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1 Battle Fuel XT Reviews

Battle Fuel XT
Review posted on: February 19, 2013
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Joel says:

I had to write a review because there was so much hype around this product. I do have to say that I did not get my testosterone levels checked.

So I do know that some of you will be critical in saying what I am basing my review on! So I am basing this on my overall sense of well being and taking notice on any changes in strength, weight loss or gain, stamina and sexual appetite.

So Battle Fuel XT gets low marks for me. I think that D-Aspartic acid simply is not the best choice for my body. I noticed little to no changes in my physical appearance, stamina, muscle mass, and sex drive. I decided to try Battle Fuel XT because of the marketing and it promised a multipronged approach to boosting test levels, increasing strength as well as being an estrogen suppressant. Oh well, didn't work for me.

I had better results using "Testofreak" which I cycled off about a month ago only to blow money on something that is a disappointment. Not advertizing for Testofreak but seems like tribulus based products work better for me.

Not saying it won't work for you, but for something that promised ground breaking results, it didn't work for me.