These 16 tips by mammoth raw squatter Steve Shaw will help you get your squats on track in no time.
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[Video] Chris Bumstead’s Joocy Chest Workout
Chris Bumstead takes us through one of his favorite off-season chest workouts that he does to build a thicker dense chest. Give it a shot for yourself!
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Pump Up Your Chest | Steven Cao's Fuller Chest Workout
In this video, Steven Cao takes us through his chest day workout. Steven likes to focus on hitting the upper chest & pumps a lot of volume into his workout.
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Push Ups Matter: 3 Ways to Correct & Intensify Your Push Ups
Push ups are arguably the most important exercise one can add to their workout. Learn more about proper push up form & how to incorporate them in workouts.
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Am I Strong? Use These Real World Strength Standards
Think that you will never be considered strong? Perhaps you are falling victim to strength standards. See why strength standards are stupid!
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Strong man doing barbell bench press in the gym
Looking for a way to boost your bench press max? Mike Westerdal explains the benefits of training with heavy bench press singles.
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3 Abdominal Lengthening Exercises Ft. Jason Poston
We met up with ProSupps athlete Jason Poston a few weeks back at the Mecca of Bodybuilding. In this video Jason shares his top 3 ab lengthening exercises.
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EMOM Training: Workouts that Maximize Your Gym Time
If you're looking for a new & challenging way to train in the gym, EMOM workouts might be exactly what you are looking for. Read more about this training style!
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4 Triceps Exercises Everyone Should Do
If you want to build big arms, you have to build big triceps. Check out these 4 triceps exercises and learn how to incorporate them in your workouts.
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 Back Workout: Charles Glass Trains Errol Moore at The Mecca
Nutrex athlete and IFBB Pro, Errol Moore, goes through a complete off-season back workout in with his coach, Charles Glass, at Gold's Gym Venice.
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Chris Bumstead's Classic Bodybuilding Chest Workout At The Mecca
What do you do the morning after a 10,000 calorie cheat meal? If you're IFBB Pro Chris Bumstead, you train chest of course...especially if it is a Monday.
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The BEST Way to Warm Up Your Shoulders
In this video, we teamed up with Scott Herman to show you some simple exercises you can do before your big push workouts to help keep you injury-free.
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6 Ways To Challenge Yourself with the Push Up
Push ups are a fundamental movement that anyone can benefit from doing. Make your push ups more challenging with these 6 variations and progressions.
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Joe Donnelly's Intense Superset Workout
Looking to burn fat and build muscle, all while never stepping foot on the cardio deck? Try out Joe Donnelly's high intensity resistance training!
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Squatting And Posterior Tilt: A Look At Butt Wink
What causes butt wink, and is it something to be concerned about? Learn how to improve your squat form and reduce likelihood of injury by minimizing pelvic rotation.
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Do Elevation Training Masks Actually Work?
Do elevation masks actually work? Find out if the popular fitness trend is backed by science & if they are worth the investment of your hard earned money!
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10 Best Chest Building Exercises of All Time
Build your chest the right way by incorporating any of these exercises into your chest workouts. There's a reason they're considered in the top 10 list.
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Cedric McMillan's Full Back Workout at the M&S HQ Gym
In this video, Cedric performs his complete back workout and breaks down how & why he feels his back has become one of his strongest attributes on stage.
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Build More Muscle: Don't Do These 5 Time-Wasting Exercises
Spending the time in the gym, but not reaping the benefits? You may be wasting your time with one of these five time wasting exercises.
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 A Look At Overtraining
Alex Stewart presents common training and nutrition mistakes and helps you to maximize your muscle gains and avoid overtraining.
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How To Deadlift Tutorial With Pro Dan Green
In this segment of “Big on the Basics”, Animal has brought Dan to you, allowing the aspiring powerlifter to give an in-depth tutorial on proper deadlifting form for both sumo and conventional style.
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Shirtless muscular man holding barbell overhead.
Do you hit the gym week after week, only to see the same physique? You may just have hit a plateau! Check out these 9 steps to help you kick that plateau to the curb.
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The Science Behind the Drop Set & Muscle Growth
Drop sets are an excellent intensity technique to incorporate into your workouts, especially when you're in a time crunch. Read on to learn about drop sets!
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Redefining Strength: How Strong is Strong Enough?
Do you find yourself trying to go heavier and heavier each and every workout just to nail a new PR? Turns out, it might not be necessary. Learn more!
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4 Killer Pushup Variations for Explosive Power
Add variety to a fitness classic with Dustin Myers' 4 Killer Pushup Variations. These superhero inspired plyo pushups will build some serious strength!
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4 Golden Rules That Will Keep You Lifting & Healthy for Decades
Make sure you make gainz throughout your whole lifetime by following these 4 golden rules to gym-longevity. Spoiler Alert: You're probably not doing them.
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The Top 5 Exercises For Killer Abs
Build thick and shredded abs with the top 5 abs exercises: bicycle crunches, vertical leg raises, the ab wheel, clothespins and flutter kicks.
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10/20/Life: The Professional’s Guide To Strength
Brian Carroll is not interested in being a guru; he's interested in getting you stronger. Take an inside look into his new best-selling training book 10/20/Life.
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21 Year Old Bodybuilder Chris Bumstead's Big Arm Workout
MHP athlete Chris Bumstead takes us through one of his mass building arm day routines that he uses to build stage ready biceps and triceps. Check it out!
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How to Choose the Best Deadlift Variation for Your Goals
In this video, The Hypertrophy Coach Joe Bennett breaks down several variations of the deadlift and how to use them in your hypertrophy workout programs.
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