Marc Lobliner - Contest Prep - 1 Week Out!

Follow Marc Lobliner as he prepares for Gold's Classic in Wilmington, NC in June. Video, photos, diets and more - see how Marc does it!

PEAK WEEK BABY! This is GAMETIME. I will be at the NPC Palmetto Cup on May 16 in Columbia, SC. 4 weeks BEFORE my scheduled show! The benefits of not getting FAT in the offseason!

I have switched to Low Intensity Cardio and am doing 2-3 hours per day to ensure all fat is BURNED! It is time to chisel it in.

7th May 2009

Marc LoblinerPEAK BABY!

Another morning. Woke up sweaty and ready to roll at 315 today. My metabolism is on fire. I am at 189 right now and just in damn good shape! I basically have a week before I start the relax and fill out phase. It is a race to the finish! My goal is to bring some nasty conditioning with great lines, symmetry and of course a ton of veins!

It looks like Chuck was right...he predicted I would be onstage between 188 and 190. I think by the time it is all said and done and water goes, we are looking closer to 184 or so. Not a middleweight, but I am going for overall so I don't care! It is all about peaking and bringing it! Major improvements DAILY!!

Today we have hamstrings. Since my hammies are already toast from the unreal amount of cardio I am doing, I might not be rocking it as heavy, but we will still get it done! Our last leg day will be Monday. Then, it is all about filling out and letting the legs rest and get ready for battle.

I am feeling pretty damn good. Business is amazing, and family is doing well. I have been enjoying seeing them. I will restart my travels on June 1...time to get back out there!

Will I do the June 13 show in Wilmington? If I do, it will be all about coasting in. But again, we will cross that bridge when we get there! Let's take care of this show first!!



Lying Leg Curl

Stiff Leg Deadlift

Single Leg Standing Curl

Machine Stiff Leg Deadlift

Dumbbell Stiff Leg Deadlift

Standing Calf Raise



Progress Pictures Taken 7th May 2009

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Progress Pic 1 Progress Pic 2 Progress Pic 3 Progress Pic 4 Progress Pic 5


8th May 2009

Marc Lobliner Lookinig Lean!8 Days Out!

The changes have been astounding. I have been making weeks of progress each day and am proud to say that all I really have left to get rid of is some really pesky water in my back and I need my legs to relax from the grueling three hours of cardio per day and fill in and separate. Other than that, I think I will actually PEAK on peak week, something I have never done.

When I competed in Texas, my best show ever, I peaked that week. I then did a show two weeks later and while a bit leaner, I was flat and stringy and not as good. It is my opinion, and you see it 95 percent of the time in people who do multiple shows in a row, that the body can only hold condition for so long. Look at the IFBB Pros. Yeah, I see all you naturals shaking your heads saying, "DRUGS!" Well, hear me out. They have drugs yes, but they also pull 2-3 hours of cardio and training everyday in the 4-6 weeks leading into a show. I have seen it firsthand in my years at Gold's Venice, they bust their asses amazingly hard. The could diet longer, hell, most of them eat clean year round. But these guys want to peak and as competitors who have done shows back to back, they know that even with drugs, the body will start to fight back after a time of leanness. This is why they do one show then regroup. Your body, natural or not, hates being below the level of starvation!!

I have delts and traps today with Rob. I am pumped! 8 days baby and it is all coming together like a fairy tale! I will crush it today and get the videos up of course, and then I will spend the rest of the day earning for Scivation and hitting that 3 hours of cardio mark. I am going to bring the conditioning baby! Peak time! Yeah buddy!!!



Seated Dumbbell Press

Reverse Fly

Machine Shoulder Press

Seated Dumbbell Lateral Raise

Barbell Shrug

Dumbbell Shrug/Plate Raise Superset


9th May 2009

Marc LoblinerWhy I am doing the Jr. USAs.

I had no intention of doing this. I was speaking to a business acquaintance who is also a NPC head judge in another state. He asked to see my pics, so I sent a few. He then said, as a friend as someone with nothing to gain by blowing smoke up my ass, that I need to roll into Jr. USAs. He thinks that in the NPC, they rarely see my balance and symmetry. What really made me smile was when he said, "You have no noticable weak points. If I had to be nitpicky, I would say your calves need work, but you have a balanced, total package. Bring conditioning and top 10 in the Jr USAs is very probable and you will also be a frontrunner for other subsequent national level shows you do because the judges will have seen you." Wow, I thought, I guess my traps and arms HAVE come up! Yes!!!!!

After I peed myself, I called Rob. After some thought, we greenlighted it. I then emailed the promoter and asked for a late exception and at 9pm last night, I got the email saying it was a GO.

I will be ready to slam this baby! This gives me one week until show one and then I will get even sharper and rock the USAs. I am freaking excited!

I do know this. After the USAs, we will start prep immediately for 2010. We will decide between the Arnold Amateur in March and the Junior Nationals in June, or both. This is the national level now, and I will take it VERY seriously. No off meals, cheat meals, or even matzo brie on Passover. This is business. I will, however, still feast on the poontang pie when available and in season.

But first thing is first....SEVEN DAYS BABY!!!!

Today is BACK DAY! Rob and I will focus on burning out every last little bit of fat and water and etching in detail while lifting some heavy ass weights! This is it! 7 days! I am ready! Veins? Check. Striations? Check. One more week to dial it in? Check!

I am doing the three hour cardio thing and boy is that a lot. But kids, cardio works! And with Xtend and LOW intensity, muscle loss is not an issue. I just burn fat and condition my glutes and hams.

So we have one week until show one and two weeks until show two. I need to win this sucker! We will give it our all. Team Scivation is here to bring it home!!!



Bent Over Row

One Arm Dumbbell Row

Machine Row

Lat Pull Down

Seated Row



10th May 2009

Peak Week!Peak week - Yeah baby!

  • 4 shakes salt each meal
  • 3 gallons of water
  • ALL meals Tilapia, almond butter and asparagus.

This is my day. Rocking what works. The Tilapia and asparagus are very clean sources of food that digest easy and keep my tummy empty and small. A week ago, my waist was 27 inches. By the end of the week, I would like to get below that to bring out the v-taper even more. The ab veins have been in but finally show up in the last pictures and my leg veins are getting better. Although swollen and tired from the cardio, my leg separation is now more pronounced and go all the way up to my hip and my cross striations are coming in nasty! And did y'all see those glutes coming in? By Saturday, BAM, glute city! I am very happy with my side chest and my posing routine is nailed in and the timing is perfect. It is actually a pretty rythmic routine for a white guy!

Today I am hitting arms on my own. I will hit an hour of PreWO cardio and then hit arms and of course, those videos will be up later today. I will then slam some more PWO cardio and then go home and eat some salty ass tilapia and asparagus. Then, family time! I will take my kids to Playplace and have some fun! Cardio will happen two more times during the day and I will get as much work in as possible.

This has been a helluva a prep thus far and the fact that I moved my show up 4 weeks shows how effective it was.

This is the week. Follow along and see what happens for the peak!

11th May 2009

Marc LegsLet the countdown begin! Last leg day! The last chance to etch in nasty shreds and striations. Drop sets, high reps, and maximal glycogen depletion. This will be hard, but Rob will be here to cheer me on and whip my ass.

I was 186 this morning. Being that I am TRYING to hold water, this is awesome! I am still progressing. My legs, abs, lower back...all on their way and while I will rock the Palmetto Cup, IMO, my true peak will be at the Jr USAs. PERFECT! I am ready to crush it man. Ready. I am prepared, I have given it my all, and wouldn't have done anything different. I worked my ass off and increased cardio and decreased calories by the book. Thus, this diet has only been a 13 week diet for the Palmetto Cup, rather than the original 17 I had planned on. Why? I stayed LEAN all year and listened to the gurus, Derek and Rob, who are always available to be YOUR trainer for free at Team Scivation. They are amazing and we will see my finished results over the next 2 weeks!!

This is fun. I FEEL amazingly well, have had energy for work and also energy to play with my kids amd do projects around the house. This prep is awesome. And all you libido-losers, my sex drive, even at this activity and calorie level and my low ass bodyfat, is on fire! Scivation diets, supplements and strategies, not only get you stupid lean, but don't make it so you look good, but you can't get it up! I could go a round with 4 Playboy bunnies and a Sarah Palin and give them the best 40 seconds of their life!

Leg day...let's bring this back. I have my hour of PreWO cardio and then I have legs. Afterwards, Rob and I will hit 30 or so minutes of PWO cardio. Then, we will watch as the fat just falls right off.

Time to get it! Yes!!


Hack Squat

Leg Extension

Leg Curl

Barbell Lunge

Seated Calf Raise

Standing Calf Raise

12th May 2009

The salt load is over! The meals are plain and dry today. Bring on the tilapia and asparagus! I feel amazing. I weighed 185 today. I also looked dry, hard and like I could step onstage at 330am when I woke up! Everything is coming in. Lower back is in, abs in, rocking some glutes. This will be awesome!

Today is chest and shoulder depletion and Rob and I will etch in some nasty striations and cuts today. I am rocking the 60 mins PreWO cardio right now and will bookend this workout with 30 minutes. Bam! Gametime!

Cardio today will be long and intense, well, as intense as a walk can be, and tomorrow is the last day of cardio until the show!

Overall or bust baby! Let's bring this home! Now is when the magic happens!!!

Scivation has been extremely busy and our growth is phenomenal. This is exciting! Peak week and business success, YES! While rest doesn't happen, at least I am staying busy...VERY busy!

Time to rock it!


Progress Pictures Taken 12th May 2009, 4 days before the show!

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Progress Pic 1 Progress Pic 2 Progress Pic 3 Progress Pic 4 Progress Pic 5


13th May 2009

Last training day before the show! Back and arms. YES! It is getting sick! I weighed 183 today and I am ready to start dropping some water! I was at 2 gallons of water and NO salt yesterday and today I am at ONE and a Half gallons of water with 14 scoops Xtend per gallon for WTF vasularity. I also start Showtime, the most effective pre contest herbal diuretic ever created, today.

The progress has been unreal. Today is my last day of cardio. I have been peaking with 3.5 hours a day this week. Thursday and Friday, all I will do is work (of course) and pose. Posing will condition my muscles, get me in the groove for the show, and also wring out any last bit of water. We then slam in the carbs on Friday and Saturday and all remaining water will be dragged into my muscles then POW, BAM, game over!

I will rock this PreWO cardio, deplete some back and arms with Rob, and then get it done and make good use of this final training day. It is gametime...yeah buddy!!

Final Picture Before The First Show!


The next update will be the day AFTER the first show!