Marc Lobliner - Contest Prep - 4 Weeks Out!

Follow Marc Lobliner as he prepares for Gold's Classic in Wilmington, NC in June. Video, photos, diets and more - see how Marc does it!

That's we go again! I did my tune up show in SC as a Light Heavyweight and got 5th out of a tight class of 12. I am happy! I was the lightest guy in the class yet brought some conditioning! For the Gold's Classic, I will bring it as a middleweight at 175 pounds and even BETTER conditioning and be the most shredded guy there GUARANTEED! YES!

So today, the prep begins all over! I am very excited aboout what I will bring to the stage! Here is a shot from my show...

I brought some conditioning baby! Now, time to get even LEANER!

18th May 2009

Marc Lobliner OutsideTime to be a middleweight! I am PROUD of 5th in that class last weekend! These were people who have placed top 10 in Jr Nationals, so to even go head to head with them was awesome and showed me I have what it takes!

I was the smallest in my class last week at 184 and in 4 weeks, I will be the biggest as a 175lb middleweight. This was my plan all along at the beginning. Do the Palmetto Cup as a warm up 4 weeks in advance and then slam the Golds Classic as a middleweight. I only have 5lbs to lose...basically a couple of pounds and then drop water. I weighed 181 this morning and have not had one free meal. I was 100 percent back on the program yesterday and slammed an hour of AM cardio in the hotel and then trained back with my wife at night. We killed it and considering I got my ass worked posing on stage, I was strong as hell! This is where I tighten up and bring my conditioning in even better. My carb up and deplete was PERFECT! And if you thought I was lean last week, imagine what happens with 6-8 less pounds. SHREDDED!

This is my time. I am going to take the middleweights by storm and moonwalk my way to the top!

Regardless, this is leg day. Rob and I will start our new program today and bring it with some nasty legs! I have my PreWO cardio and then 30 min PWO. I will then hit evening cardio and call it a day. I was the most conditioned in my class last week with the smallest waist onstage. I want to make that version of Marc look fat!

Let's do this! 4 more weeks baby! This one, we are in it to win it! This is gonna be sick!

Time to lose weight!


 Training - Legs!


  • 135x15
  • 185x15
  • 185x15
  • 185x15

Leg press

  • 4plates x 15 for 3 sets

Dumbbell Lunges (marc 25, rob 45)

  • 3 sets of 20 total

Leg extension

  • 3 sets of 10


  • 3 sets


  • 3 sets

Standing calf and hanging leg raise superset

  • 3 sets

Reverse leg ball rolls superset with seated calf

  • 3 sets

Decline sit ups with 5 second negative

  • 3
    • sets

    1hr PreWO Cardio (Marc only--4 weeks baby!) / 30 minutes cardio PWO


    Post Tan Pic:

    Post Tan Pic

    19th May 2009

    4 weeks out! Yesterday was the leg day from hell! My water is still balancing, so lunges caused amazing cramps! I ended up doing this for cardio:

    • PreWO: 1hr
    • PWO: 30min
    • Noon: 20min
    • Evening: 65min

    I am tight and lean today. Post contest rebound? Not for this kid. I have a weight class to drop and still haven't strayed from my diet at all! I plan on bringing a very tight package to the stage and then staying under 6-7 percent year round. I love being lean!

    Today is chest day. I am rocking the PreWO cardio now and then we have a day of torture ahead of us. We will hit abs everyday as when they keep you onstage for a long time like the other day, over 30 minutes, your abs need to be conditioned to withstand staying flexed. I was the only one who never let out and really relaxed and I want to keep it that way!

    So 176 here I come! More cardio, more dieting and more sickness. Let's do this!


     Training - Chest!

    Incline bench press

    • 135x15
    • 225x12
    • 245x8
    • 225x6

    Flat dumbbell press

    • 80x10
    • 80x10
    • 100x6

    Incline dumbbell flys

    • 40x15
    • 50x10
    • 50x10

    Hammer incline

    • 225 x 10, 8, 6

    Pec deck

    • 110x12 for 3 sets

    Cable crossovers

    • 50 x 15 for 2 sets
    • 40x15
    • Superset with lower ab rollouts


    • 20, 15, 12 reps
    • Superset with weighted machine crunches

    1hr PreWO cardio (Marc Only) /40 min PWO cardio


    Latest Pics:

    Latest Pic 1Latest Pic 1Latest Pic 1

    20th May 2009

    Marc Lobliner Back PoseBased on my pics, I am obviously getting leaner and harder but my weight is staying at 181-183. This is all water balance from the show and will level out. My legs hurt BAD from leg day still and I am limping through cardio! But it is necessary to hit 176! I plan on owning the middleweights!

    I woke up tight at dry and my abs couldn't be nastier. My legs are rocking but I am so sore, I cannot flex them! We will try and get some back shots today.

    We have back today. Rob and I will be doing everything but deadlifts and will go hard and heavy. I need more back thickness! So we will go until we cannot go anymore!

    I have 1hr PreWO cardio, 30-40 min PWO cardio, then another hour during the day. I really need to come into this show in unreal conditioning. I want to make a statement. This is my shot. And the reputation of Team Scivation is on the line. If I am this lean now, in 4 weeks with hard work and perfect diet, I cannot imagine not owning everyone.I am glad I did that tune up show. Now I can just dial it in and bring it! I know what to do and my posing is perfect!

    The best news is that the water park opens this weekend! Come Sunday, my cardio will consist of walking up slides and swimming! It will be awesome. I bought season passes for my family, Rob and his wife last night. I am like a little kid. I LOVE water parks! They are my favorite thing and I will be there just about every Sunday until summer ends. Sertiously, it is my weakness! But I am all about active family fun and when getting ready for a show, a day of cardio and sun is always a good thing!

    So it is back time! 4 weeks out and everything is coming in nasty! Time to bring it home. It will be gametime before we even know it!!


     Training - Back!


    • 135x15
    • 185x15
    • 225x12
    • 275x6
    • 225x10


    • 4 sets

    DY Row

    • 2 plates for 12
    • 3 plates for 6
    • 2 plates for 10

    Low Rows

    • 140x15
    • 160x12
    • 180x10

    Rope High Pulldowns

    • 120 x 8 for 3 sets

    Row Machine

    • 3 sets of 12
    • Superset with hanging leg raise for 3 sets of 15

    Decline twist situp

    • 3 sets of 16

    1hr PreWO Cardio (Marc only)/40 minutes PWO sexy cardio for our tight bunz.


    Daily Recap:

    Oh snaps! Last cardio session of the day! Rocking the treadmill! Man, I NEED TO GET DICED! I am SO motivated. I have never felt like this before. It is unreal. I just want to disgust people with my veins and striations. I want to be the most shredded, veiny and grainy 176lber to ever grace a stage. I want my skin to be paper thin. I want to be so lean that I get pro tan caught in my intercostals. I want my chest veins to display flowing blood from my heart. I want to see my lungs breathing. I want to see my kidneys dilate when I take a piss. I want to see my colon...ehhh, nope. Don't wanna see my colon. You get the point.

    As I walk on this treadmill, I am actually writing business memos on my blackberry. Just thought I would update you all on what is up.

    Let's bring on home for the TEAM...TEAM SCIVATION!!!

    The reputation of Team Scivation relies on my conditioning. I will represent and I will lead by example and practice what I preach. And win or lose, although I WILL win, I will bring some nasty shit to that stage.


    Until the next installment, keep drinking your Xtend and keep working hard to reach your goals! Also, check out Team Scivation Page.