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Woman in tank top
NPC Fitness competitor, Trainer and Lifestyle & Conditioning Coach Nichole Ohrablo shows you how to make your own simple fruit and veggie wash.
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What Pro Bodybuilders Eat for Breakfast Pt. 2 w/ Fouad Abiad
FBB Pro and Kaged Muscle athlete, Fouad Abiad, welcomes us back into his kitchen for a part 2 of What Bodybuilders Eat for Breakfast. Check out what he makes!
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3 Things You Can Learn From IIFYMers
Ever since IIFYM has hit the scene, people have showed off their abs and junk food all over the web. Learn the 3 important takeaways from this diet craze.
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The Importance of Frequent Meals
Why you should be eating frequent meals, and why skipping meals is both bad for your health and can get in the way of your muscle and fitness goals.
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2 Nutrition Myths Stealing Your Gains: Debunking the Data
Nutrient timing isn't dead and you probably should stop basing your daily diet on percentages. The latest research shows that you might be causing yourself undue anxiety.
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What Pro Bodybuilders Eat at Restaurants w/ Branch Warren
Branch Warren helps us pilot our first episode of What Pro Bodybuilders Eat at Restaurants. Watch the video to see Branch's massive post-workout order!
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7 Reasons Diets Fail (and How To Fix Them)
Do you keep failing at maintaining a proper diet? You're likely falling victim to one of these 7 reasons diets fail. Learn how to fix it & get back on track!
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 Full Day of Eating During Prep w/ Brandon Hendrickson
In this video, we follow Beast Sports athlete Brandon Hendrickson as he eats a typical day’s worth of food while prepping for the 2018 Mr. Olympia.
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Plate of food with beef and potatoes
In this episode of One Minute Tips, Cliff talks about diet, the importance of overall food intake and what foods can help you reach your goals.
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Full Day of Eating w/ Steve Laureus
Muscle & Strength joins IFBB Pro, Steve Laureus, during his offseason to see what he's eating to grow in the classic bodybuilding division. Check it out!
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Super Easy Protein Pancakes Recipe With Sadik Hadzovic
While visiting the Muscle & Strength Headquarters, GAT Athlete Sadik Hadzovic took us through a simple and effective protein pancake recipe using GAT whey!
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Ultimate Paleo Diet Guide: History, Rules, Recipes & Benefits
Just what is the Paleo diet, and is it right for you? This guide takes a deeper look at the history and principles behind this popular eating lifestyle. Included are sample Paleo recipes.
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Are Carbohydrates Really Our Enemy?
An in-depth view of what carbohydrate foods you should be eating, when and why. I must read for people wanting to gain or lose weight.
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[Video] Grocery Shopping with Men's Physique Champion Brandon Hendrickson
Brandon Hendrickson takes us through his local Whole Foods and tells us the food options he typically picks up for his weekly trip to the grocery store.
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[Video] Grocery Shopping On The Road w/ Victor Martinez
IFBB Pro and MHP athlete, Victor Martinez, takes us through his grocery shopping checklist for whenever he's on the road traveling. See what he buys!
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When to Consume Chicken, Fish & Whey with Ryan Terry
USN Athlete Ryan Terry visited M&S a few days after his win at the 2017 Arnold Classic. In this video, Ryan helps us understand protein sources and timing.
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11 Reasons Why Your Lean Bulk Plan Is An Epic Failure
Are you on a bulk gone bad? If you're gaining too much fat (or not gaining at all!) look for these 11 warning signs that your lean bulk is an epic fail.
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Man sitting in office chair at table
Kurt Weidner shares the most beneficial sources for his macronutrients. Kurt doesn't look like he does from eating bologna and French fries!
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Elimination Diets: A Brief Overview on Their Purpose
There are many different forms of elimination diets and reasons why one would opt for one. Learn more about what elimination diets are in this article.
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Looking To Be A Beast? Part 1: Goal & Nutrition Planning
Looking to be a beast? Maybe just get in shape? Lose the gut? This article will set you in the right direction, starting with goal setting & diets.
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Bachelors on a Budget
Eating healthy can be tough at college but at the same time you want to be able to enjoy yourself and have some fun while keeping up with your physique. Here's a simple guide to help you do both.
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Sweet potatoes and oats in bowl
Kurt Weidner brings you his 7 Meal Plan. This is Meal #2: Consisting of Chicken Breast, Hummus, Broccoli, Oatmeal and Sweet Potatoes.
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What Pro Bodybuilders Eat at Restaurants w/ Steve Laureus
Steve Laureus joins us for our second episode of What Pro Bodybuilders Eat at Restaurants. Watch the video to see what Steve orders for his post-workout meal!
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Bodybuilding on a Budget: Grocery Shopping on the Road With Chris Bumstead
When Chris arrived to the M&S HQ the first thing he asked to do was to head to the store to get some food! Check out which foods Chris chooses to eat!
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A Look at 4 Food Myths
Salt. Butter. Red meat. Protein rich diets. Find out which of these are harmful to the body, and which aren't so bad.
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Grocery Shopping with The World's Strongest Man, Brian Shaw
Join 4x World's Strongest Man and Team Redcon1 athlete, Brian Shaw, as he takes us on his typical grocery run at Costco and explains what he buys.
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Fit man doing meal prep
Meal #4: Consisting of Red Meat, Quinoa, Broccoli, and Oatmeal. This is a pre-workout meal sufficient enough to get you through the most grueling of workouts!
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[Video] Full Day of Eating on Prep w/ Regan Grimes
IFBB Pro and Primeval Labs athlete, Regan Grimes, joins us again for another episode of Full Day of Eating. Unlike last time though, he's on prep.
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Smart Snacking: 5 Healthy Snacks That Won't Destroy Your Progress
Some people love to snack, but a lot of snack options on the market provide little to no nutritional value. Read & learn which 5 smart snack choices do!
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Clean Fast Food: Pollo Tropical & Dunkin' Donuts w/ Steven Cao
Steven Cao takes us through the drive thru at Pollo Tropical and Dunkin' Donuts to show us how to eat clean when on the go and in need of food for fuel.
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Maximize Your Diet: 10 Commandments of Modern Nutrition
Is your diet stuck in the past? If you're ready to see big results, it's time to adopt the new commandments of modern nutrition.
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Chicken burrito on large plate
Meal #6: A Tuna Wrap with Hummus and Spinach. Tuna is rich in protein and cheap and great for building lean muscle. Include hummus for a tasty boost of healthy fats!
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Cheat Meals with Pro Bodybuilders w/ Errol Moore
IFBB Pro and Nutrex Research Athlete, Errol Moore, takes us to Oh My Burger to get one of their award-winning burgers for his cheat meal.
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What Brian Shaw Eats for Lunch: Cooking Bison w/ 4x World's Strongest Man
In our first episode of "What's for Lunch", we join 4 time World's Strongest Man Brian Shaw in his kitchen as he cooks some bison, rice, and carrots.
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Bodybuilder making burritos
Kurt's recipe for healthy burritos; an example of what Kurt would enjoy as break in his nutritional routine. They still pack a mean nutritional punch!
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[Video] What Bodybuilders Eat for Dinner w/ Antoine Vaillant
In this episode of What Pro Bodybuilders Eat for Dinner Redcon1 athlete and IFBB Pro, Antoine Vaillant, shows us what he eats... for dinner!
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Bodybuilder making blueberry muffins
Kurt Weidner shares his recipe for healthy egg white oats and blueberry muffins. This nutritious recipe is quick and can be easily changed to meet needs.
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[Video] What Bodybuilders Eat at Restaurants w/ Antoine Vaillant
IFBB Pros and Redcon1 athletes, Antoine Vaillant and Quinton Eriya, join us for an episode of What Pro Bodybuilders Eat at Restaurants.
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6 Signs It's Time to End Your Bulk
Bulking might not be the best plan if you resemble the Michelin man or you're giving Santa a run for his job this year...
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Fit woman with abs laying down in gym
NPC Fitness competitor & trainer Nichole Ohrablo talks about great vegan protein sources in part 1 of a 3 part series. Today she discusses beans and greens!
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What Pro Bodybuilders Order for Room Service w/ Victor Martinez
In this video, we hang out with IFBB Pro and MHP athlete, Victor Martinez, in his hotel room as he orders breakfast through the hotel's room service.
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"I Spike" - How The Spike Diet Can Help You Lose Weight Forever
The Spike Diet allows you to keep your metabolism up while cutting fat by allowing for "Spike", or higher calorie eating days.
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What Strongmen Eat for Breakfast w/ Brian Shaw
4x World's Strongest Man & Redcon1 Athlete, Brian Shaw, joins the Muscle & Strength Breakfast Club in this month's episode of "What Pros Eat for Breakfast".
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Fit woman in the kitchen
Nichole Ohrablo talks about great vegan protein sources in part 3 of a 3 part series. Nichole wraps up the series with more excellent choices!
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[Video] Grocery Shopping with Pro Bodybuilders w/ Errol Moore
IFBB Pro and Nutrex Research athlete, Errol Moore, shows us what he typically shops for when he makes his weekly trips to the grocery store.
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What Pro Bodybuilders Eat For Breakfast Pt. 2 Ft. Steve Kuclo
Team ALLMAX athlete Steve Kuclo takes us through another one of his time efficient bodybuilding breakfast options used during his 2017 offseason.
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Inside Look At 12 Bodybuilding Nutrition Habits
Post-workout Pop-tarts, egg whites and stoking the metabolism. The world of muscle building nutrition has some odd habits. Find out which are legit, and which might be a waste of time.
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Alternative Dieting, A New Approach To A Contest Physique
Natural bodybuilder Sean Sullivan takes a look at pre-contest dieting, and presents information on an alternative dieting approach.
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What Bodybuilders Eat for Lunch w/ Fouad Abiad
IFBB Pro & Kaged Muscle athlete, Fouad Abiad, invites us into his kitchen for this episode of "What's for Lunch?". Check out what the pro eats for this meal!
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Fit woman doing squats in the gym
NPC Fitness competitor & trainer Nichole Ohrablo brings you her delicious recipe for vegan gluten-free cupcakes. Additionally, they are high in protein.
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