Marc Lobliner - Contest Prep - 3 Weeks Out!

Follow Marc Lobliner as he prepares for Gold's Classic in Wilmington, NC in June. Video, photos, diets and more - see how Marc does it!

Scivation Owner Marc Lobliner’s Contest Prep and Lifestyle Juggling Act!

21st May 2009

Today is shoulder and trap day! We had a good day yesterday with lots of cardio and training was intense! I am pretty amazed with the weights that I am throwing up at this bodyfat. I feel damn good! Today I am 3 weeks out just about and weight 184. My water weight is up and down due to the show last week. I am looking forward to it leveling out. The main goal is to hit 176 on show day and that should be 100 percent attainable. I usually drop 8 or so pounds of water that last week. So even now at this weight, I would be okay.

But I am looking to get to 176 on the Wednesday before the show so that I can just coast right in. I might not even carb load for the show as I might do better with steak and almond butter. When I qualified for Nationals last year, all I ate was steak, fish and almond butter and I didn't eat any carbs for 2 weeks before the show. I was full, hard and vascular that show and since weigh in is on Saturday morning, this eliminates all possibility of carbing up and not making weight!

8lbs really isn't much. 2-3lbs per week including water drop.

Another day, another step closer to taking this thing baby! I will get super shredded! It is gametime baby!!!

Marc Looking Shredded!
Marc Looking Looking Shredded At 179!

22nd May 2009

Deadlift and hamstring day! I am still 184 this morning but I have a feeling that I will wake up one morning 2-3 pounds lighter. It just happens that way. I feel pretty damn good despite all of this activity. I would be a liar if I said that making weight didn't worry me. Even though I know I will hit 176, the thought of not being there sucks. But I have 3 weeks and also have to drop my post contest water rebound still. So 8 pounds really isn't that much. Looking in the mirror, the only fat I have left is on my back and glutes. This is where it will come from and cardio will make sure of this. My hamstrings are diced and my back is going to be in great shape. This is the non fun time of prep, when you try to get BELOW contest shredded. Also, it is a whole new mindset trying to make a weight. Muscle loss suddenly becomes second to weight loss. While I do not plan on losing muscle, it is a possibility with the amount of stuff I am doing. But, I am way better off as a middleweight and will get there.

Cardio has been stepped up. It rules my life.

Here is what I did yesterday:

  • 320-430: WORK
  • 445am-545am: 1hr PreWO cardio/work on blackberry
  • 545am-7am: delts and traps
  • 7am-740am: 40mins PWO cardio/work on blackberry
  • 8am-11am: WORK
  • 11am-1130am: 30mins cardio/work on blackberry
  • 1130am-2pm: work
  • 2pm-330pm: tan and 45mins cardio/work on blackberry
  • 330pm-530pm: WORK
  • 530pm-7pm: family time and kids to bed
  • 7pm-730pm: cardio/work on blackberry
  • 730pm-815pm: shower
  • 815pm-915pm: work
  • 915pm-10pm: katie time

That is my day. How I am still functioning, I have no clue. I am looking forward to rocking this show and then returning to being normal. During cardio, I use my blackberry to post here and also write emails and sales letters. Basically, I have no down time!!

But it is all for a reason. This is to show the world that team scivation practices what they preach and will do what it takes to live the life!

Time to lose some light weight! Deadlift day. Let's get our thickness on!

Thomas WALKED TODAY for the first time on camera! Check it out!

22nd May Progress Pics:


Progress Pics 1 Progress Pics 2 Progress Pics 3


22nd May Training:

PreWO cardio: 60 minutes (Marc Only)

Deadlifts & Hamstrings with Abs & Calves
Exercise Sets & Reps
Deadlifts 135 x 15, 225 x 15 for 2 sets
Leg Curls 3 sets, 21's for 1 set
Hammer Stiff Leg Deadlift 3 sets with 185
Hammy Leg Press 3 sets of 3 plates, superset with leg press clavues 3 sets with 3 plates
Standing leg curl 3 sets of 10, superset with standing calf raise for 3 sets of 12
Hamging leg raise 3 sets of 20
Stability ball ab pull in 3 sets
Weighted machine crunches 3 sets

PWO cardio: 30 minutes

23rd May 2009

Marc Lobliner VascularMiddleweights, here I come! I weighed 182 this morning. Assuming that I have absolutely no water to drop, that leaves me 6lbs to lose. But we must safely assume that I have 4lbs of water. That means that I only have to lose 2lbs in 3 weeks. YES! Wow. This is happening. The post contest rebound is over and last night, 2lbs flew off of my body. Was it fat? Was it water? Was is lean mass? Well, I really don't care. I am a more dominant flat middleweight than a full light heavyweight. Thus, I have adopted a boxer's mentality...make weight at all costs. I am doing more cardio that one can imagine. But through this process, great things are hapening. My back is coming in. My legs are separating. My glutes are tight...even though they will be covered by my trunks. So you might be seeing in the process of making weight the emergence of a sick, nasty, veiny competitor. We have 3 weeks, which is a LONG time, to find out.

Today Rob is on vacation, so I will be training arms with my wife. We will kill it! I have my AM cardio now, then we will feed the kids and eat meal one, then Katie and I will head to Gold's and tear it up. She is getting some unreal results lately and I cannot wait to train with her! We will finish off with PWO cardio and then I will do other things today, like mow the lawn for 3 hours (big lawn!) And do housework. Mowing the lawn takes care of 2hrs of cardio and also my tanning for the day. It is really one hell of a precontest activity!

This is the weekend to get some weight off. I want to be 179 by Tuesday of next week. I do NOT want to have to panic on the last week that I will not make weight. I want to come in smiling knowing that the scale will say 174 on Saturday morning before the show. That is the goal.

So here we are. 1 week post warm up show and 3 weeks pre kick ass show. I had this show in my sights and I will have been contest dieting for 17 weeks on the most effective diet ever, The Cut Diet. It is time to bring it home fellas!

I will update later and will also attempt to get a pic or two later.

Let's bring it!!

23rd May Training:

Arms with Katie the HOT MAMA!!

Training - Arms & Abs
Exercise Sets & Reps
Tricep pressdowns 4 sets of 15
Close Grip bench Press 135 x 15, 185 x 15, 225 x 6-10 for 3 sets
Skullcrusher plus press 3 sets x 8 with 60
Dip machine 3 sets
Barbell curls 95 x 8 for 3 sets
Incline db curls 35 x 10 for 3 sets
Hammer preacher 3 sets of 8-10, Superset with decline negatives, 3 sets to failure
Cable hammer curls 3 sets of 10
Hanging leg raises 3 sets
Ball roll ins 3 set

PWO Cardio 45 minutes

24th May 2009

First, congratulations to Team Scivation athlete Jason Winn for winning the middleweight class at the Jr. USA. YES!

Now, on to my progress. I am 180 today. I can make weight tomorrow if I had to. My body is tightening up even more and I am jacked to see what exactly will happen in 3 more weeks of getting my hardcore prep on. I have never been this lean. My skin is becoming paper thin and I now realize that this version of me will wipe the floor with the version we saw last week. I just look better when stupid shredded. My legs are getting grainy and separated and my glutes are nice and formed. My upper body is in and my back is getting some awesome tie ins. I cannot believe the progress I have made!

I cannot go to the waterpark today! Thomas was up sick all night. Oh well, I have plans for my little girl and I as a backup. We will go for a nice walk in the park and look at flowers, play on the slide and swings. And then go to PlayPlace and let her play with other kids and if it isn't busy, I will play in the jungle gym with her. Kami needs a day with me. With a baby around, she gets very jealous as expected.

Today I woke up at 4am and am now doing my 60mins PreWO cardio. I will then do a conditioning and "other shit" workout with some delts and my weak ass traps, a lot of abs and some calves. Why abs? Onstage last week, they kept us there for 30 minutes. While others relaxed onstage, not me. I stay tight and my abs need to be conditioned to stay hard that whole time! Also, since that Swedish study showing you can spot reduce your abs, I love killing abs after cardio to make sure that the veins and nastiness gets even more disgusting. I expect in 3 weeks to have the leanest abs any of you have ever seen. I have been doing them daily and in addition to cardio and this diet, watch out!!!

I will knock this session out and then have a family day. I will also go shopping with Katie for a dress for our cruise and build a garage shelf...oh yeah and I also have to draw up some contracts and close some international deals for Scivation. This is going to be a long ass day. BRING IT and bring the fat loss!!

Metabolic Day Featuring Shoulers, Traps, Calves, Forearms and Abs. Oh yeah, and a TON of cardio!

PreWO Cardio: 1 hour

Hammer Shoulder Press

  • 135 x 20
  • 225 x 10 for 2 sets
  • Superset with ab wheel
  • 3 sets of 15


Barbell Shrugs

  • 225 x 15 for 3 sets
  • Superser with stability ball ab roll ins
  • 3 sets of 15

Reverse Wrist Curls

  • 95 x 15
  • Superset with DB Hammer curls
  • 25 x 15


Seated Calf Raise

  • 2 plates x 15 for 3 sets
  • Superset with hanging leg raise
  • 3 sets of 15

PWO Cardio: 45 mins

Kami and I on a nature walk!


Kami Kami1


25th May 2009

Marc Lobliner Contest PrepI said earlier this week that I wanted to hit 179 pounds by Tuesday. It is Monday and I weighed in this morning at....179!!!! I am officially a middleweight! I really need to get pics today or tomorrow. I am diced and I still have 3 weeks left! My ab tie ins are in when relaxed and my back is getting shredded. My hammies are getting ridiculous, glutes have striations, and quads are a little bit of rest away from being deep and split. I BELONG as a middleweight and will prove it on June 13. The veins in my abs are always there and just nasty. I am excited! Cardio is actually a treat now because I know what the end result is going to be. I am not letting up. I have xtend and my lean mass loss is little if any. I am going to keep plowing forward and obtain unreal conditioning. Nasty conditioning. I might drop as low as 170 at this pace. I was 184 on Wednesday, I am 179 now. It is all coming together. Wow! Efforts will continue. Workouts will be even more intense. Cardio will stay where it is at. I am going to bring something special to that stage!

Yesterday was exercise day for Kami and I and I also got a lot of office work done, including drawing up a multi million dollar contract that looks close to being finalized. I have been working my ass off to help grow Scivation as has the TEAM including Derek and Rob. Here is my day yesterday...Sunday of a holiday weekend:

  • 330am; wake up
  • 330-430: office work
  • 445-545: PreWO cardio
  • 545-7; training
  • 7-745: pwo cardio
  • 8-9; breakfast with family
  • 9-1130: kami time! Including 40 minute nature walk, slides and swings at park, and then play at McDonalds Playplace after park
  • 1130-1230: thomas time!
  • 1230-130: cardio
  • 130-215: tan
  • 215-415: office work
  • 415-530: family walk and run alongside kami on her bike! 60 minutes of FUN cardio!!! Yes!
  • 530-630: dinner and family time
  • 630-730: office work
  • 730-830: unwind, daily recap and conversation with katie on work (she is the director of marketing for PGN Nutrition, a sister company of Scivation. Check out, family and how we can improve as people. We do this DAILY even when I travel.
  • 830-930: office time
  • 930-1030: TV time--watched a TIVO'd NCIS.
  • 1030: hit some poses, go to sleep.
  • 330am: wake up!!

This doesn't include waking up to tend to Thomas, who is sick.

I ask you all this...Don't I have the BEST LIFE EVER!?! This is awesome!!

Today, I have LEGS! It is me on my own. Katie is going to the gym later and Thomas is too sick for child care, so we will take turns. I am going to kill it. Burn a TON of calories and etch in some nasty things! Squats, lunges...yes!

Time to get it. The goal is complete shred domination. I AM ready right now. Give me 3 more weeks, it is going to be sick! No letting up now. I have been going this long. All I need to do is bring it these last 3 weeks and experience the best condition I or anyone here has ever seen. Y'all ready for this? YEAH BUDDY!!!

25th May Training:

PreWO cardio: 60 minutes

Legs Day!
Exercise Sets & Reps
Squats 135x15, 205x12 for 3 sets, wow, this killed me!
Leg Press 3 plates x 15 for 4 sets
DB Lunges 30lbs x 16 total reps for 3 sets
Adductors superset with abductors 4 sets, Superset with weighted machine crunches, 4 sets
Glute Machine for my tight buns and da ladiez 3 sets, Superset with swiss ball crunches, 3 sets
Leg extensions 3 sets, Superset with hanging leg raise, 3 sets
Standing calf raise 3 sets, superset with lower ab ball roll ins, 3 sets

PWO Cardio: 45 minutes VERY SLOW!

Holy crap! What a session. I am starting to feel this low bodyfat. I went up 20lbs on squats this week and I felt it! I got 12 reps, not 15, but it BURNED! My quads feel like nothing. I can hardly stand. I am literally walking on the treadmill at 2.6 speed. And even that is hard. I cannot move, period. Yes! The pump is unreal.

179 and shredded and still crushing the gym. My next set of pics will be tomorrow for sure while training with Rob.

So I am gonna finish up cardio and crawl out of the gym. Then, a day full of office work and family!

Rock and roll! 3 weeks baby!

26th May 2009

I am really excited! Those pics last night were veiny, grainy and nice! I will take more today at the gym. I am loving this! I weighed in at 178 today and am still dropping fat. Might I remind you that I still have almost THREE WEEKS left? Wow! I will own conditioning. And making weight is not a worry anymore. I am more than ready. I will step onstage dry and hard and ready to make even the leanest competitor feel fat. I have been like a machine. Work, train, cardio. Rinse, repeat. BAM! And it is working! I am a bit flat, but will fill out nicely for the show. Can you imagine this feeling I am having right now?

Today is chest day. I killed legs so bad yesterday that my glutes were twitching all day long and climbing up stairs was HARD! But I did it, and yesterday was a metabolic burnfest! Here is my day:

  • 330am: office work
  • 445am: PreWO cardio
  • 545-7: legs!!
  • 7-745: PWO cardio
  • 8-9: breakfast with kids
  • 9-1130: shopping with kids--FUN!!
  • 1130-130: ofice work
  • 2-430: shopping with Katie and 1.5 hours cardio...while katie and kami shopped, I walked Thomas around an outdoor mall for 1.5 hours straight!
  • 5-630: office time and kids dinner
  • 7-8: posing, office time

What a day! I found a way to let Katie shop and knock out cardio at the same time---NICE!!

Today Rob and I will kill some chest. I have my hour of PreWO cardio and then we will slam it. Time to bring the nasty! The shred is on!!!!

26th May Training:

178 today! Rob and I killed our boobies! Yeah buddy!!

PreWO cardio: 60 minutes (Marc Only)

Chest & Glutes!
Exercise Sets & Reps
Incline Barbell Press
135 x 15, 225 x 13, 245 x 9, 225 x 7
Flat Dumbbell Press 85 x 10, 85 x 10, 100 x 7
Incline Dumbbell Flys 45 x 15, 55 x 10, 55 x 10
Incline Hammer 225 x 12, 10, 8
Pec Deck 120 x 12 for 3 sets
Cable Crossovers 55 x 15 for 3 sets, Superset with wheel ab rollouts, 10 for 3 sets
Dips 20, 17, 16, Superset with weighted machine crunches, 60 lbs x 15 for 3 sets
Glute Raises 30 x 10 for 3 sets, Superset with lower ab ball rollouts, 3 sets of 15

PW0 cardio: 45 mins

27th May 2009

Wow. Everyday is even better! I woke up at....176!!!

I am getting shredded. The glutes are coming in baby! Everything is awesome. My abs are dry and hard and my back is getting some grain in it! Wow! I am feeling LEAN! I am getting results hourly and it is exciting! I feel like I am doing this perfectly. I belong as a middleweight. I am leaner than I have ever been. I am sticking to the plan and the results have been unreal. I am ready NOW!

Today is back day. I will finish up cardio and then Rob will be here to bring us Christmas in May with chisled, nasty, grainy back development. They aren't ready for what I am bringing. They have no clue the madness that is about to ensue. This is it. This is where I bring it. I am ready for this!

Yesterday was tough. I got hit a little with what Thomas had and was a bit out there. Work was also nuts and stressful. But we had a GREAT sales day and May was Scivation's best month ever! By a lot! And June looks to be even better!

Business is amazing, family is amazing, and my results are UNREAL. Let's bring this home. 2.5 weeks baby!!! YEAH BUDDY!!!

27th May Training:

PreWO cardio: 60 minutes (Marc Only)

Chest & Glutes!
Exercise Sets & Reps
Rows 135x15, 185x15, 225x15, 275x8, 225x12
Pulldowns 4 sets
DY Row 2 plates x 18, 3 plates x 8, 2 plates x 12
Cable Low Row 160 x 15, 180 x 12, 200 x 10
High rope pulls 120 x 10 for 3 sets
Hammer rows 185 for 3 sets of 12
Glute machine raises (marc only) 3 sets of 10 with 30lbs, Superset with hanging leg raises, 3 sets of 15

40 mins post workout cardio

27th May Back Pictures:


Marc Lobliner Back Marc Lobliner Back Marc Lobliner Back



Until the next installment, keep drinking your Xtend and keep working hard to reach your goals! Also, check out Team Scivation Main Page!